14th February 2005

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24th Monday:
Career counselling workshop began for the Class X and XII followed by Individual counselling sessions.
25th Tuesday:
Class V had a Food Festival.
Few students from Class XII attended a NDTV show - ‘Money Mantra’. Flag Hoisting ceremony for Republic Day.
27th Thursday:
Class V visited the Old Age Home. Class VI-VIII has a Sanskrit Handwriting Competition.
28th Friday:
Class VII had Tatkal Pratiyogita. Sohel Dhawan came first, followed by Nikhil Pandhi and Prashishti Sharma.
29th Saturday:
Students from Class VI-XII participated in the Manavsthal School Maths Competition.
6 students from Class XII participated in the CBSE Informatics Olympiad at Laxman Public School.
31st Monday:
Class IX-A visited the Yamuna for water testing.
Class III visited the Sanskriti Kendra.
Library Council visited the British Council Library.
1st Tuesday:
Class III visited the Zoo.
Class VI visited the Asola Bhati Santuary.
Class VII had Elocution Competition.
Class IX-B visited the Yamuna for water testing.
Class X visited the Tughlaqabad Fort.
2nd Wednesday:
Class IX-C visited the Yamuna for Water testing.
3rd Thursday:
Class VI had a Hindi handwriting competition.
Class VIII had an Impromtu competition.
Class IX visited the Mutiny Memorial.
Class XII went to the American Centre to watch
a movie on AIDS.
4th Friday:
Medha Basu, Farhad Colabawala, and Arnav Sharma met the Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh to personally hand over the funds collected by Vasant Valley School through the concert held at school.
Few students from class 12 went to the British council for the Beyond Borders Festival.
Class XII went for a ‘Night Out’, a walk at night for environment awareness.

Megnaa, Chaitanya and Aditi receiving their Awards.


Friday 28th 2005, was a time to say goodbye to the batch of 2005. The Senior School enjoyed one of the funniest and most memorable class acts ever put up by the students of Class XI..
The starting act was a sensational dance by the girls on ‘Saqi’ form Musafir. The Seventh Annual Take Your Trip awards really lived up to its name. There were a sensational array of awards ranging from Pentium 0.5- Zain Khan, Equation of the Year - Swati Sood and Daksh Varma. Not to forget, The Homecoming King and Queen -Trijath Katoch and Sahiba Singh, Charlie and his Angels- Our ex-editor Ashutosh Kumar and Puja, Alysha and Kanika, God’s Gift to Men- Nisheeta Labroo and God’s Gift to Women- Nirvan Mehra. The certificates, sashes and the appropriate background music really made this award ceremony one of a kind.
The couple dance on ‘Gori-Gori’ added to the humour in the air. Kevin stole the show with his great impersonation of Shah Rukh Khan while dancing to the song “Tumse Milke” with Ms. Choudhary playing the chemistry teacher Sushmita Sen from ‘Main Hoon Na’.
A rocking solo performance by Aditya Mukherjee singing ‘Stairway To Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin, Praneeta and Saakshita singing ‘She Will Be Loved’ by Maroon 5, Shuchir singing ‘Superman’ by Eminem and a group of girls singing ‘Gustakh Dil’ from Dil Maange More added to the rhythm of the class act. To wrap it all up the class 11’s sang ‘Yaaron’ especially dedicated to their seniors’ guides and their friends.
This batch has been one of the most outgoing, influential and environmentally friendly (who can forget the camels?!) and they will forever occupy a special place in the heart of the Vasant Valley Family. WE WILL MISS YOU GUYS!!!

By Tarunima Prabhakar, Soumya Dasgupta and Jahan Nargolwala


13 memorable years- full of laughter, tears, joy, sadness and lots of stories to tell. And on the 29th of January, that'’s what it all came down to. Full of the past and ready to take on the future, the batch of 2005 came together for their last official night in school, as we, the batch of 2006, along with the teachers bade them farewell.
Food, dance, music, a bonfire- it was all there that night- and with a projector kept to display pictures from previous years, the seniors had a chance to relive their treasured school years. It was great to see everyone adhering to the dress code (Western/Indian formals) too, which, might I add, definitely brightened up the night.
They danced, they ate, they remembered, they clicked pictures, and within a matter of a few hours, the time had come to say good-bye. We watched as the entire batch walked away from the school which had been their home away from home for the last 13 years. Our hearts sank as we couldn’t help but think that one day it would be our turn. For now, however, we wish the batch of 2005 all the best for their boards and all future prospects. I think I speak for everyone (students and teachers) when I say Guys, we'’ll miss you!

