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17th August 2000 - Page 1

The Inter House Science Quiz for class IX-XII was held on Tuesday the 8th of August. Yellow House emerged the winners with 85 points, but Red House gave them a tough fight with 75 points. The Science Department thanks Class XII for successfully conducting the quiz.

Bal Bharti School Pusa Road hosted an Extempore Debate organized by Discovery Channel on Tuesday the 8th of August. The school was represented by Avni Birla and Ritwick Ghosh. Ritwick qualified for the City Finals but failed to secure a position there.

The Inter House Music Competition 2000 was held on Wednesday the 10th of August. The results are as follows:
Group Song Category: Red House
Solo Instrumental (String/Wind):               Madhav Kaushish/Blue House
Solo Instrumental (Percussion): Sonam          Mahajan/Green House
Solo Vocal Male: Kunal Sharma/Green              House
Solo Vocal Female: Jaya Sharma/Green              House
Overall Trophy: Green House

Results - Badminton Ladder:
Boys Sr.: Bharat Lal Seth - Red
Girls Sr.: Tanya Kewalramani - Blue
Boys Jr.: Raghav Sareen - Blue
Girls Jr.: Aparna Dua - Blue

The school celebrated Independance Day on the 15th of August. This issue concentrates on India, its future, its people and its traditions.

On Wednesday, the 7th of August, Ms. Meera Pandit, of the legendary Pandit family in Gwalior, judged the Inter-House Indian Music Competition. She also performed for all of us on stage. Her voice is unique to Indian Music, as not only does it have tremendous power and clarity, but it also stretches over an extraordinarily wide range of three octaves. Ms. Pandit is sixth in the unbroken lineage of musicians in the legendary Pandit family of Gwalior Gharana. She has been trained since childhood, first by her grandfather Pt. Krishnarao Pandit, and then by her father and guru Pt. L.K. Pandit. She gave her first performance when she was seven years old, and since then her voice has continued to enthrall and amaze. On her shoulders lie the hopes of over 200 years of old family tradition. In a brief interview with Vasant Valley Today, she speaks about her career, achievements and gives us a few words of wisdom.
VVT: What inspired you to get into music?
Meera Pandit:
I feel that music itself is so powerful that it draws you in. You don't need a person to inspire you; music can do that for you.
VVT: When did you feel most proud in your entire career?
Well I am not one to feel very proud, but I would say that one of my happiest moments was when my debut album came out. But I feel most happy when I have performed exceptionally and the audience cheers. All that I want is for people to enjoy my music.
VVT: We have heard that you have been awarded many prestigious titles and awards. Could you please mention a few of them for us?

1. The Golden Voice of India- by the Singers Society of India-          1989
2. Sur-Mani by Sur Singar Samsad     1992
3. Excellence in Music Award- by         St. Maryıs and Lady Shri Ram         College- 1992, 1995
4. Pt. Nikhil Banerjee Smriti Award- Sangeet Bhavan, Lucknow- 1998

5. Yuva Ratna- 1999
6. Full Circle Inner Flame Award- I.K. Gujral- 1999
(She is also an A-graded artist for A.I.R. and Doordarshan, and also features on other television channels)VVT: You have frequently traveled abroad for music performances and seminars. What is it like to perform abroad in contrast to performances in India?
MP: My performances abroad were enchanting experiences. The people reacted to my songs with great admiration and respect. I am sorry to say that in India we lack self-control. There even of they didn't enjoy my
VVT: What advise do you have for those of us who are interested in Indian music?
I feel that if you truly are interested in Indian Music and have talent, then you should nourish this talent in a serious way. Singing without training or practice what I like to term as bathroom singing. If you are interested, I suggest you specialize in Indian Music, and work with your Indian Music teacher.
VVT: What do you feel about the standard of Indian Music in our school?
As I said on stage, there has been an extraordinary improvement in Indian music in the last two years. Most of the participants in today's performance have worked extremely hard and I can see that they have great talent. I am impressed by the performances of the students, and wish them good luck in they wish to take advantage of these talents.
Thank you, Ms. Pandit. It has been a pleasure interviewing you, and we wish you the best of luck in upcoming performances.
Aatish Bhatia
Shivan Marya

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