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Welcome back to Vasant Valley after a pretty long summer break. Hopefully everyone enjoyed them-selves. This term is our longest term and one in which the most work is achieved, especially for Class X and XII, but as usual there will be quite a few activities also planned including the Hockey Tournament Final on the 3rd of July.


Working in Vasant Valley B has been an enlightening experience in more ways than one. To begin with I got first hand experience in dealing with special children. Before coming to Vasant Valley B, even though I didn’t regard people with special needs as people who should be ignored or on the other hand pampered, I still didn’t know very much about them, in the true sense of the word. Actually, before working in Vasant Valley B, I had been expecting to find a group of kids who would need my constant help in every way and who should also be treated as if they were made out of glass. So you can pretty much imagine my surprise when Meera on my very first day told me in her characteristic authoritative tone that I had better apply the glue right! She even showed me how! So I guess I realized that whatever disabilities we would attribute to these kids, they themselves feel that they are perfectly in control and their very actions suggest so.

This sort of confidence I feel is quite important and is much better than that helpless ‘I pity myself’ attitude any day. I loved these children from the beginning but I guess in the end I have come to respect them as human beings who deserve this respect.

Also, working with these kids helped me too. They helped me understand the importance of patience for results in Vasant Valley B can be slow in coming at times. Adding to this, I feel better equipped in how to deal with people who have special needs. So Dhruv, Rahul, Meera, Diva, Abhinav, Karan, Tarit, Dipin and Aditya, even though you wont quite understand right now, thank you so very much! It has really been a pleasure working with you and I’ll miss all of you very much!

Sheila Khalid

Sheila was a student at VVS and left school during the summer break.


The results for the Class X and XII Board Examinations were announced during our summer break. Both of the classes have done reason-ably well with Simran Khara topping in Class XII with 92.5% and Kashyap Arora in Class X with 90.2%. Congratulations especially to both of them as well as to all the students. Quite a few of the batch that just graduated have already got into colleges. When the full list of colleges is obtained they will be posted in school.

English Poetry Writing Competition

(On the spot)

For classes VI to XII

Date: July 15 1999 (Thursday)

Time: Private Study

Venue: Environmental Lab, Junior School

For further details please meet Ms. Aarti Srivastav

Yellow House Wins

Yellow House won the Hockey Tournament on Tuesday, the 6th of July. Yhe final was held between Blue House and Yellow House. Yellow House lead 1-0 at half time and by the end the score read 4-0.

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