18th March 2005

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Monday, 14th Feb: Monthly tests began. Some students went for SPACE Art Competition at the Planetarium.
Tuesday, 15th Feb: Class VII had a talk on Wildlife. Class VIII had a Hindi Handwriting Competition. Classes IX-XII had a Social Studies Symposium.
Wednesday, 16th Feb: Class VIII visited an Art Exhibition. Class XII had a workshop on Engineering Drawing. Foundation had a picnic at Vasant Vatika.
Friday, 18th Feb: Monthly tests finished. Class IV had a Kabaddi match. Classes XI-XII left for their Adventure Camps.
Saturday, 19th Feb: Classes III-VIII left for their Adventure Camps.
Thursday, 24th Feb: School reopened.
Friday, 25th Feb: ‘Psynergy’ Symposium for teachers
Monday, 28th Feb: Science day, Science Quiz and Release of Science Magazine. Classes XI & XII went for a seminar on Biotechnology.
Tuesday, 1st March: Class V visited Humayun’s Tomb and Radhika Chand’s Exhibition at India International Center. Class VIII had a Tatkal Pratyogita.
Wednesday, 2nd March: Class VIII visited Ugrasen ki Baoli. Some Students of classes IX & X met the author of ‘17 Tomatoes’.
Thursday, 3rd March: Class III visited the monuments of Delhi.
Friday, 4th March: Class V visited the Crafts Museum.

Science Quiz 2005

Every Year on the 28th of February, some of the smartest in Vasant Valley battled it out and tried to make their respective houses wear the title of Science Quiz champions. And indeed, the Science Quiz 2005 was no exception. The first round went off well and it was a pretty close contest with all the houses fairing well. Green House blew the competition away.
Very “out of the ordinary” questions were asked, giving the contestants a “good” time racking their brains. As usual the audience bore the quiz (five minutes more and riots would have broken out) and waited in eager anticipation for the results.
Green got the gold with 60 pts and Blue got 2nd with 45 pts. The “enthusiasm” of the contestants and the “awareness” of the audience was great. This quiz was “one of a kind”.

Five TV PROGRAMS we can definitely do without:
1. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi - enough of the glycerine!!
2. Baywatch - intellectuality please!
3. Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin- get a makeover and get over with it!!!
4. Super Singer - not another boring talent hunt
5. Bold and the Beautiful - Is there anything left for the Forester's to do?????


Our camp to Uttarkashi will always hold a particular nostalgia for our entire batch, simply as it holds the unparalleled position of being our last.
After a tedious, 7 hour-long bus journey, we arrived at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), where we were to stay for the next few days, nestled in a reserved forest on the mountain side. After lunch we were divided into patrols and then attended a lecture on backpacking. But what made us take off our caps unfold our hands, sit up straight and pay attention was the welcome note speech by Col.Abbey where we were told the rules of camp and mountaineering- which gave a few of us the feeling of a concentration camp- no hot water, being late is unforgivable, lights off at ten etc. - and left a few excited about the adventures to follow.
The activities at this camp were perhaps the most interesting. We woke up everyday at about 5.30 in the morning (some woke up earlier out of nervousness and fear of getting up late!) and put on layers of warm clothing. The first day we had a tiring yet exhilarating uphill trek to our camp at Tekla, after which we all hogged breakfast! In the afternoon we had rock climbing, which was a bit tough and led to quite a few scraped knees, rappelling which was fun and bouldering which was the most challenging since there was no rope!! The next day our activities were fantastic!! After a short trek we reached a place where we had stream crossing. Those of us who went through the water and got totally drenched had the best time and surprisingly felt warm after coming out of the freezing water! After a bus journey and another short trek we reached a place close to Nachiketa Taal where there was snow. Snowball fights, numb fingers, sliding and ending up with wet backsides that ensued: it was all so much fun!! We reached back at NIM in the evening and there was a “camp fun night” organized, that didn’t really kick off and most of us ended up at the café or in our rooms chatting or cracking up, generally enjoying ourselves. The artificial wall climbing the next morning, was a tough and exhilarating activity, while making knots was challenging too!!
All in all we enjoyed our selves despite the strict rules, cold weather, tiring activities, and fear of losing things which we would have to pay for!! It was the most unique camp we have been to and certain aspects will always be a part of our memories… Col. Abbey…the teachers… the snow fights… river crossing… whining and complaining… the café…petrol and kerosene… mess tins…aloo paranthas at the dhaba…singing in the bus… but most of all… KIWI BAGS!!!

