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Vasant Valley                      2


Miracles, have you heard of them?

When I see any I get overwhelmed

They’re so beautiful and amazing

There’s something in them that keeps me gazing

The astrological formations of stars in the sky

Like Aquarius, Gemini and Pieces

Is an absolute beauty to my eye
Also, when the sun sets and rises

When the clouds look like a stampede buffaloes

And how amazingly the river flows

How the waves of the sea look like steps…

…Up to heaven in the dark nights

And how differently each fire lights

Something that is beautiful, but strangely so

Is the way at night a cat’s eye glow?

And 8you have noticed, that in the desert

When there is no water for animals, such as the horned lizard

A little bit of rain falls

And then all over the desert, plants crawl
All these things sound as if they are fantasy

But they are true

To me they are miracles and maybe to you too

Tara Bedi



These three guys are out having a relaxing day of fishing. Out of the blue, they catch a mermaid who begs to be set free in return for granting each of them a wish. Now, one of these guys just doesn't believe it and says, 'OK, if you can really grant wishes, then double my I.Q.'
The mermaid says, 'Done.'
Suddenly the guy starts reciting Shakespeare flawlessly - and analyses it with extreme insight.

The second guy is so amazed he says to the mermaid, 'Triple my I.Q.'


Miracles happen all the time

On this Earth of mine

Some time visible sometime invisible

Yet they happen all the time

Another miracle like day and night

Is never out of sight

Darkness never gives the fright

Thanks to the moonlight

Acres of forest all around

Growing by themselves in the ground

Not a soul to water them all

To make them strong and tall

Different seasons, autumn and spring

Different phenomena along with them bring

Covered with leaves, covered with flowers

Which happens every hour

The swirling river

Gives us the shiver

Starting in the hills, ending in the sea

Along the way, meeting the bees

The birth of a child

Makes everyone smile

Is this not the greatest miracle of life?

Which goes a hundred miles

Thank you all mighty

For such a beautiful life

Which make the saddest smile

For once a while



Sahar Awwad


off the

The mermaid says: 'Done!'
The guy starts to spout the solutions to mathematical problems that have stymied chemists, physicists and mathematicians since the beginning of time. The last guy is so impressed that he says to the mermaid,
'Quintuple my I.Q.'
The mermaid looks at him and says, 'I don't normally try to change people's minds when they make a wish, but I'd really wish you'd reconsider.'
The guy says, 'No way, I want you to quintuple my I.Q., and if you don't, I won't set you free.'


Magic! What is magic? Is it when you make a rabbit disappear? That may be so. Or is it wen a magician makes a coin appear out of nowhere? May be. But, magical things in nature is something else. Something that just happens.

Sailing in a ship looking at the sea and the beauty of the waves. Watching the dolphins frolicking in the water along the ship or watching the whales spray out water and air out of their spouts.

Looking at the gigantic mountains touching the sky wondering how did they get so high. Seeing old trees living for over thousand years. Standing erect majestically. Jagged rocks each telling their own stories. Isn’t that magic?

Looking at a desert dry deserted lifeless. Watching sand dunes move from place o place ever changing. Then – rains! Al of a sudden all the shrimp eggs lying dormant on a dried riverbed come alive and there is as burst of activity and all of the land is covered by the carpet of flowers. Isn’t that magic?

But the real magic is there for us to see every night. Highs up in the sky are millions of stars twinkling at us and the ever-changing silver moon. The work of some magical jeweler who has made intricate patterns using millions of gems. A magical thing for sure.

I wonder who is the magician who can make this happen.

Must be the world’s greatest one.

Pooja Bakshi, VI-A


'Please,' says the mermaid, 'You don't know what you're asking... it will change your entire view of the universe... won't you ask for something else... 10 million dollars, anything?'
No matter how hard the mermaid pleads, he remains steadfast. He insists on having his I.Q. increased five fold. The mermaid sighs and says, 'Done!'

And he becomes a woman.


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