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12th April 2001 - Page 2

Oscar Quiz

1] Who was the host of this year's academy awards?
2] In this Best Picture nominee, real life couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones fight on opposing sides of the Drug Wars. Name it.
3] This is the second consecutive year in which Russell Crowe has been nominated for Best Leading Actor award. Which film earned him a nomination last year?
4] Which film bagged the most number of Oscars this year? Who was the director?
5] Which director earned two nominations in the Best Director Category? For which two films?
6] In which year did the Academy Awards begin?
7] In which movie was Michelle Yeoh, (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), a 'Bond Girl'. 
8]This film bagged four awards including the one for Best Foreign Film. Name its director.
9] Had he won this year's Best actor award, this actor would have won a record breaking 3 Oscars for Best Actor. Name him.
10] Bob Dylan performed for the Oscars live from Sydney and even won an Oscar for Best Original Song. Name the song, which he performed.

1. Steve Martin 
2. Traffic 
3. The Insider 
4. Gladiator, Ridley Scott 
5. Stephen Soderbergh for Traffic and Erin Brockovich 
6. 1928 
7. Tomorrow Never Dies 
8. Ang Lee 
9. Tom Hanks 
10. Things have changed from Wonder Boys.

Six tips to prevent sports injuries

1. Preparation: Preparation is the key word in the prevention of sports injuries. This includes adequate warm-up, correct stretching techniques, strengthening exercises to achieve a balance of muscle power and aerobic fitness for sports.
2. Correct use of safety equipment: Safety equipment like helmets, thigh pads, tapping, strapping and bracing equipment for knee and ankle are a must to prevent injuries and provide support to the limbs. Avoid poor quality shoes or shoes worn out due to over-use. Remember that 50 % of the shoes' shock absorbency is lost after 500 km of running.
3. Training methods and competition: Avoid abrupt changes in training methods, effort and intensity. Do not change your running surface suddenly ie. from running on grass surfaces to synthetic surfaces. 
4. Good nutritional status: A high carbohydrate diet and adequate fluid intake are essential. Don't use performance-enhancing drugs.
5. Take the weather into account: Competing or training in poor light can also cause injury. Inadequate warm-up in cold weather leads to reduced elasticity and stiffness, so use warm clothing. Take small quantities of fluid at frequent intervals.
6. Personal fitness level: Cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength is essential to prevent sports injuries and can be achieved by proper training under the supervision of a trained professional.

Abhijoy Haldar
(Sports Captain)

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