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12th April 2001 - Page 3


He reached for her tender hands. Her willowy form seemed to melt under his sad, penetrating gaze. He stroked her hand gently, lovingly. It was cold. He touched it to his lips. So much to say, so little time. Her guileless face was so young; so fresh, so innocent, that it broke his heart. He took a sharp deep breath. He had to start somewhere.

"I love you," he said. "I did from the moment I first saw you - fighting with the man on the street, who'd banged his car into yours. I still remember - you looked so pretty, so beautiful in your wild rage. Screaming yourself hoarse, using words that would make a grown man blush." He chuckled softly to himself at the memory. "But not you - you were so different, so completely natural in your innocent frankness. How you laughed when I first told you that I love you! Only god knows what sweet hell I went through just to be with you. Just to..." His emotions choked him as he fought back the tears that welled up in his eyes. He looked longingly at her face, it remained calm and unmoved as ever, betraying not a single thought. No tears. Nothing. 
"Why," he demanded, "I gave you everything and more. I loved you with every breath - more than life itself. I trusted you and you… you shattered my trust! Do you see now how I felt? I'm sorry. But you had to learn. Do forgive me if I was a bit too harsh. Look now - see those men? They are coming to take you away. Don't be afraid. Be a good girl. Stay warm and always remember..." The man in the black suit brushed roughly against him, closing the lid. The others took their places. 
"Remember," he whispered, "I love you." He watched as they carried the coffin away. "Remember."

Nayantara Bannerji


The streets were dark and lonely, 
No one for miles could be seen. 
It seemed to be the perfect night for crime,
Like Satan's minions were released.

The cop's car stood around the corner,
He sat with a doughnut in his hand.
Stuck in the web of complacency,
Time flew by like the desert sand.

Suddenly around the alley,
The echo's of gunshots were heard.
"Who's there?" the cop shouted,
And there lay a man badly hurt.

The cop then looked around,
There stood a man, right there.
He put his hands into his pocket,
And instantly the cop shot him dead.

Then the ambulance arrived, 
And later thorough investigations were made.
The fingerprints of the man the cop shot, 
Were negative in this case. 

Every man has his day in court, 
And so did the cop.
Why did you kill the man sir?
Why did you feel he was suspicious?
Forensics prove he's not the man,
Who killed the victim in the alley.
He was simply walking by,
After meeting his sister Sally! 

"I don't know" the cop replied,
It was an inner intuition.
He looked like a murderer,
Crime seemed his inclination.”

The lawyer thoroughly questioned him,
Till the cop had tears in his eyes.
“This cop is prejudicial I say,
Don't get carried away by his cries.”

"So sir tell me again,
Why did you shoot the man?
He didn't look like a murderer at all. 
You just assumed he was,
And just because he was BLACK!!"

Jai Kewalramani 
Class IX - B

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