1 April 2005

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Friday the 18th of March : There was star gazing on the school terrace from 7.30 to 8.30 p.m.
‘Rendezvous’, a musical program was held in the evening for the performing children’s parents.
An art exhibition by the students of class V was held.
Saturday the 19th of March : A nature walk for students of classes VI to XII took place.
Class IX saw a film on environment and then went to the Center of Science and Environment.
Monday the 21st of March : Class I visited the Dilli Haat for a Holi Mela.
Class VI had a talk on 'Disappearing Tigers'.
'Just a Minute' was held for the students of class IX on environment issues.
Class XII had the 'Business Case Study' which was won by Rohan Narang, Ashish Aggarwal, Farhad Colabavala, Rishab Sareen.
The Psychology Case Study Competition was won by Medha Basu.
Tuesday the 22nd of March : It was World Water Day
Class V had an English poetry recitation. The winners are Amar Vaid and Akhila Khanna.
Class VI had an English story telling session.
18 student volunteers participated in a rally on environmental issues organised by the World Green Peace Organisation.
Wednesday the 23rd of March : Classes VI to VIII took part in an Inter House Social Science Quiz.
Monday the 28th of March : Class VIII had a Hindi Poetry recitation competition.
Class IX and X had the Inter House Science Quiz and Green House came first.
Tuesday the 29th of March : Class VII had a Hindi Poetry recitation competition.
A group of Pakistani students from Lahore visited our school.
Class VI-VIII had the Inter House Maths Quiz.
Wednesday, the 30th of March : Class III had an English Poetry Recitation.
Class VI-VIII had an Inter House Science Quiz and Red House won.
Friday the 1st of April : Class IX and X had a Hindi Essay Writing Competition.


FABULOUS FIVE Ten Most Powerful Students of Vasant Valley School:
1. Farhad Colabavala ( big HEADBOY )
2. Ishan Raghuvanshi (the kingpin of the VVS "gang")
3. Wonjun Chang (His voice can be heard all the way in Timbuctoo)
4. Adhiraj Katoch (a true lady's man)
5. Hem Pratap Singh (shivering already?)
6. Pradyut Kashyap (too high on information)
7. Madhav Raj Narang (size does matter)
8. Naushera Debu (size doesnt matter)
9. Kartikeya Khanna (ignited mind)
10. _________________ (your name goes here!!)

Have No Fear, The Prefects Are Here

They have been known to perform miracles. From berating defenceless young schoolchildren for dropping on the floor a foil ball to lining up the same for assembly every morning, they have done deeds so glorious, even Superman’s jaw would drop in bewilderment. Many a time they have been seen piercing their way through rampant packs of vicious ten year-olds, putting everything they have on the line, showing nothing but courage and valour, only to seize the sinner of the pack and utter those heroic words- “be quiet”. They are bold. They are ever-ready. They are a sensation. They are the prefects. And they’re out there fighting for you.
Now, the word prefect might fetch you a wide variety of definitions, be it in dictionaries or on the internet. We, however, have conveniently enough, and with much exactness, embraced the following revolutionized meaning: a pupil so miserably bored in life that he(or she) derives boundless pleasure in making the lives of his(or her) fellow pupils hell and receives unparalleled satisfaction in knowing that he(or she) gets to flaunt on his(or her) chest a badge for it.
Just think of all those joyous class activities- when the prefects are at the pinnacle of their week. Surrounding five hundred odd mirthful spirits, their sixteen-man army schematically lines itself up, in perfect precision, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to pounce on that immoral soul who dares do the inconceivable- talk. And should the malicious beast be ticked off thrice, he(or she) must bear witness to their wrath. But you need not venture that far to discover their awe-inspiring accomplishments. Why, what more pleasant way to start off your day than an early morning fracas with the prefects who, defying all odds, wrestle you into your assembly lines? The moment you hear the big bell sound, you know the prefect tsunami is on the surge.
But is it really the prefects who are that ‘bored’? Is it really them who are out to get you? I’m afraid the answer to that must, to sustain the integrity of the exquisitely crafted leash I have pinned to my shirt, remain confidential (it would be appropriate enough for me to tell you now that I too am a prefect). I would, however, like to end by reminding you about one last thing. If there’s anything you ever need, PLEASE, feel free to approach us. As bizarre as it may sound, we’re only here to help you.
Arnav Sharma (Outreach & Environment something), 12-A

To my worthy fellow prefects: I have in no way attempted to undermine your calibre. I am fully aware of your capabilities and do hold them in very high esteem… so please keep your environment clean and green.