Nitya Vaishnavi Singh

Class 12 ready to leave with fond memories

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Valentine’s Day poem to Mom

I heard a peacock’s voice that was so beautiful
But not as beautiful as yours.
I saw the sun shining bright as a pearl
But not as bright as you.
I heard the bird’s chirping and singing
But not as sweetly as you.
I heard the dog’s barking and I thought they were fighting,
Why war? If they had been friends, it would have been a great feast.
Who made the sea so beautiful? He made you the most beautiful
And that is God.
We can go through dark fears
Because we are in the protection of the Lord.
I feel the wind in my heart
I feel your love in my soul….
Ricky T. George, II B

The Tsunami Sadness

The Vasant Valley School,
Is so cool,
They held a concert,
To help the tsunami victims who were hurt.
And rub out their fears,
By wiping their tears.
We should be happy that we are safe,
From the huge disastrous wave.
All the people said their last goodbye,
Among the big hue and cry.
Many people drowned,
And most of them weren’t found.
Many animals could sense these disasters,
But nobody counted them as the masters.
All of them were not poor,
Some of them were rich, yes they were.
Soon all their fears will disappear,
And we wont see a single more tear.
Rohan Lal V-C & Viraj Nanda V-B

The Good, the Bad and
the Ridiculous

Sometimes you may ask yourself what superstitions are,
Well believe me my friend, the answer isn’t far!
A superstition is just, a saying or belief,
That can bring some happiness, and bring some grief.
Let me give an example, a very common one,
Not one of those bad luck ones, but a very lucky one.
‘To find a four leaf clover is to find good luck.’
You think I’m going to mow the lawn just to count and pluck!
‘At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold.’
Well getting to the entrance is hard enough I’m told!
‘Garlic keeps evil spirits and vampires away.’
It also keeps your friends far away from you all day.
Now I think that is enough, good luck for one day.
Time to explore the world of bad luck, what do you say?
Let’s start with a belief that everybody knows,
Some even slept through the day, when the sun doth arose.
‘Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day.’
Quite a bit of nonsense, I must say!
‘If you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck,’
As if I didn’t have enough of it with you telling me this stuff.
So you see what I’m talking about, about this stuff called luck,
It just doesn’t matter so forget about it, cheer up!
Soumya Dasgupta IX-A

Letter To The Editor

XII-B, 16th Feb ‘05
Vasant Valley School
Respected Ma’am
Sub- Misquoted Words in popular ‘Busted’ column.
In the issue of Vasant Valley Today dated 14th Feb ’05 on page 4, the Busted column has wrongly quoted words of Pavee Raheja.
I must compliment you that your board has developed good imagination and its creativity is at its peak. I must advise to tell them to write poems and story classified “fiction” and not use it to soothe their personal grudges and target people.
Any form of media must take responsibility for their actions and information they provide. A genuine magazine must confirm their sources and not publish a creative part of their imagination to please their readership. It is very important to realize the needs of the following ethical practices. In the “real” world this could lead to big problems.
I advise you to rectify your board and take necessary actions in the future and publicly apologize.
Yours sincerely,
Pavee Raheja


Dear Pavee,
We appreciate your enthusiasm in the improvement of our newsletter, and we are thankful for the letter you wrote. Our creativity lies in our articles and not in the “Busted” column,- where we simply report some of the bloopers made by our ‘readership’.
We completely believe in your ideas of a “responsible media”, and that is why we double check our information before the newsletter is printed.
The busted column is not intended to hurt anybody’s sensibilities. You must understand that this must be taken in good spirit. The busted column does not question anyone’s intellect; it reports “slips of the tongue” which can be made by anyone.
If we did hurt your sensibilities, we apologize.



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Class 6 Camp at Shivpuri

We reached our campsite at Shivpuri after a long and tedious journey. Little did we know the fate that awaited us. On the first morning we woke up and were made to exercise. After that we had a hearty breakfast, and then set off on a rafting journey. Even though we had done the same rapids last year, we still enjoyed them thoroughly. We then did other activities like the “Flying Fox”, “Burma Bridge” and “Twin Towers” which we had so much fun doing. Later on we sat around the bon-fire, laughing at imitations, shuddering at the scary stories, and just had plain simple fun. The next morning we went trekking, and we noticed the beauty of nature all around us; the trees, the mountains and the streams. After returning to the campsite we had lunch, and then went rafting again. On the last day we reluctantly packed our bags, and embarked on our journey home. The memories of this camp will always bring a smile to our faces.
Mallika Pal 6-C

