12th September 2005

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Monday 29 August :Chemistry workshop held for XI-XII. English debate for XI-XII. Hindi debate for X.
Tuesday 30 August : Inter School Social Science Quiz won by Mother’s International School.
Wednesday 31 August : IX-XI Visual Arts students visited Art Exhibition at Rabindra Bhawan.
Thursday 1 September : VIII and X had the Impromptu. IX-X Sanskrit Letter writing Competition. VII students visited Sultangarhi. VIII had a Hindi Debate.
Friday 2 September : Vasant Valley participated in the Welham’s boys debate.
Saturday 3 September : Vasant Valley participated in the Doon School debate
Sunday 4 September : Vasant Valley participated in the Doon School quiz
Tuesday 6 September : English Essay Writing Competition for IX-XII. XI-XII had the Dramatic Interpretation of Behaviour. The team that came was 1st Farhad Colabavala, Rishab Sareen, Mallika Sadh, Nishant Singh, Rohan Narang and Ashish Aggarwal Zonal Table Tennis matches began. Green house won the Senior Girls Basketball Tournament.

Various Schools Displaying their Talent

The 14th Drama Festival of Vasant Valley School was held in the Air Force Auditorium this year. The theme was ‘Ulta Pulta’ and it was a great success!! Oh! Guess What? The greatest excitement was the Vasant Valley School’s play. Everyone was cheering, clapping and screaming their lungs out!! The interludes were the bright spot of the Drama Festival. The Magic started from the Bagpipes of Scotland and lasted till the dances of India. All the 18 plays were wonderful and brought the audience to their feet. The plays had a twist of ‘Ulta Pulta’ or Topsy Turvy in them. Made up by the children of class 5, the plays were bound to be fun! Seeing characters from Michael Jackson all the way to Kumbhakarna added excitement in our play. We are sure that if each and every Air Force officer would have been there to witness the plays, they would have given us their planes free! The question and answer session ended each day with a round of applause.
Tulsi Sharma, Ishan Sardesai & Rhea Shree Jain, V-C

The Laissez Faire- 2005

Laissez Faire literally means “ to Let Do” and in economics refers to a capitalist economy with no external influence of any kind. However, the Laissez Faire is also the Economics and Business Studies Inter-School Competition organized by Vasant Valley School. 10 schools came, and each team comprised of 6 students.

The Laissez Faire was inaugurated by the famous Economist Bibek Debroy. Mr. Debroy gave a very energized and enthusiastic speech, and tried to speak, with us rather than to us. He highlighted numerous problems like Corruption, Poverty, Illiteracy and we found that his views were very different from those in text books. This was followed by an interactive session wherein Mr. Debroy answered questions that the students had asked.

This was followed by a competition called ‘Steps To Success’, which class 11 and the Economics dept put a lot of effort into. The game, which was like an economized version of Snakes and Ladders, involved one member of each team stepping on blocks which had information on them. Each team started of with an initial capital of 5 lakh and through the course of the game earned and lost money through a combination of luck and intellect. Hanfia Public School won this competition.

‘The Bulls Eye’ featured 2 students of each school trying their hand at the stock market on a custom designed Stock Market Software designed by our very own Mr.Sumit. Some schools won money, others lost- but the experience itself was so enriching that a couple of teachers of other schools asked if they could borrow the software!!! G.D. Goenka School, which earned the maximum amount of money, won the Bulls Eye Competition.

This was followed by ‘The Business With A Vision’ competition . It involved making an ad, jingle, logo, slogan, and skit for a concept. The twist however was that two Vasant Valley students were made a part of each guest team. The two concepts were “A World Without Borders” and “Unity In Diversity”. Much to my surprise the concepts were well sold, with originality and enthusiasm. The highlight of this event was that our team bonded with those from the other schools and we saw them in a new light: not as competition but as part of our team. The school which won was the Ryan International School and along with them our very own Vidhi Chaddha and Natasha Uppal got prizes.

The Winning Team Ryan International Performing The Ad-Act.


