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A dream come true

Roy was what you would call, the son of a typical 'cowboy'. He lived with his parents and younger sister on their ranch two miles north of Dallas, in Texas. Their land was dotted with the most magnificent chestnut coloured horses and chalk white sheep. Roy had been born and brought up on this ranch, and now fourteen and a half years later, he still loved it. He loved being around the horses, feeding them, grooming their manes, and tidying their tails. 

Everyday, he would get up at four o'clock, get ready and go outside to feed the horses. He usually left for school at about seven o'clock even though school only started at nine, because it took him two hours to get there. Roy was a good student academically; he got good grades, and was good at sports as well. 

He considered his life to be perfect well nearly, as there was only one thing missing. He had always wanted to be racecar driver, like Michael Schumacher, and watch the Grand Prix, live but in his town, no one was really interested in this and they didn't know much about it. 
It all began when his seventeen-year-old cousin, Steve had come down from Canada, a few years ago. Steve was crazy about racing, and had brought many posters, books and magazines to show Roy. Soon, Roy became a racing fanatic as well, but after Steve left, there was no one to talk to about racing and they didn't have a computer at home through which Roy could surf the Internet and learn more about his passion. There was only one town library, where the librarian didn't even know that something called the 'Grand Prix' existed and at home his parents did not know about driving anything else except for a ranch tractor! The only time that Roy ever got to learn a bit about his passion was on television every Sunday because that is when the world sports news was on, for exactly three and a half minutes. 

Roy and his sister Emma had always been told by their parents about how dangerous the machines on the ranch could be and ever since they had been little, they were told to stay away from them. One day, Roy was very frustrated as there had been nothing about Formula 1 racing on television all week and he was now desperate to drive a racer car even though he didn't know how to drive a normal car. His parents had gone out for a lunch meeting to the town Community center and Emma was at her friend's house working on a school project, so he was basically home alone. He was getting really bored, so he decided to go outside and check on the horses. Once he reached the stables, he saw that the tractor was parked right outside the door and that he wouldn't be able to enter the stables. At first, the idea of driving the tractor to clear the entrance, scared him a bit, but then he pictured Michael Schumacher racing away in his Ferrari. If Michael Schumacher could race on a Ferrari, he was sure that he could drive his tractor a few yards away. So, he got into the tractor, turned the engine on and started driving it. After a few seconds he though to himself, 'hey…this isn't that scary,' so he went faster and faster. Soon, the tractor was out of his control and it went BAM! Straight into a tree. 

The next time Roy awoke, he found himself on a hospital bed, with his hand in a sling and his face completely covered in bandages. He later learned that during the accident, his face had hit the wheel of the tractor and in the process got severely cut. His hand too, had got stuck in the door and had a fracture. After, the accident, Roy realized that it had been very careless of him to drive the tractor so fast. He decided that he would always listen to his parents as they had more experience with life. 

Roy was discharged from hospital in a few days. It was his birthday the following week, but his father gave him his birthday present in advance. It was a white envelope, with some papers in it. As Roy, read the papers his face began to glow! Each member of the community center was pooling in fifty dollars, so that they could buy Roy a ticket to go and watch the Grand Prix, in Monte Carlo! They felt bad for him and this would hopefully make Roy happy and would make him realize that driving was only for adults.

Avanti Birla
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