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All her mother had now were memories, she clung to them like shadows cling.

Vinita remembered how she had helped her mother as she stumbled over the steps at "Asha-Kiran". As she held her arm, she could feel her mother's reluctance and unhappiness. Her mother had been strong and independent all her life. Hardworking and caring, she had brought up her daughter through hardships. In her heart of hearts, Vinita had known her mother could never be happy in a home for old people. Yet deceitfully, she had tricked her mother out of her home.

Over the years the letters had piled up.

The pleas, the desperation, the hopelessness had all come through. Caught up in her new life-style, Vinita had ignored every piece of communi- cation. And now it was too late. "Asha-Kiran" had informed her of her mother's demise. Overcome with guilt and grief, Vinita let the tears flow. Like a ship tossed in a storm, she felt rudderless. It was now her turn to feel abandoned. With her mother no more, she felt childhood recede into a land of shadows and looked around her, desperate for anything that was old and familiar.

Devyani Dheer



1.Who played James Bond only once?

2.Which were not designed by Q?

    Exploding radio

    Bullet Firing Ski

    Solex Laser Gun

3. Which of these villains had a mechanical claw instead of a hand?



    Tee Hee

4.Which of the following villains survived their encounters with 007?

    Dr. No



5.In which Bond movie/book was he assumed to be dead in the starting?

    Live and Let Die



6.How many people around the world have seen a Bond film?

    98 million

    2 billion

    7 billion

7.Before becoming a secret agent, in which of the following armed services did Bond obtain the rank of commander?

    The SAS

    The Air Force

    The Navy

8.Which of the following have acted in the most Bond movies?

    Roger Moore

    Pierce Brosnan

    Sean Connory

9.Which of the following are not Bond Cars?

    Jaguar XJ220

    Aston Martin

    Lotus Esprit

Answers on last page.

Utsav Sidhu



The storm blew hard

Full swing was the tempest

Stuck at sea was I with the captain brave

For it was the lord of the Poseidon Napolean who was angry

The lord was raging at us new pirates

He had prepared for us fitting fates

It looked as if we would never see land

Doomed was our million-dollar stash

I wondered what would happen to the hash

"We have finally caught you. Stop.

You are in the U.S. waters"

We had strayed

The choppy rivers became choppier with

The arrival of a Coast Guard chopper

Doomed were we drug shoppers

Tens made the fatal jump, taking advantage

"Lord Poseidon cried I,

We have made the sacrifice, save our souls

Still I heard the crunching sound of poles!

Still I heard the staccato of gunfire!

Still I heard the angry road of the choppy seas!

The lord hadn’t responded

"Jeff lazy bones, man the

Anti-aircraft gun and fast

Yes captain

I fired a single shot and lo behold

The chopper came apart many a fold

Hugged was I by everyone and

Thus we made the turn back to Hong Kong

Nihilesh Singh Chand


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