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My Dream

I want to be a designer so that I can make elegant clothes for people. I also want to be wealthy and give people eco- friendly clothes. I also want to become popular and make my country proud of me. I want to design practical and beautiful clothes for children too.
My mother and father give me a lot of support and will send me to the college that will help me become a designer. My mother is also a designer. I take classes and practice a lot on the cloth which my mother brings. In school, my hobby is embroidery. Every Friday I go to my mother’s office to learn more about designing. Both my parents encourage me a lot and are confident that I will become a great designer when I grow up. I really hope my dream comes true because I am really working hard for it.

Sanjana Jain (IV A)

My Dream is to go to the United States of America to join a good school of engineering and become a great engineer.
I want to be an engineer so that I can make a vehicle that can fly, so that we don’t have any accidents while driving on roads. I will name my vehicle “Air Shooter”.
The Air Shooter will have a slim engine, over which we will be a metal sheet. Over this strip of metal there will be seats for passengers and the driver. The outer body of this vehicle will be shaped like a round bubble and will be made of transparent and unbreakable fiber glass.
The vehicle will be powered by two strong fans that will throw pressurized air from the back and the bottom of the vehicle. The bottom fan will be used for upward lift and landing. The fan at the back will push the vehicle forward. The engine will run on high energy batteries. Each vehicle will have two chargeable batteries so that one will be used while the other is charging.
I know that to achieve this dream vehicle of mine I will have to study very very hard in school to become an engineer. After making ‘Air Shooter’ O will also invent other things and then do my MBA so that I can take my inventions to all the countries of the world.

Abhiveer Arjun, IV A

My Sister

My sister is as sweet as cotton candy,
When I’m bored, she comes in handy
She’s as busy as a bee,
And always filled with glee.
When she’s happy she sings like a nightingale,
But when she’s angry, she looks rather pale.
When my sister’s sleepy,
She feels very weepy.
My sister is as light as a feather,
And she loves the rainy weather.
I loved my sister when she was two,
And the love increased as se grew.
My sister was born a star,
When she grows older, she will go far.

Jayati Modi (V-C)

The Way To Be

I thought to myself as I sat down to eat
Taking in the smell of freshly cooked meat
The table was well set, looking very neat
Ah! Tonight dinner was going to be a treat.
It was sheer delight
Just to see the sight
Oh! That juicy chicken leg
“Eat me please!” I saw it beg.
Ignoring the boring vegetarian dish
I moved on quickly towards the fish.
Oh my God, what a lovely fin!
I saw myself breaking into a grin.
I feel so sorry for all of you…
Who eat those boring vegetables… ew!
As my love for animals would show
Non vegetarian is the way to go.
As I dig into the food
I wonder if I was a bit rude
And then the tasty pork I see
Who cares! I rub my hands in glee.
My friends you all must realize,
That to be healthy, wealthy and wise,
Non vegetarian is the way to be,
And I don’t care if you don’t agree!

Ria Rath, X B

As Good As Gold
My dad’s got a pen, as old as the hills,
It’s as thin as a stick,
And writes as black as soot.
Its rubber grip is as tough as leather,
It’s as light as a feather.
It’s as good as gold for my dad.

Raghav Anand (V C)

My Dog
My dog’s name is tango,
His fur is as soft as a feather.
His eyes shine in the dark,
Like that of a tiger’s.
He look ferocious but,
He is actually harmless.
My dog is ever hungry,
And can eat endlessly.
He loves the rain,
And tries to dance like a peacock.
He then shakes himself
getting everyone wet

Lavanya Chopra (V C)

It has come to our notice that there was an error in the previous issue of the newsletter dated 19th August 2005. The name Ananya Bhandare has inadvertently been misspelt as Ananya Bhandari. We sincerely apologise for this misnomer.

We would also like our readership to know that errors of this nature are unintentional and an oversight on our part. We will take every step to ensure that this does not happen in the future. The error is deeply regretted.