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Platypus, you’re the strangest animal on earth
And you spit poison since your birth?
Do you come from eggs or live in nests?
And do you swim the best?
Platypus, you’re my favourite animal
Though you come from any direction
North, South, East or West.
Mrudang Mathur, 4 B

Getting Fishy

Fish, fish in the sea,
Come and play with me
We will have lots of fun
As in this game
We have to run
Aakanksha Sahib, III C


When we were told that we were to meet ten girls from Pakistan, the boys were extremely excited, but most of us didn’t know what to expect. The next day when Aarzoo, Anita, Amal, Ayesha, Rafia, Anum, Sundas, Alizeh and Zainab arrived in School, there was awkwardness at first but it soon disappeared as we bombarded each other with questions about culture, schools and nations. We then took them to the Return to School Room where they were briefed about Vasant Valley School, and we were told about their school “Resource Academia.”  After that we gossiped about anything and everything including music bands such as ‘ Jal’ and Strings, and movies. Most of the girls’ thought that John Abraham was really good looking but Amal, reminiscent of Kareena Kapoor  thought that Shahrukh was the best. They also thought that Jaivir looked like ‘Tom Cruise’ while Arnav was thought to be a ‘Hunk’. We also recommended places to shop, eat and visit. The girls then toured the school and finally went to the art room, where we all enjoyed block printing. Even though it was very evident that most of us weren’t born artistes, this gave us an opportunity to exchange e- mail addresses so that we could remain in touch. This was followed by lunch where the ‘chaat papdi’ and ‘rasmalai’ were definitely the highlight. There was a constant clatter in the room as everyone had so much to talk about.  These 2 hours passed by so quickly and it was already time for them to leave. We exchanged goodbyes and Alizeh, their headgirl aptly ended it by saying that, “Living in different countries doesn’t make us different as the similarities between the two nations are endless. It is up to us to break these barriers and rise above the occasion in order to make a difference.”
Mallika Sadh


I woke up early in the morning,
Wide-awake, not yawning.
For my math test that would follow,
I packed pens and pencils, as we weren’t allowed to borrow.
Then I thought gleefully of the weekend ahead,
But when I went to bed,
I glanced at the calendar just once,
That was enough to put me in a trance-
As I left home, in the driveway,
I saw a black cat crossing my way.
Doomed I moved on, waiting to die,
Would I fall, or would the sky???
I carried on, passed a construction site,
And what I realized gave me a fright.
I had just walked under a ladder,
And this bit of news, made me nothing but madder!!
In school I went to wash my hands,
Turned to leave and then I crashed,
Right into the looking mirror,
For 7 years I’d be in fear.
Trembling I sat down for the test,
Promising I would give it my best.
Would doing so change my luck,
Or with a zero, would I be stuck??
I wasn’t left too long in doubt,
As soon as the answers were read out,
I couldn’t believe what I had got,
A 100 on 100, I gave a shout.
I didn’t fail is all I can say,
The cat, the mirror or Friday,
Don’t change anything about us,
People like me, just make a big fuss.
Next time I wont care a jot,
I’ll walk away saying, “ So what”.
As I know this is nothing but imagination,
Or what we simply call “SUPERSTITION”.
Avanti Gupta 9 A









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War vs. Greed
Sword fighting and archery

Bloodshed and treachery
You grow up learning to hate
Resigned to your uncanny fate
Blood stained battlefields
Everyone loses yet no one yields
This soaked earth looks red
By the blood of corpses fed
A desolate and bare land
What remains now is only sand
An eerie silence reigns at night
Not a single person in sight
Where have all the people gone
Is it yet time to mourn?
“There they are”, someone cries
Immediately followed by grievous sighs
It was a sight that met their eyes
There were several audible wretched cries
All the people lay slain together
Someone dryly remarked, “Birds of a feather flock together”
They were dragged together harshly
Words were exchanged but sparsely
No time for heart-felt good byes
No time for confessing one’s lies
There was a man in that heap
Everyone had heard his wife weep
There was a woman and a child
They were all killed and proclaimed wild
Why kill those who are weak?
It is this answer that I seek
Everyone has enough for their need
But not to fulfill their insatiable greed
Bloodshed and treachery
To fill up the treasury
To live in comfort till the end
Not looking beyond the road’s bend
Will you fight others to fulfill your need?
Doesn’t guilt on your conscience feed?
When you kill others don’t forget
Greed only engulfs you in its tangled net
Don’t make greed an excuse for war
Try and stop asking for more
Bloodstained earth and death all around
Won’t increase your gold mound.
Arushi Chak, X-C


The 22nd of March was World Water Day. In accordance with the day’s theme and meaning, Greenpeace organized a rally down Parliament Street, protesting against the industrial pollution of water. Alongside Greenpeace activists, and Vasant Valley School children, there were people from all over India whose daily life has been affected by water pollution.
The rally started at the bottom of the Ranjit Flyover (in front of the Intercontinental Hotel) and ended right in the middle of Parliament Street. During the course of the 3 kilometre walk, everyone indulged in screaming, chanting, dancing and (of course) protesting. We felt that it was an incredible experience working for such a cause. Let’s hope to see more school participation in events like this!
Simrat Dugal


