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17th August 2000 - Page 4


Both of them have been playing squash at a national level. Vasant Valley Today decided to catch up with them and find out a little about these two who have been quite active in the squash circuit

Vasant Vallet Today: When did you start playing Squash?
Karan and Dhruv:
Around 2-3 years back.
Dhruv: I started playing for the Doon school team about two years back though Karan started getting serious a year or so back.

VVT: What was your incentive to play?
My Uncle was a national player and to get me off to a start he gave me three Prince rackets.
Dhruv: I wanted to represent Doon School, which made me keen about the sport.

VVT: Who are your Idols?
I think the player who has truly inspired me is Jonathan power from Canada.
Dhruv: I think Jahangir Khan who represents Pakistan, is by far the greatest ever. He did not lose a match for a record of 5 years!!

VVT: What are your present rankings and what internatinal experiance and wins do you have?

Karan: I am currently No.2, in the National rankings in the Under-15 age group. I was also the runner up at the Singapore Open.
Dhruv: No.10 in the Under 17 age group. I recently won the Milo Open.

VVT: What were your most prestigious moments?
I think it was when I beat my most dreaded rival Vikas Ghanghura. On of the most exciting moments though was when I physically assaulted my opponent because he was constantly irritating me!
Dhruv: I was happiest when Doon School won the Inter School Competition (IPSC).

VVT: What is your ambition?
To win the British Open
Dhruv: To win the Australian Open.

Aatish Bhatia
Shivan Marya

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