The Editorial Board

The Physics of the Basketball Underhand Throw and the Golf Swing

(This essay won the first prize in the science essay competition 2005)
Sports they say, is the unspoken language of the world, which unites people from different lands and religion through a passion to play a game. Sports are a commonality that brings nations together when athletes are talked about, its connections with science don’t come to mind. In reality, math, science and especially physics are an inherent aspect of sports. For, as Einstein once said, “The whole of science is nothing but a refinement of everyday thinking.”
Sports is related with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. The one component that reigns over the world of sports is physics; gravity, circular motion, projectile motion are just a few physical phenomena that play an integral part of sports. For example, professional golfers can achieve a club head speed of 100 mph, while Tiger Woods can reach up to 125 mph. this is due to Tiger Woods’ use of a 7.5 degree lie angle. (angle between club shaft and club face), which allows him to maximize his drive as compared to other golfers. Thus, a good understanding of physics can help sportsmen improve their game to a great extent.
Golf is a game associated with class, precision and good timing. A proper golf swing has tremendous impact on your game. The twisting swing produces torque on the club. This torque force changes the angular velocity of the club, causing rotation. Rotation is dependent upon the club's moment of inertia, its resistance to rotation. Thus, for a long drive, the club's moment of inertia should decrease, which can be done by distributing more mass towards the club shaft instead of the club face. This will result in a greater club head velocity, causing the ball to have a greater kinetic energy and thus a longer drive.
Another important factor the ball speed depends on is the coefficient of restitution between the golf ball and the club head. Coefficient of restitution is the negative ratio of the velocity of separation to the velocity of approach. Thus, the smaller this value is, the more the kinetic energy conserved and thus the higher the ball’s final speed. Hence materials whose coefficient of restitution with the ball is small should be chosen to manufacture club heads.
Aside from this, for a good shot, weather conditions should be adapted to. Twelve degrees is the typical angle of the flight the ball follows off a tee shot. However, if wind is present, ways should be employed to maximize the drive. A wind from behind means a greater lie angle to give the ball a loft, while a headwind requires a smaller club lie angle to prevent destabilizing of the ball.
Physics has tremendous implications in Basketball. Inertia is a key principle to the game of basketball. One aspect of inertia is that if an object is initially fixed with respect to a moving reference frame and is suddenly released, the object will continue to move with that same velocity. For example, if a basket ball player is running with horizontal velocity, he transmits this velocity to the ball he shoots. Concepts like vectors and projectiles are a profound effect on all sports, thus proving the hidden rule of physics behind innocent pastimes.
-Pranay Jain


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It’s a Tou“Ché”ing Shame 

Every time I see a Ché Guevara image on somebody’s person, I get this squirmy feeling in the pit of my stomach, because I feel like Ché is probably turning in his grave. I’ve seen his image on shirts, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, pants, skirts, tank tops, bandanas, badges, candles, and  stickers (though the list is endless). I’ve also seen his image at concerts, at parties, in markets, at the movies, in the mall, and in restaurants (this list is also endless). Most people adorn his image without knowing who he was, or what he stood for. This is why I’ve decided to take this opportunity to educate all the “Trendzoids” out there:Ché Guevara was born in Argentina as Ernesto Guevara. He spent his life studying to become a doctor, and made two trips around South and Central America. He got thoroughly disillusioned by US hegemony over South America, when he witnessed the coup in Guatemala (sponsored by none other than the CIA). He met Fidel Castro in Mexico City, where they worked out the Cuban Revolution, where they overthrew the dictator Batista.
In the years that were to follow, Ché Guevara spent all his time and effort in spreading Communist Ideology, and in urging people to take a stand against US hegemony. He condemned all that had to do with Capitalism, and did everything in his power to (try to) eliminate it. He died in Bolivia, leading a troop of Guerilla fighters in an attempt at revolution.  
As is with anything good, divine and sanctified, the Trendzoids have caught a hold of him (along with Punk Music, Bob Marley and Livestrong Bands) and have managed to sap out all meaning from his image. What he stands for has been reduced to nothing, because people all over the world are wearing his image just because it looks good. They have managed to grab him, and remodel him to stand for everything that he STOOD AGAINST. They have managed to make Ché Guevara a symbol for Consumerism.  I think it is ironic (and a real shame) that this man has become his own nightmare. His image is being packaged and sold as a product- something that I’m quite sure he would’ve been extremely disheartened with. He has become a part and parcel of the ugly ring that he spent his whole life denouncing. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that his ideology, work and passion are being given a lot of scrutiny and thought, but Trendzoids should definitely give Ché the privilege of being allowed to Rest in Peace. They should (at the very least) allow his image to exist, without making it a mockery of who he was, and what he stood for.
Simrat Dugal

