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Vasant Valley                 

19th August, 1999 ISSUE 7   T  O   D  A   Y  




Handwriting ANALYSIS












Two speakers, Puja Mukerji and Amararjun Nirula represented our school in the Mothers International Extempore Competition, on Friday the 13th. The topic was given to them when they reached the venue and they claimed fifth position.



On Wednesday, the 11th of August, our school sent a team of 26 members to the 3rd Annual Discovery Channel Quiz. In the Senior Section Sarang Kanchan and Nikhilesh Chand came sixth while in the junior section, Zain Khan and Aditya Sheshamni claimed 4th position.


An elocution competition was held on the 10th of August for classes IX and X. First place was secured by Piya Kishore of Class IX-C and Shruti Sharma came in second. X-B was adjudged the best class.


Ms. Malini and Kamalini, two Kathak dancers performed along with their Guru Jitendra Maharaj for our Class Activity on Friday.

A friend recently presented me a copy of a book called "Handwriting Analysis: Putting It To Work For You", written by Andrea McNichol. It was unfortunately not the latest John Grisham thriller. But as I soon discovered, in its own way, it was almost as good!

Graphology (or handwriting analysis for the uninitiated), is actually a very fascinating subject. The basis for graphology is that our handwriting reflects our personality traits. Analysis of people’s handwriting can actually tell us a great deal about them. It indicates whether a person is expressive and emotional or introverted and inexpressive, whether they’re lying or telling the truth and even if they have a "maniacal streak" in them. It can tell us whether a person has a high I.Q, is a compulsive criminal, is emotionally unstable and even as much as if he or she has suicidal tendencies!

Something as mundane as the degree of slant in your handwriting can reveal a lot about your handwriting. For instance, if your handwriting slants to the right side, it indicates that you are an emotional and expressive person. But if it slants to the left, it would mean the exact opposite. An extreme right side slant indicates mental and emotional instability and capriciousness. If the upper part of the d’s are heavily pressured and slant to the extreme right, it would mean that the person has a maniacal streak!!

And if you think this is just a far-fetched and exaggerated theory, take a look at the author’s credentials. Andrea McNichol studied graphology at Sorbonne, the Heidelberg University (Germany) and at Berkley University in California. She also then researched the topic for eight years. She is now regularly consulted by the FBI, Scotland Yard, the US department of Justice and the US Department of Defense among many others, especially in criminal cases where she can identify the culprit with the help of merely a handwriting sample (something similar to a lie detector test).

This book actually changed my perspective of my own handwriting. I have never been able to look at it objectively since I read this book – and I have subtly started trying to eliminate the "sickie" traits in my handwriting and adopt positive ones.

As I learnt from the book, handwriting analysis essentially a very logical and deductive process – and this book is ideal for a beginner to pick up the rudiments of graphology.

So if you’re itching to find out whether the compliments you receive are genuine or not, and if your so called friend is really a true friend, just go ahead and immerse yourself in this book!!

Malini Kochhar

XI - B


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