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Vasant Valley shines in Sports

The Witch

The Boys Under -16 Soccer Team, led by Dhruv Mahajan, won the South Delhi Soccer Zonals. The Girls Athletics team did exceedingly well in the south Delhi Zonals.

Kamna Prem- Silver ( 200mts )
Malini Patnaik- ( silver ( 100mts )
Vikrant Sethi- ( Bronze- long jump )
Kamna Prem, Malini Patnaik, Sakshi Mahajan, Preanka Nirula, won the gold in 4x100mts (R)
Pratap Shaani, Chiranjeet Singh, Aditya S, Amit Khandaeparkar won the silver in 4x100mts

Megnaa Mehtta- Gold ( long Jump ), bronze ( 400mts )
Nisheeta Labroo- silver ( high jump )
Shagun Badhwar- Bronze ( 100mts )
Shagun Badhwar, Saachi P Singh, Megnaa Mehtta, Nisheeta Labroo won the gold in 4x100mts(R)

Sonal Marwah- Two golds ( 400, 800 ), silver ( high jump )
Saraswati Nayar- two silvers ( 100mts, long jump )
Ritika Prasher- bronze ( 100mts )
Prerna Gupta- two bronze ( 400mts, high jump)
Sonal Marwah, Prerna Gupta, Saraswati Nayar, Ritika Prasher won the gold in 4x100 mts (R )

They were awarded the best team in all categories
A few of them then went for the Inter-Zonals.
Under 16 Girls Category
Sonal Marwah was awarded the Silver medal in 800m
The team of Shagun Badhwar, Megnaa Mehtta, Saachi Preet Singh and Komal(other school) got the gold in 4 X 100 Relay
Under 14 category
The team of Sakhshi Mahajan, Malini Patnaik, Kamna Prem and Preanka Nirula got the bronze in 4X100m Relay
The inter-house basketball tournaments were played. Boys’ tournament was won by green house and red house won the girls’ tournament. 
The finals of the inter-house cricket tournament was played between Red and Green house. Green house emerged the winner with Dhananjaya Chak the man of the match.

Ashok Nayar and Rohan Arora

Nobody is perfect, I believe;
For our impurities, we all need a sieve.
Thus, from time to time, my flaws show, 
Sometimes to loved ones and these flaws even strangers know.
T'was not long ago that I discovered that, 
In me, like everyone, is a witch, waiting to be recovered.

This witch in me, that is wild as fire, 
This witch in me, that is obsessed with desire,
Yes, this witch in me, I do admire…
No matter what macabre pictures,
The word "WITCH" brings to my mind,
She is a part of me which has the power to bind…

But not always is this witch, a positive effect…
She is the cause for people to see my defect
The witch is responsible for the malaise
I, at times cause to people,
And she is the cause for
My smooth and still life to ripple…

When my life is rocky due to some element, 
I sit back and wait for her to give a cure for my ailment, 
But all I find is myself, feeling helpless and lonely. 
Fighting life alone, solely. 
Then where does she disappear - I wonder…
And she immediately echoes from within - I am a WITCH - REMEMBER!!!

Aditi Bahri, XI-B


Abhishek Narula, Ashish Aggarwal, Ashwin Garg, Anna Ahmed, Ashok Nayar, Ishaan Gupta, Mallika Singh, Mihika Acharya, Nikhil Awasty, Piya Kishore, Prerna Gupta, Rhea Bhattacharya, Rishab Sareen, Saumya Rana, Sheenum Kumar, Swati Sood, Vaneeka Talwar

Sports Desk: Varun Garg and Vikas Venugopal

Editor: Aatish Bhatia

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