Trip To Doon School

The trip to Doon School was one of the, memorable and fun trips our school has taken us for in a while. Our teams consisted of 4 debaters and 3 quizzers. Many schools participated in this competition with great enthusiasm. The prominent schools which participated included The Shri Ram School, La Martiniere Boys and Girls Schools, Mayo College Girls, Welhams Girls School to name a few. Our debate team did not manage to qualify, despite our team presenting well formed arguments and a witty rebuttal. The finals were between the Doon School team (A) and La Martiniere Boys, Calcutta. It was a gripping finale in a modified Cambridge style format. The Doon School won the debate hands down picking up the awards for best speaker and most promising speaker as well.
In the quiz, our team came 4th out of 17 participating schools. We led the whole quiz till the buzzer round, during which we were not fast enough to answer and lost out on crucial points. The La Martiniere Boys racked up a startling 115 points as opposed to our meager 55 points. The Doon School came second with 85 points. All in all we had a great experience, the Doon School students and teachers were incredibly forthcoming and hospitable, it was a great experience standing in the halls which still echoed with the footsteps of… many great leaders of our country.
Samad Ali, XI-B

The Social Science Quiz

The 2nd Annual Vasant Valley Social Science Quiz was held on the 30th of August 2005, with Partha Mudgil as Quizmaster. A preliminary round was held and 4 teams- DPS RK Puram, Mother’s International School, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, and Vasant Valley- got through to the final round. The final round of the quiz was extremely exciting, and we learnt a lot of fun (and serious) facts. Ultimately, Mother’s International School came first, and Vasant Valley came second.

What if…

Many a time, one dreams that certain situations may occur, even if the chances are remote and sometimes impossible. How would one react to these situations? We decided to go find out.

What if there was a canteen
in school?

“I’d be broke.” – Akbar Iqbal
‘Poor’ guy!
“Destructive and rioting kids.”-Shaman Marya
You’d hate that wouldn’t you?
“We wouldn’t have to go to C-1.” - Silvia Augustine
Ah, the good ol’ days…
“What is a canteen?” - Karanvir Singh
You tell me…
“It would be like heaven.” – Ayushman Thakur
So what’s hell?
“People would be fatter” – Saakshita Prabhakar
How rude you
“I’d hardly care.” – Pavee Raheja
Yeah right …
“The Economic Index of the country would be better” Gautam Surya
By Mahi K. Titus, Jahan A. Nargolwala, Soumya S. Dasgupta

The Hopeless Industry

Boring. Baseless. Bollywood. My friends know my views on hindi films. Three hours of torture, where your patience is tested to the max. You suffer an everlasting stream of song and dance sequences and absurdly fake fight scenes, wherein one punch, that doesn’t even connect, sees a bloodied henchman soaring through the air and crashing through layers of warehouse windows.
Repetitive story lines, characters with no depth and a lack of quality of any kind have pushed viewers towards the English film industry. Skin flicks further degrade Bollywood, which is already spiraling downward into a bottomless void of embarrassments. Remaking Hollywood films had seemingly become an alternative to the ongoing saga of flops, but viewers have grown weary of this trend as well.
Bollywood may be known as the biggest film industry in the world with over 300 films annually, but its future can’t be too bright if the flop run continues. Though the films are now having a decreasing number of songs and there is a tad more originality nowadays, English films will always be my first and only preference: the true, tried and tested choice of the world.
Sharan Alva


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The truth behind Nursery Rhymes

