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13th July 2001 - Page 1

The Law of Raspberry Jam: The wider any culture is spread, the thinner it gets. - Alvin Toffler

S C H O O L 


Welcome Back! School reopened after the summer break on Monday the 2nd of July.

Chess Tournament for classes 6 - 11 began on Monday the 2nd of July.

Class 9 went to the Nehru Planetarium on Friday the 7th of July.

Class 8 went for a Voice training and Voice carriage lesson with Mrs. Talwar from the English Department. They were taught correct pronunciation, voice modulation and enunciation.

Senior School Badminton, Table Tennis and Tennis Tournaments began on Friday the 7th of July.

The Senior School Poetry writing competition was held on Wednesday the 4th of July. The topic for classes 9-12 was "Time" or "Ties and Ribbons"  

and for classes 6-8 were "I Believe" or "Suddenly".

Dhananjaya Chak of class XI-B 
was awarded the first prize in the senior category, and Yaman Varma of class IX-C came a close second. Aashna Kishore of class VIII-C came first in the junior division, followed by Varini Sharma of class VII-A.

The first Prefect Council meeting of the term was held on Tuesday the 2nd of July.

The Essentials Meeting was held in the 6th period of Tuesday, the 10th of July.




3..............................SPORTS QUIZ

4..........................NEVER SAY DIE



He sat there as the general called out his name. He was to be a part of the troupe, which was going up Battlement Hill. Battlement Hill was the most dangerous terrain and every soldier who came down alive was plain lucky.
For the first time in his whole life, he was scared. Suddenly the words entered his mind - "WHAT IF I DIE?" He had never really thought about it till now. Everyone was writing home to their wives and children - they had bravery written all over them. They were willing to sacrifice whatever it took to salvage their country's pride.
He, however, felt very hesitant as he packed up his belongings and put them in the truck that would take the troop to Battlement Hill.
Finally, they bade goodbye to all the other soldiers at base camp and set out. He was still scared, very scared.
When they reached 
Battlement Hill, they started to clear up the bodies of the dead soldiers who had been fighting there before they arrived. This task sent a chill down his spine.
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