Class 7 getting ready for a Trek

Class 7 Camp at Dehradun

When we got to know that class 7 was going to Dehradun for camp, we were all very disappointed. We thought that “Drabdoon” was going to be dull and boring, but it turned out to be something completely different. We reached Dak Pathar (our campsite) by the evening, and were served an early dinner. This was followed by a bon-fire where the camp captain told us about “ghosts” in the area. The next day we went kayaking, rock climbing and trekking. The highlight of the day was the trek, where we had to navigate our way using a map, a compass and clues. The next night we were taken to a “haunted house”!!! It was pitch dark and as soon as we entered the house, we saw a fleeting figure in white. Just then we heard a thumping sound, which made us all scream and run away. This resulted in a mini stampede, but the camp coordinators tried to calm us down by telling us that it was just a prank that they had played on us. That night we just couldn’t sleep, because we all were scared out of our wits. This was one scary adventure none of us will ever forget, and a camp that will remain embedded in our memories forever.
Sanjana Malhotra 7- B

Camp Diary- Sattal

This camp was one that will remain in the memory of my batch all through school. No one was prepared for an overnight train journey in which we had to wake up the next day at 5 a.m. to go for another ride again in a bus! When we reached the camp site we were briefed on the camp, and some basic rules before being allotted our tents. After we got settled in we were called for an assembly where we were divided into 5 groups, each group doing different activities. Kayaking, river crossing, trekking, rappelling and rock climbing were the main activities. While there, we were taken to a dried up lake which they converted into a full length soccer pitch! We were then, divided into two groups and were taken to the haunted lake, where we heard two stories that were told by the camp staff, which scared some people so much, that others became deaf from one ear. An activity which I really enjoyed was a lunch hunt in a village. We had to divide ourselves into groups of 3 and were given a clue. Once we got the clue, we would have to go to the nearby village and ask around about the clue so that we could find our host for lunch. The lunch was amazing and of course we realized a lot of things, one being that we should consider ourselves lucky, because these villagers can’t choose their own calling in life. On the last day, we went to a spectacular waterfall where we had a lot of fun splashing around in the water, and with that camp came to an end. Some people were glad, some people were sad; others were just relieved to be back. But altogether it was an awesome experience.
Soumya Dasgupta, IX A

Class 9 Monkey Business

Class 10 Rafting down the Alaknanda

The Trip to Camp Panther

Kids greeted each other with excited shrieks at 5:30 am on Saturday the 19th of February. Yet another camp was a few hours bus journey away. We tried to make the long journey shorter by cracking jokes and other such shenanigans. When we arrived at Camp Panther, our spirits sank as it was announced that instead of getting the rest we deserved, after a 9-hour trip, we were to go trekking. Fortunately the walk was not too long and we made our way back to camp (with wet and numb feet after crossing a shallow part of the river), exhausted but happy. However, camp is a time when there is a sort of a unity in a class and class 8 can definitely be proud of itself in that field. Every person who was homesick, ill or crying (there was a lot of crying) was comforted to the best of the class’ ability. We enjoyed the rafting and the rappelling that we participated in, divided into two groups. We also were grateful at being given some time to spend as we liked. Thus, even though this camp had its ups and downs for most of us it was one of the most exciting and memorable experiences whose memory we will cherish all our lives.
Sara Chatterjee & Megha Chawla

Camp Diary: Alaknanda Rafting Expedition Class 10

When I think of this years adventure camp, I think water, lots of it … I think rapids, the kind before which you feel the need to say goodbye to your near and dear… I think cold .Not the kind of cold we feel in Delhi, all decked up in sweaters, but the kind when your just in a t-shirt and a life jacket drenched in cold water. But no, this was no Nazi camp even if I may have given that impression. The camp was great fun and we just didn’t want it to end. So, after an overnight train journey, where most of us got NO sleep, we took a bus ride to our camp site, and realized later this was our our base only for a day. After which we packed off on our rafts on a rapid filled journey down the Alaknanda river.
We even had a "SURVIVAL" night, and for those of you who scoff at the name we had to set up camp from scratch on an untouched beach… we even took turns to collect wood for our own bonfire ! We reached Devprayag thereafter, the meeting point of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi river and travelled further on all the way to Shivpuri travelling rapids like Daniel’s Dip and Three Blind Mice among others which provided us all adrenaline rush. All in all what seemed like a formidable journey in the freezing cold turned out to be a rocking, and exciting time for all of us. Would I go again? Without a second thought.
Amba Kak
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KID OF THE WEEK- Raghav Sonkar

