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12th August 1999 - Page 3

My Favourite T-Shirt

It was four in the evening,

And when I arrived from school.

My mother presented me a T - Shirt,

Which looked extremely cool.

It had some beautiful designs,

And was made of cotton.

It showed the picture of five eggs,

Of which two were rotten.

Unfortunately it was very long,

And gave the look of a skirt.

And whenever I wore it while playing,

It got caught up in a lot of dirt.

Thus, one day my mother stealthily,

Went back to return the shirt.

And when I came to know about it,

I was emotionally hurt.


Udit Mahajan,

V - C

Castles in the air

 A day brighter than this,

I had never seen.

To a place prettier than this,

I had never been.

Lush green meadows stretched,

Till where they met land.

It was the greatest creation,

Of the great holy Hand.

Here I stood alone.

The deep blue sky,

With scattered spots of white.

The birds high above,

Resplendent in grand flight.

Watching them I stood alone.

The lazy river meandered alone,

The water blue and clear.

Beasts sunned themselves,

Tame and without fear.

Mother Nature, in her full glory,

Was trying to tell me a beautiful story.

My favorite T – Shirt is black and blue,

It may look old but that is not true.

The problem is matching this shirt,

I do not have a single shirt.

I bought this shirt a week ago,

I wore it in a boat to row.

I wore it to bake a pie,

And I wore it to fix a pig’s sty.

This shirt I just told you about,

Is now in rags there is no doubt!

Deeksha Gujral,


...castles in the air...


Marveling I stood alone.

This was our planet,

Magnificent and serene.

What it is today,

And what had it been.

Wandering I stood alone.

A sudden whiff of smoke,

Disturbed my peace, new found.

People shouting, dust flying,

Horns blaring in the background.

All the chaos and all this racket,

Had driven me to despair.

Frustrated, I had begun to build,

Castles in the air.

The world is falling to ruins,

Worried, I stood alone.

All the vagaries of mankind,

Enduring I stood alone.


Saurav Roy

XI - C

My favorite T-shirt is white, blue and green,

And when I wear it I look very neat and clean.

With white stripes all over,

It makes me look very sober.

I want to wear it everyday,

But I am sad to say,

I can’t do that.

It surely makes me feel bad.

Malini Patnaik, V - C

If I were a Raindrop

If I were a Raindrop,

I would help the farmer with his crop.

He would be so happy with me,

He would come outside, and dance with glee.

If I were a Raindrop,

I would make puddles with my constant plop.

For children to come out and play in,

And with happiness they would start singing.

If I were a Raindrop,

I'd beat the heat and make it stop.

You would hear people rejoice,

And everyone would have a happy voice.

Deeksha Gujral, V - C

The Tiger

I went to a forest one night,

And I saw a wonderful sight.

Sitting by the lake was a tiger,

With her cute cub right beside her.

Their orange bodies were covered with stripes,

And their topaz colored eyes glittered like jewels bright.

I closed my eyes and thanked god for such a beautiful sight.

Rohan Prakash Bhandari, V - B

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