Arnav Sharma, 12-A

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The visit to the ‘Old Age Home’ was nice and touching. The old people were very happy to see us but, I was sad to hear that they were kicked out of the house by their children and had to stay in these homes. We also saw some rooms donated by different schools and organizations. This visit has been a touching experience, When I grow up I would like to assist the elderly and make them happy and comfortable in their rooms. But, more than this I wish that children never treat their parents in a bad manner.
Mananjay Garewal, 5-C

I enjoyed going to the Old Age Home. I enjoyed singing songs to the old people.When I had seen that building, I had a picture in my mind and felt very sad. Mrs. Lal was my favourite. It was her birthday and we sang happy birthday. What made me unhappy was that they weren’t with their families and what made me happy was that they were looked after. I wish I could help them.
Ishani Singh, 5-C

My visit to the old age home was very nice. I really liked being with the elders. I told them jokes, came to know about them, and they about me. When I heard their stories I felt really sad. I felt at that time that their children shouldn’t have treated them like this and sent them to the old age home. When we went there we sang wonderful songs for them. The teachers had also got biscuits for them. I will always try to make them happy and wish all through their life that they all live a long life and their family members realize their mistake and come to take them home again!
Riyah Singh, 5-A

On the 27th of January we set off for the Old Age Home. There we met 5 or 6 old people and although they were without their families, they were in good cheer. It also happened to be one of the lady’s birthday. I could not help but think that those people also had children who must have been brought up with love and affection. Where are their children now? They should be looking after their parents in old age. How ungrateful these children are. The moral I feel should be ‘Our parents helped us take our 1st steps, should we not help them when their steps are faltering in old age ?’
Alawi Singh, V-B


A diary entry

Just yesterday , I had everything a girl could wish for, siblings , parents , belongings , and a home. I was a happy go lucky pre teen without a care in the world, but that was yesterday. I feel like in the interim between yesterday and today I’ve aged thirty years , just like that.
Christmas,a day for merry making and good cheer . Have fun, tomorrow may never come. And that is what happened to my family .26th December, my life was ruined. Swept away by the gigantic Tsunami waves, my family never got to say goodbye but they were taken in front of my eyes , swallowed by the killer waves. My family is gone,and I'm left all alone. The sound of their screams surrounds me even now. All of them, except my father. Just before he got swept away by the killer wave he told me what I will never forget, “ Alice , take care of yourself. You’ll be the only member of our family who will survive. Just know that wherever we go we will never stop loving you and will forever be proud of you”. And then he let go, the only ones to see him again would be the shoals of fish under the expanse of water , the tempest of the sea. We were supposed to go the week before but I insisted we stay for Christmas. All my fault this happened , if only I hadn’t… How will I ever live with myself, knowing that I… I am responsible for my family’s death. What sin am I paying for? Is death not better than what I have to live with?
Its all coming back to me , my brothers words “ lets go back , please!” When we asked why, he said, “ I’ve got a gut feeling . Please listen. But his cries were unheard. “ How can a 10 year old know better than us” , we thought to ourselves indignantly.
I feel like my life is worthless. I wish I could end this life, that would make this all simpler. I have tried but failed, I still love life , as it is for all human beings. Except will I be able to love my life, knowing what I may be responsible for ?It would be better if I ended my life now , I just need to have the courage. I’ve always felt oblivion more than everything else and doesn’t death mean oblivion? What am I supposed to do...
The news anchor finished reading aloud a chapter of a 12 year old girls diary ,.
In The Times today there was an obituary of a 12 year old, Alice Peterson. She ended her life by slitting her wrists and bled a slow and painful death.
The anchor woman put down the diary and cried till there were no tears to shed.
Ayesha Malik, 7-A


If anyone has any suggestions for the Academic Council, please give them to Avanti Birla (Head of Academic Council).

