17th September 2004

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Monday 6th of September

Inter House Mathematics Quiz for Class XI was held. Red House won, with a team comprising of Rishab Sareen, Pranshu Sharma, Avanti Birla and Vijay Venkateish.
A letter writing competition in hindi was held for classes
6- 10.
An Inter House Word Quiz was held for class 5. Green House won the quiz.

Wednesday 8th of September

Class 12 attended a talk on yoga titled ‘Inner Engineering’ given by Swami Saran ji from the Esha Foundation.
The Inter House Social Studies quiz was held for class 5. Green House won.
The Inter House Maths quiz for class 12 was won by Red House. The team members were Yaman Verma, Swati Sood, Shashank Jain and Aditya Rajan.

Thursday 9th of September

Eminent poet Mr. Ashok Chakradhar read his poems to children and motivated them to express themselves in poetic form.
The Inter House Science quiz for class 3 was won by Red House.
The Inter House Maths quiz for class 5 was won by Blue House.
Inter-House debate for classes XI and XII was held. Blue House came first with Ashutosh Kumar (Class 12) being adjudged Best Speaker. Yaman Verma (Class 12) came second and Abhik Ghosh (Class 12) came third.

Friday 10th of September

A basketball match between VVS Team and VVS Alumni was held, the VVS Team won 74-63.

Saturday 11th of September

Abhik Ghosh and Chaitanya Murti (Class 12) participated in the Quiz held at the Scindia School, Gwalior.

Monday 13th of September

‘Hindi Saptah’ celebrations started with the Pustak Mela for class 7. Many hindi books were on display.

Tuesday 14th of September

Mr. Prabhu Dayal Khattar , an eminent author visited school for a story-telling session with classes VI to X.
‘Just A Minute’ (in Hindi) was held for classes VI to X. Winners will be announced shortly.

Inter School Multimedia Contest

The 3rd Vasant Valley Multimedia Competition took place on the 10th of September, 2004. The event was contested by 15 schools not only from Delhi but also from Ajmer, Dehradun, Gwalior etc. Unlike previous years, this time the schools had to send their files in by the 8th of September, and make the final presentation in the school itself. Despite the initial confusion the contest eventually got off to a great start.
The topic this year was Social Issues in Biotechnology. All schools enthusiastically presented the labour of the previous 4 hours. The result were some great presentations such as those of Springdales Pusa Road who came first, The Doon School a close second and Vasant Valley School, third.

The Winners

The First Runners Up

The Second Runners Up

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Does nobody feel the endless pain?
Does all the suffering go unnoticed?
Long has gone the race of kings,
When men knew pity, love and compassion.

And out of the depths of evil’s darkness,
Men arose like a plague on earth,
Like destruction’s minions they spread chaos and devastation,
Leaving in their wake the ravaged remains.

But still some stand as fixed as pillars,
Their hearts shine forth like the Northern Star,
These are the rare diamonds in the rough,
Who make up the remnants of a forgotten race.

They alone feel man’s unquenchable thirst,
To live as brothers in harmony,
To experience the bliss of man’s eternal gift,
The endowment yet bane of life on earth.

When will the hatred and carnage subsude,
When will peace reign supreme on earth,
And when will the inextinguishable flame of love,
Be rekindled in man’s cold heart of stone.

Man has forgotten his pact with nature,
Like a loving gardener nature tended her garden,
But the weeds materialized too fast to control,
Now the gardener lies depleted and exhausted.

In the face of all this destruction,
Stand the men of noble race,
Staring back at the sorrow,
With determination and faith.

But do these men of utmost faith,
Stand unaided and desolate,
Or lie behind them an endless army,
Of prisoners stuck in a ravaged earth.

Deep down in the depths of our heart,
Lies a pent up shadow of virtue,
Eager to come to the surface,
And join the losing battle.

Thus we shall fight,
And fight to the death,
For we’re never alone,
As long as faith is on our side.

By Arjun Srihari

Editorial Board

Yaman Verma, Rhea Maini, Saranya Misra, Jaagriti Seth, Varini Sharma,
Svati Goyal, Nakul Dev, Arjun Srihari, Akanksha Chawla, Shiv Nath Katariya, Saira Dayal

Sports Desk

Rohan Arora

Ashotosh Kumar


"I'm turning over a new brick..."
Pratap Shahani, showing the foundations of his language

"Where is Mumbai High?"
Sakshi Chopra, a little confused about Geography?

"If I don't change the bandage everyday, my wound will become skeptic!"
Bhavik Singh, sceptic about septic.

"What's Satan?"
Sanya Mahajan, Satan's not going to like that one!

VVS At The Soccer Zonal

As all of you would have noticed the zonal were held in our school grounds. VVS was playing 4 teams in all the categories.
We got a bye in the first round which set up a clash with Guru Harkishan Public School in the second. It was the first time we were playing in front of the school and the noticeably empty stands didn’t help our confidence at all. It resulted in us trailing GHPS 1-0 at the half time break. But the thought of losing in our own field resulted in us taking the game back to GHPS. A brilliant grounded shot from Karan Dewan resulted in the keeper making a mess of the shot and allowing the ball to hit the back of the net. 1-1 and a comeback was on the cards. The second goal came in exactly the same fashion.
But this time the ball sailed through the air and dipped suddenly leaving the keeper flailing around like a fish out of water. 2-1 to VVS and all we wanted to do was remove the game from the reach of GHPS. Gobind Singh Tandon seemingly felt left out of the party we seemed to be having and joined the fun with a Hatrick of stunning goals. 5-1 to VVS. Well Done…
Our Quarter Final match was against Modern School Vasant Vihar. The final score of 1-0 showed in no way how much we actually dominated the match.
Our semifinal match was against Army Public School. The match was fiercely contested. Gobind Singh Tandon broke the deadlock late in the second half and a win was in the air. Then a defensive error resulted in APS leveling the match and penalties were on the way. We eventually lost on the penalties, the tournament slipping through our fingers like sand on an outstretched palm.

Mount Saint Mary’s Tournament

We found ourselves in a fairly tough pool for the first round in this year’s Mount Saint Mary’s Tournament. Our first match was a rain soaked encounter with Lakshman Public School. We dominated possession and had numerous shots on goal but it was just one of those days when nothing seemed to be going our way. We lost 1-0 but the scoreline was in no way a correct reflection of the way the match was played. Our second match was against MNNS Rai. The club had won the tournament last year and were favourites this year as well. We played out of our skins and ended up winning 2-1. Both goals, almost identical originating by some fleet footwork by Karan Dewan, followed by a deadly through ball and some brilliant finishing from Gobind Singh Tandon. The victory meant that all we had to do to go through to the next round was to beat Army Public School. And that we did. A solitarygoal from Gobind was all we needed to go to the next round.
Our Quarter Final match was against The Air Force School. Nine out of eleven players played for the Sri Fort team so we knew we had our task cut out for us. The match started as a closely fought battle but soon TAFS class showed when they opened the scoring. We tried as hard as we could but Lady Luck seemed to have deserted us on that morning.
Two deflections resulted in own goals with VVS finally losing by a score of 3-0.
One consolation we later found was that Rai beat TAFS in the Finals of the tournament.

Rohan Arora, 12-C