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On Tuesday the 4th of July the Inter house Badminton Championship began. Matches are still going on and so the results are not out yet.

The Senior School Chess competitions is ongoing and will resume during the week.

Class IV went to the audio-visual room and watched short films on plant movement, germination and life in the forest, on Wednesday and Thursday(5,6 July).

Class VIII had a workshop on William Shakespeare's work over Wednesday, Thursday and Friday(5,6,7 July).

Class VIII visited the National Science Center (NSC) on Friday the 7th of July.Class XII students interacted with U.T.V. for a talk show being shot on Tuesday the 11th of July.

On Thursday the 6th of July Class IV had an interhouse Maths quiz.

On Saturday the 8th , there was a science quiz held at the Bookmark book shop. Dhruv Raturi and Shaman Marya came first. Yaman Verma and Vidhur Kaushish also took part.

On Monday, the 10th founders day coordinations had a meeting in the lunch break.

14 children from classes 5 till 8 visited the India Habitat Centre to see two Hindi plays called Farbharjhala and Roja Ka Chunav.

Class 8 had a workshop on Shakespeare conducted by Mrs. Bhela and Mrs. Narayan.

The girls basketball team defeated Blue Bells school at Carmel Convent. The score was 12-10.

There was an essay writing competition for classes 9-12 that took place on Wednesday in the library and the topics were-Man sometimes is responsible for his own fate, the fault is not in the stars but in ourselves that we are underlings. (Shakespeare)-Whoever said turn the other cheek did not live in the 21st century. -Every man asks for criticism but desires praise. ( Winston Churchill)

On Thursday, the girls basketball team lost to Carmel Convent. The score was 41-10.

On Friday, students of class 7 went to Akshay Pratishtan for social work and met Sachin Tendulkar.

Varun Wadhwa and Karan Vasudevan went for the Amit Verma golf tournament held at the Delhi Golf Club. Varun Wadhwa

stood first and Karan second. Congratulations!

Araddhya Mehtta and Meghna Mehtta were selected to try out for the Rajasthan state swimming team. Araddhya came in first in the 100/200m Breaststroke events and went on to represent Rajasthan in the Nationals. Araddhya claimed 10th position in 100m Breaststroke at the National Meet. Well Done!!

The Inter House English Parliamentary Debate will be held on 3rd August 2000 for classes 10, 11, and 12. Auditions will be held on 21st July, Friday. The motion for th audition is “UN must have a standing army”Please give in your names to Saloni Mira Rai Class 12-A

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