The Haunted House

The haunted house is scary
It gives me the creeps,
And when I open the door
It gives a loud creak!
The windows are shattered
The chimney is crooked,
It also has a library
Without any books!
There isn’t any furniture
Except for a rocking chair,
And there’s so much dust
It’s here, there everywhere!
The wallpaper curls down to the floor
The cobwebs touch your head,
The staircase is totally sagged
Till where it is lead!
At night you can hear giggling,
You van hear a spooky wail,
There is a gargoyle on the gate
Without any tail!
The fireplace is broken,
The mirrors are cracked,
There is a nest with prehistoric eggs,
That still hasn’t hatched!
The haunted house is really creepy
It will definitely scare you,
If you don’t believe me,
Stay in that, I DARE YOU!
Faazia Seyid, 5-A

If It Was

If winter was always sunny with snow,
If summer was not too hot.
If only our snowmen wouldn’t melt and go,
If our favorite food wouldn’t rot.
If only money grew on trees,
If no one had even a foe.
If we could play with the birds and bees,
If it was only so!
If there was nothing known as worry
If everyone were free,
If everyone believed in non-violence
If only there was equality.
If there was no sadness
If everyone were content.
If everyone had enough,
And there was nothing known as debt.
We all live under one sky
Let’s live for a good cause,
Peace, harmony and love forever
Just if, just if it was!
Kunal Dutta, 8-A


Things to do on Valentines Day
Come Feb 14th; keep it from being just another day. Here are something’s to do when love is in the air, with or without someone!
1) Buy yourself a heart shaped balloon from the sellers at the traffic-lights.
2) Rent a romantic movie and watch it at home (aww!!!)
3) Read your love life forecast. Who knows what your future holds?
4) Protest that it should be declared a National Holiday!!
5) Go to your window at midnight…and see who’s whistling outside… that’s your valentine!


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Parting Words

This year’s farewell class act was a brilliant show. We caught up with a few teachers and a lot of students from the outgoing batch of class twelve to find out what they thought!!
“I loved it, this batch is very special to me, and it was all for them” said Ms. Vijeta Choudhary, one of the star attractions as the chemistry teacher in the dance, ‘gori gori,’ Ms Krishma Handa on the other hand was transported back to the past,” It was brilliant. There was so much love between the batches that wasn’t there in our farewell. I’m missing my friends and farewell. It was great!”
Ms. Krishnan, who didn’t think she was portrayed well, thought it was “refreshing and very funny. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in months.”
“I’m speechless,” was all Karan Dewan said, after receiving the ‘Gods gift to children’ award.
Our very own Charlie Ashutosh commented that “It was good. The Saqi dance lived up to the expectations from the class”.
The imitations were undoubtedly the funniest, and the credit goes to Bharat Sethi for writing and directing that hilarious laugh riot. Everyone loved Ishan and Harshyla,
(except of course, not coincidentally the people being imitated)! Yaman Verma insisted that Arnav Sharma didn’t do a good job- Mr. know it all??- even as Sangini begged to differ. Raghav Sareen thought Bharat could have done a better job as him, and Zain Khan said,” I think Ishan forgot that his address is in the school directory!” Yet even he had to admit, “It was the perfect end to school life!”.
And the controversial question- was this years class act better than the last? Though all of them refused to go on record for fear of their existence, and Ritika Prasher vehemently argued that “our class act kicked *** and was much better”, many of them admitted to it being more fun!! Well the battle between classes will continue- what’s important is that a good show was put up, and enjoyed by all! Cheers!
Nitya Vaishnavi Singh


On the 3rd of Feb, students of class 12 went to the American Centre to watch a short film on AIDS titled “From Tia with Love”, which was directed by Mahen Sisodiya. It was a heartening experience and in those 15 minutes the film left a lasting impression. The film revolves around the life of a bright, young girl who becomes a victim of this pandemic .
Although the director had a sincere motive, a topic like this needed to be handled with much more depth. The acting was wooden and the movie lacked finesse.The film was followed by a discussion on the subject and many suggestions were put forward on how we can help spread awareness about AIDS. The victims need empathy and should not be discriminated against.As Shuchir Suri aptly ended it, “Everything in life should be positive, except for HIV”.
Mallika Sadh & Udit Vira


