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A Good show at AES

On the 7th,8th and 9th of November there was a Forensics tournment organized at the American Embassy School. There were many schools taking part in this competition including GD Goenka, Shriram School, St Mary's School, British School and Mothers’ International School. There were 5 categories where a maximum of 5 students could take part from each school and each student could take part in 3 events. Each event had 3 rounds where one competed with many participants and after which only a handful would reach the Final Round scheduled on 9 November. 
The events included:
1.Impromptu speaking- 1 min preparation and 3-5 min speaking limit
2.Extemporaneous speaking- 30 min preparation and 5-7 min speaking limit
3.Duet acting- 5-7 min- prepared play
4.Original oratory- 5-7 min -prepared speech
5.Oral interpretation- 5-7 min rendering a piece of poetry or prose from literature.
Vasant Valley School had the second largest number of finalists after AES themselves (10 people)
Ashutosh Kumar -Impromptu, Extemporaneous
Ashwin Garg- Extemporaneous, Oral interpretation
Yaman Verma- Extemporaneous
Rohan Arora- Extemporaneous, Impromptu
Shivin Marya- Impromptu
Arjun Talwar and Farhad Colabawala- Duet acting
Ritwick Ghosh and Vrinda Sharma- Duet acting
On the day of the final Vasant Valley met fierce competition from AES and other schools but we were really good and secured the following places-

Ritwick Ghosh and Vrinda Sharma:
Duet Acting (first place)
Shivin Marya: Impromptu (third place)
Rohan Arora: Extemporaneous (third place)
Ashutosh Kumar: Impromptu (second place)

So overall the effort of the students was very commendable.
Ashutosh Kumar 
Class X-B

The Truth Behind Trust

'TRUST' - We know his word only for its truth, never being able to see the many lies its holds within. We make way for it, only by looking at how it manifests, but never at how it infests. We are blinded by it, not realizing that it is a crutch that will walk us right into the pitfall. It is the most protective shield but within the blink of an eye it can turn into the most treacherous weapon. 

Trust is nothing more than a mere illusion, an appealing sight which pleases the eyes, a gratifying sound which pleases the ears - a solacing image woven together and engendered by the mind which soothes that inner desperation to be able to confide in someone. And it is nothing more than this, because what the eyes see and what the ears hear is what the mind believes. 

Trust doesn't always mean truth. And if you think it does... look over your shoulder.

Arnav Sharma

Calvin and Hobbes                                                                                                Bill Watterson

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