Remember those adorable rhymes we used to learn as children? Things like Jack& Jill, Oranges & lemons, Humpty- Dumpty? We have dug further than anyone has dug before… we now bring you the shocking truth behind Nursery Rhymes.
First we’ll tell you about the popular rhymes. Take Jack and Jill – why would any parent make their child recite rhymes about random people rolling down hills? And Humpty-Dumpty: would you really want your child to be exposed to sad stories about objects (in this case an egg) falling off walls and being broken forever? Coming to Three Blind Mice: if one exposes a toddler to such violent stories, one may as well let them watch ‘The Exorcist’! It also inspires them to pick on the physically disabled…the farmer’s wife had no right to pick on any blind animal, whether man or mouse.
Remember Mary and her Little Lamb? Most people only know the first verse:
“Mary had a little lamb (little lamb, little lamb)
Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was as white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went (Mary went, Mary went)
And everywhere that Mary went her lamb was sure to go.”
Not many people know that eventually the lamb follows Mary to school and she is scolded by her teacher. What kid would want a stupid irritating pet like that? In revenge, Lamb chops have become a favorite amongst little girls all over the world.
We now get on to the next wave…Ring-a-ring-of roses and Oranges and Lemons. These were in fact pathetic attempts to get kids to learn how to dance. But what’s the point of them going around in circles? If you want your child to learn how to dance, you should send them to dance school to learn the waltz or tango, it’s a lot more dignified.
Now for the lesser known rhymes. ‘Daddy’s Gonna buy you a Diamond Ring’ has turned children all over the world into little spoilt brats that want almost everything they see.
Sadly, when these rhymes were written, they didn’t have the result expected. What was thought to be fun yet educative has turned out to be a medium for violence, bullying, extreme language and terrible dance moves. This is the truth behind the nursery rhymes, and we hope that you will learn from this analysis so that your children will not turn out like you!!!
By Diva Gujral and Jahan Adil Nargolwala


Instead of the usual poll question we decided to have something different. So we decided to test our school’s I.Q.
Medha Vira -“Chief Minister of Jharkhand”
Whatever happened to Ajit Jogi??
Jyotika Bami-“The Sardar ji”
Was that too tough to figure out??
Nikhita Venkateish- “He is someone who is happy.”
Nikhita... aren’t YOU good with puns…
Wonjun Chang-“Wild guess: he is a scientist.”
There’s a world outside science!
Suvir Singh- “The Joke Man”
Or did you mean the joker…?
Shivani Agarwal- “I’ve never heard his name in my life.”
Uh… we didn’t expect you to...
Vikram Jeet Dalal- “The hockey coach”
Karanvir Singh- “He is my dog’s dad”
Which planet is this guy from?
For all of you who didn’t know the answer, but were fortunate enough not to get grilled, Khushwant Singh is a renowned author and economist.


“She looks like my handwriting.”
Won Jun Chang, she sounds neat..

“Who is the architecture of the building?”
Sakhshi Mahajan,

“I don’t want your eyes to die!”
Esha Mehta, a bleeding heart

“What are you going to do after Class 10?”
Vaibhav Malik, ambitious to say the least…

“It’s raining cats and dogs, where are the mouses?”
Samarth Karwal, quite expressive

“The September exams—in October?”
Anisha Mathur, somethings just need explanation

“Nazi’s are from the Lord Of The Rings”
Abhinav Parthy, and Gandalf killed the Jew

The Eight by Katherine Neville: 4.5/5

A game of chess brought to life…two women…one in 1970, the other in 1790…one who knows too little, the other too much.
Spanning over the French Revolution, eminent public figures are turned to mere pawns in the Game which dates back to the dawn of human civilization. A time of chaos and intrigue, where everyone is searching for only one thing…the famed Montglane Chess Service. From Russia to England a chase ensues after an orphaned nun who seems to be the only one with the famed pieces.
In New York, a computer expert is exiled from her job to far of Algeria where she is launched into one of the biggest treasure hunts in history. To keep her company she only has secretive Oil Company bosses, temperamental chess players and elusive Russian Grandmasters.
A novel which brings surprises after another and leaves you clueless till the last chapter…all the favorite characters: Napoleon, Catherine the Grand, Charlemagne…
If you want the thrill of believing in the impossible and being drawn into a game spanning over centuries, this book is definitely the best read for you.
By Svati Goyal

Editorial Board

Soumya Dasgupta, Mahi Titus, Jahan Adil Nargolwala,
Tarunima Prabhakar, Diva Gujral, Akanksha Chawla,
Ria Sen, Amba Kak, Arushi Chak, Saira Dayal,
Arjun Srihari, Nakul Dev, Samad Ali,
Nivedita Venkateish, Jaagriti Seth, Saranya Mishra,
Rhea Maini, Simrat Dugal, Udit Vira,
Nitya Vaishanavi Singh.

Mallika Sadh