A Soldier’s Fate

The overhang was like a hood,
Shadowed what underneath it stood,
The shadow was cold and damp as a well
The man who emerged from it looked fresh from hell.
His eyes were sorrowful and full of hate
There he stood in a pitiful state,
His aging face was pale and cold
He looked upon the city gate
Which stood ages and ages old.
And then he heard something clinking loud
Swiftly then he turned around,
The horses’ hooves beat on the floor
As the army emerged from the barracks door.
He observed the army brave and bold
Then returned to the shadow damp and cold
He then sat down on the floor
And remembered how he had believed in wars galore.
He then saw a soldier full of fear
From the soldier’s eyes there fell a tear
The old man wheezed, ‘over here my son!
I can see it in your face;
The damage war has done.’
‘Do not ride to battle young youth,
I’ll tell you a tale (which is the truth!)’
The old man told him a story of war and how
It had affected his personality now.
‘War does terrible things to men!
See me how I hide in my den,
Stay here and protect your cattle
But please do not go to battle.’
He drew his sword and loudly cried
‘Into battle I will ride
They killed my family in the war
And on my heart they left a scar.’
The old man wept, ‘your family has not totally died
Your father he does still survive.’
By now the young soldier was too far away
To hear what the old man had to say.
Shaman Marya, X - B


On the 4th of February, the Class 12 students set out for a ‘Night Out’ organized by the A.A.A (Ashray Adhikar Abhiyan), an organization which looks into social issues prevalent in society. We assembled at 7 pm in school for an orientation. Soon after, we all were divided into five groups, and each group accompanied with a teacher and member of AAA departed for the various cardinal zones of Delhi-namely, North, South ,West , East and Central. We visited shelters and interacted with the homeless. The people we met were mainly rikshaw-wallahs, people abandoned by families or poverty-stricken people. There were separate sections for the men, women and children and the charges for one night were Rs. 6. The shelter was almost full and nearly everyone was asleep either on the floor or on the bunks provided by the shelter. What we got to see was rather disheartening, yet we were glad to know that at least the homeless had a place to stay. More than anything, we feel this entire experience was an eye-opener. Till now, we had a harness on our eyes. But now we realize that not everyone is blessed with a home and a hearth which they can call their own!
Rhea Maini, Alisha Berry


A team of students from five different schools across Delhi, collected at S.P.A.C.E. Centre before embarking for "Khoj", to look for the confluence point of 28000 latitude and 77000 longitude.
The students were divided into 2 teams that would race to find the confluence point, which lay in a field with the help of a G.P.S. It was proceeded by an interaction with the villagers of that place.
On the last day, the groups penned down their thought in an in existing manner, and the we climbed the Aravallis, to witness a spectacular view.
On the way back to Delhi, we stopped at a well to find out the pH value of water. All in all, it was an amazing trip!
Sanjana Mathur, VIII - A


Sunday, January 16th – Vasant Valley School organized a fund raiser in the form of a rock concert, in order to provide aid to the devastated tsunami victims. The show was indeed a success-along with rocking performances from noted bands/choirs and an electric atmosphere, the spirit of charity and goodwill associated with the event made it live up to its true purpose. And it would be wrong to say that it would have been possible without the contribution of each and every Vasant Valley student. Right from making posters to performing to even as much as selling or buying tickets, every student contributed to the show- which raised an amazing amount of Rs. 3.81 lakh! And on February 4th, Medha Basu, Farhad Colabavala and I had the privilege of personally handing over the cheque of that sum to Mr. Manmohan Singh at his residence for the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. Although the meeting was rather short, the PM’s words of gratitude were reason enough to make us all feel proud : “Thank you very much. I am very proud of you”. The experience gave us an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, and our heartfelt thanks go out to all the students, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. You have made a difference!
Arnav Sharma
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A Guide to Girl Talk

