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"I've always loved animals, but not all. Well I have my own choices. I feel scared of some, I despise some but I respect them all. I want to save them all. I barely ever do something in fact." This morass of feelings is in most of us. 
It was late noon and about an hour before hobbies, the six of us, Natasha, Cara, Deeksha, Kashish and Shikhar along with Ms. Handa went on an awesome meet with animals to friendicoes. I hadn't ever been there but the way Cara and Natasha described it I could barely wait.
The moment finally came. We stepped into friendicoes and the world around me changed! My first three words "Oh My God!" I said in awe. The place was divided into three parts, full of dogs and cats. We were told which all of them we could touch and which ones we should stay away from. Those 15 minutes are unforgettable. We saw the cutest of dogs, cats, kittens and puppies I had ever seen. We played around with them. But all good things don't last for long and we had to leave. 
I'm so glad that people like Mr. Gautam (co-founder of friendicoes) are brightening up this world, a place full of gloominess, dark faced, morose and fast paced people who don't care about these things. I know it's hard but just imagine yourself in a world beyond materialistic things. You don't have to be an animal freak to visit a place like friendicoes. All of us have cars. Just drive down and help out or donate something. Respect nature and its creations. Celebrate life. 

Should Karntaka provide water to Tamil Nadu?

Yes: (27) - 87.10 %

No: (3) - 9.68%

Not Sure: (1) - 3.23%

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