Raghav Sonkar presently studying in Class 12 joined Vasant Valley in Class 11. He has settled in splendidly and is enjoying being a part of the Vasant Valley family. Raghav is a part of the "Second Chance" Home run by an NGO and has also taken part in important activities, like the Yamuna trip. Excerpts from an interview with Raghav:
NL: You shifted from a government school to Vasant Valley School. How does it feel?
RS: It feels absolutely great! I really like this school as we as can take part in so many activities and sports, like the Yamuna Trip and the trip to the Hero Honda factory. There are many more opportunities here and academically also, it is much better.
NL: What do you do after you get back home from school?
RS: Oh! I have a lot of fun. I go home eat something, then go out and play with my friends and we have a lot of fun! After that, I finish my homework and study too. At night, I watch my favourite programmes on TV.
NL: What role do you play in the "Second Chance Home"?
RS: My role is basically, to interact and make friends with the new children who come to the "Second Chance Home". I make sure that they have all that they need and make them feel more at home.
NL: What do think about the students and teachers at Vasant Valley?
RS: The students here are really nice and kind. I feel the teachers here are great! They are always on time for each class and are very involved in the respective subjects, unlike my old school.
NL: Is there anything which you haven’t liked about Vasant Valley?
RS: (thinks... giggles) well, not really. The only thing I don’t like the way everyone eats here. The classes are always messy and food is thrown all around. Also, I think it is rude when students chew gum during class.
NL: And finally, what do you want to do when you grow up?
RS: I haven’t decided… but I certainly want to involve myself with some social work with kids… that would be great!
As told to Rhea Maini

Under the Scanner Indian Idol: The Grand Finale

Months ago, Indian Idol was launched in India… Millions queued up for auditions, waiting for a chance to live their dream and get a recording contract (the ultimate ticket to superstardom)... Some came away jubilant but many came away rejected .A take off from American Idol, this is the first show in India to be judged by the people! The show was further spiced up by the bluntness of the judges (Anu Malik, Farah Khan and Sonu Nigam) in rejecting the ‘not so gifted’ candidates. Indian Idol has definitely proved that we have a goldmine of talent here in India. But after all the excitement, emotion, drama and action, after all the smoke cleared- it was Abhijeet Sawant who emerged the winner following a gruelling battle against Amit Sana. Congratulations to the first ever Indian Idol!
Ria Sen 10-B

Shivangi Sahni, 12-B


“Do you have a cash card?”
“No, I have a prepaid.”
Avanti Birla, truly knowledgeable.
“I’m going to go home and have a HOT chilled bath!”
Shivangi Sahni, a little dazed after camp?
“Did you go snowing?”
Manavi Bhardwaj, some climatic issues perhaps?
“The assassinator killed him!”
Utkarsh Kanoria, throwing some light upon the assassination.
“The water is drowning!”
Surya Vir Dev, showing off his common sense.
“I was born on my birthday!”
Jai Juneja….We would have never known!
“Neither do I read music nor do I listen to books”
Dhruv Kochhar, an astonishing example of true talent.
“Do you have a sony ericsson?”
“No I have Hutch. “
Medha Basu, seriously?????
“My time was better than hers in standing broad jump!!!!”
Shivangi Sahni, remarkable achievement.

The Little Terrorist
- a film by Ashvin Kumar

Even though The Little Terrorist may not have won an Oscar it surely has won the hearts of a million. It happened to be a bit closer to home as our very own Megnaa Mehtta starred in it.
The movie is about Jamal (a Pakistani boy) who is playing cricket on the border when his ball happens to wander into no man’s land which is filled with land mines. While he searches for his ball the Indian army officials spot him and mistake him for a terrorist. But Jamal manages to get away from them with the help of a village school master and his niece Rani (Megnaa). In the still of the night he returns to his mother back in Pakistan. The time he was in India, he deals with certain aspects of discrimination practiced by the school master and his niece against him just because he was a Muslim.
Megnaa has done a brilliant job portraying a Brahmin girl who lives in a small village and was brought up being taught discrimination.
And even as real politics raises its ugly head, innocent laughter of the young, fills the air. This is telling denouement of unwanted animosity.
Aishani Gupta X B

Editorial Board

Soumya Dasgupta, Mahi Titus, Jahan Adil Nargolwala, Tarunima Prabhakar,
Diva Gujral, Akanksha Chawla, Ria Sen, Amba Kak, Arushi Chak, Saira Dayal,
Arjun Srihari, Nakul Dev, Varini Sharma, Jagriti Seth, Saranya Mishra, Svati Goyal, Rhea Maini, Simrat Dugal, Udit Vira and Nitya Vaishanavi Singh.

Mallika Sadh