This is a list of common things girls say to their friends and what they actually mean :
Maybe = No
Tommorow = Never
I’ll tell you later = Yeah right!...maybe never
I’m busy = I’ve got better things to do..
No, nothings wrong with me = Hello!! I’m going through emotional turmoil.
No, no … he’s just a friend = Can’t you see I’m head over heels in love with him.
No , she’s such a wonderful person, I guess we can all be friends = NOT!!… she’s stealing you from me…I thought I was the only one.
So do I look okay ? = okay so…I look great, I know it and you better too… OR ELSE
Do what you want, its your decision = So one last time…Im used to getting things my way , so you better oblige.
Just leave me alone = I’m dying for you to comfort me.
It’s okay that you like him. I mean if that what makes you happy, friendship comes before love = Don’t you dare! Keep your paws OFF him .
Im sure he’s a nice guy , and I’m happy for you = as long as you keep him far far far away from me !!!
I never told anyone… don’t you trust me? = Oops!! I never told ANYONE, I told EVERYONE
We need to talk = You’re dead.
Arushi.Chak, Amba Kak
Nitya V. Singh, Mallika Sadh

KID OF THE WEEK- Avie Kakkar

NL: You have just come into Senior School, how does it feel?
AK: It feels really good. I feel like we have much more freedom here because we don’t always have teachers running around us. I also think that the studies are much easier! (Giggles)

NL: After being the senior most in Junior School how does it feel to be the junior most all over again?
AK: I can’t bully people anymore! (Laughs)…but otherwise I really like being the youngest again because Senior School is just so cool.

NL: Since you’re the youngest batch in Senior School, do you get bullied?
AK: Yes, I do get bullied sometimes but it’s all in good spirit. In any case, I’m not scared and I don’t mind it either because I used to bully others as well!

NL: How does it feel to be in the same school where your mother is also teaching?
AV: I don’t like to meet her at all! Because she’s always after me at home so I prefer not to meet her in school. (Giggles)

NL: What do you dream to do when you grow up?
AK: I actually want to do something in music because I like playing the guitar as well as the violin.

as told to Rhea Maini and Simrat Dugal


"Oh, a caesarian was ceasar's son..."
Pavee Raheja, Paternal instincts kicking in
"Whats the capital of Bangalore ?"
Gaurhari Sanghi, a little help in geography perhaps
"My bodies are smaller than my legs"
Aditya Khanna , setting new trends in biology ?
"What day is good Friday?"
Karanvir Singh, uhh duh!!
"The class 2 year olds fells down"
Mahi Titus confused with her grammar.
"Go to the basketball field"
Mr. Shukla , after all his experience in the P.E dept.
"I'm dying to death"
Radhika Chopra , somebody call emergency !!
Fishes "Paani mein doob gayi"
Baisakh chakrabarty, truly a Bengali
"I don't have eyes on my head"
Ms. Neelkanthan, confused anatomy!

Under The Scanner
A Cinderella Story

Starring: Hillary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge and Chad Michael Murray
Is life a fairytale? Well, it never was for 17 year old Sam McGomery (Hillary Duff)…What with no dad, an evil stepmom (Jennifer Coolidge) and awful step sisters bullying her all the time. Grieved by her life, Sam turned to cyberspace and met an understanding friend at a Princeton chat room. When she realized that her secret friend was the school’s most popular person, Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray), she felt he wouldn’t accept her. At the Halloween Dance, where Austin was set to meet her and learn her real identity, she was forced to flee before 12…And all that was left of her, was her cell phone (glass slipper) lying on the ground… The film has a weak storyline and Duff did not live up to her usual style of acting. As a whole it was an average show and the only people who made this film worth watching were Jennifer Coolidge and Chad Michael Murray. It was a mushy, candy sweet tale which was very predictable. So all in all it is not the type of movie to be a jackpot at the box office but a must watch for those people who miss their teens.
Ria Sen, 10-B

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Soumya Dasgupta, Mahi Titus, Jahan Adil Nargolwala, Tarunima Prabhakar
Diva Gujral, Akanksha Chawla, Ria Sen, Amba Kak, Arushi Chak, Saira Dayal, Arjun Srihari, Nakul Dev, Varini Sharma, Jagriti Seth, Saranya Mishra,
Svati Goyal, Rhea Maini, Simrat Dugal, Udit Vira, Nitya Vaishanavi Singh.

Mallika Sadh.