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18th September 2001 - Page 2

C o l o u r s


Little Johnny was in church with him mom for Sunday Mass when he suddenly felt nauseous. 
"Mom, I think I'm going to throw up!" 
She told him, "I want you to run outside as fast as you can. Run across the lawn and go behind the bushes. You can throw up behind the bushes and nobody will see you." 

So Little Johnny bolted for the door. Less than a minute later, he returned to his seat next to his mom. He had the look of obvious relief on his young face. 
"Did you make it all the way to the bushes, Johnny?" 
"I didn't have to go that far, mom. 
Just as I got to the front door, I found a box that had a sign on it: FOR THE SICK.'' 

The ebony night engulfs our world
In a raven soot, in a twist and curl
As the Earth moves round; the violet haze
Shines across its side to prevail a tale
Of a day on our mother earth
Filled with life and the colors of mirth
We watch the horizon and gaze in surprise
From the birth of a day to its very demise
Look at the sky, my friend, and see

Come my friend and see how
The flushed and pale sun inches further
Scattering its resilient ivory smother
And in a little while the sky turns azure
The Sun turns lemon bleach for sure
The verdant trees move up towards the sky
An emerald, olive, sea green and lime
Life moves on through the chalky day
The green grass to golden hay
Be enchanted,
just like me…..
As the
sun appears
in a
The day comes to a close a cinnamon tan
The earth turns bronze across its span The chestnut mahogany deepens readily
As the sun 
as if bowing in penance
It shows us its rosy wear
Its crimson spread, its scarlet hair
The sky turns a brilliant ruby
At least that's what it seems to be
See a peach and saffron blur
Like a tawny orange splur
The day begins as of now
goes down rather steadily
It turns into an abyssal blue
The sun disappears an astute hue
That is all I can say
Because, my friend, that is the end of the day!

Aditya Basu 

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