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12th August 1999 - Page 4
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Sambhav Kapur



The Rat Trap

I sneaked out of my hole and looked all around

To see if it was all safe and sound

I looked right then left

And slowly very slowly, walked ahead

There ahead was lying some cheese

Waiting there just for me

But when I ran Snappity Snap

Close to it I fell into a trap

I thought of an idea

And it sprang into my head

Why couldn’t I

Just pretenbd to be dead?

I held my breath

And truly seemed

Useless and dead

And a little obscene!

Before I knew the master had come

And said to himself "What have I done?"

Then slowly but surely he disentangled me

This was my one chance to be free

I got up and suddenly grabbed the cheese

And was overcome by the need to sneeze

Atishoo! Atishoo!

The cheese fell on the ground

I’m home again, hungry

But safe and sound

Vedika Bhaskar



Editorial Board: Aatish Bhatia, Sharad Bajaj, Saionton Basu, Priya Malik, Pallavi Raghavan. Shruti Sharma, Deivyani Dheer, Maalini Kochhar, Aman Raj Khanna, Shonan Trehan, Shivan Marya and Prayaag Akbar (Editor)

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