A few weeks ago, class XII was divided into 3 groups, and asked to run a “Humanizing Vasant Valley” campaign. Each section was asked to identify an issue for the campaign, and surprisingly, every section chose (you guessed it!) RESPECT!
Respect was further broken down into three categories: Self Respect, Resource Respect and Interpersonal Respect. Thus, the “I respect”, “Resource Respect”, and “I Respect U!” campaigns were born.
So then, you may ask, what is “Respect”?
Respect is simply put, regard for something or someone, and it doesn’t necessarily imply appreciation or awe. The way one treats other people, and even non-living objects, displays one’s character.
Respect isn’t a rigid concept. One doesn’t have to be a priest or nun to show respect, or to be respected. Even the most mischievous and fun loving people show respect- it all comes down to drawing the line.
Is there a reason why all three sections choose respect as their central themes? Perhaps they felt that there is a genuine respect problem in Vasant Valley School… Whether it be respect for the seniors, juniors, teachers, tables, chairs, daily lunches or even ourselves, there is something extremely vital missing in our school. Hopefully, the campaign helped everyone realize that it’s high time we find it…
Nitya Vaishnavi Singh & Simrat Dugal


‘An Educational Trip to Chandni Chowk on a Saturday’- doesn’t sound very exciting. That was exactly the frame of mind we were in.We were given a map of Old Delhi in 1857, the year Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar II was exiled to Burma by the British.
First, we went to the Jain Mandir which was built during the time of Aurangzeb’s reign, and then to a bird hospital . And then, of course, after seeing the Bank of India and a 600 year old haveli belonging to the treasurer, we went to the famous ‘galis’ of Chandni Chowk. There we all had jalebis and later relished the famous 'paranthas.'
The people of Chandni Chowk were so friendly, and it seemed that they had a very strong interdependence within the community. It was an old fashioned community, and probably ‘better’ than our ‘New’ Delhi.
As they say- “Old is Gold!”
Kunal Dutta, VIII-A


SOS!!! The rivers in our country turning black!!! We must conserve water!!! The Yamuna is so filthy!!! Enough!!!
How many times have we heard all that? Everyone KNOWS about these problems: we all KNOW what SHOULD be done, but nothing ever happens.
On the 12th of March, when the children of Class12 went on to the Yamuna River, we were not expecting paradise on Earth. Yet, what we saw left us not only disgusted, but also shell shocked. The extent of the filth and the pollution hit us only when we actually went there.
We saw how the Yamuna transforms from a clean river (at the beginning of Delhi), into a ghastly, smelly black drain as it crosses through. As we took a boat ride, (yes a boat ride!) on the river, the foul stink became overpowering.
We watched dead animals, intestines, and plastics float on the pitch black river. Most of us were appalled to see such extreme manifestations of pollution.
We all realized this problem had reached our doorstep, but we didn’t know what to do about it. We all heard the river gasp for life, nonetheless after a few days of grave talk in the alcove, we immersed ourselves back into our daily lives and forgot that out there, the river is still dying.
I wonder if the government, or the people, will do anything about the Yamuna, and the other rivers of India, before the they sputter and die while we engage in our blame games.
Nitya Vaishnavi Singh


On Monday, 21st March Aishani Gupta Shivam Raheja Ashrika Kohli Abhilasha Chhabra Aakash Chopra went to record a radio show for INTACH, on the topic ‘India’s Scientists’. We had worked on the script for 2 months and all our hard work truly paid of. We focused on the medical sciences of ancient times. We spoke about people like the mythological Dhanvantri, as well as the father of plastic surgery Sushrut. But truly the most thrilling part of this wonderful experience was that we got to see how a radio station works. No one knew that they used a humungous pulley type system to record all their shows. We recorded in a soundproof room, which held inside it many different musical instruments including a piano, which we deduced was German, and dated back to the 1800’s. This mesmerized all of us especially the music teachers accompanying us. All in all I must say this was an experience I don’t think any of us will ever forget. I truly hope all of you will listen to “our” show on the 10th of April at 8.00am on 102.6 Mg Hz.
By Aishani Gupta
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Mihika Rao

Cheerful, bubbly and full of life, Mihika Rao of class VI has settled into Senior school superbly. Her charming attitudehas made her the "Kid of the Week". A few excerpts from an interview:-
NL: You are now in Senior School. How does it feel?
MR: Senior School is much better than Junior School. I have many more friends here, and I have a lot of fun! The only bad thing about Senior School is the studies... I find them pretty tough.
NL: What’s your favorite subject?
MR: Undoubtedly, Science! I love Science because of the experiments we do, which are really interesting. I also love looking at specimens under the microscope. That’s just
NL: Where do you enjoy hanging out the most in Senior School?
MR: (Thinks…) Well, my favorite place is the library because I like reading. Whenever I’m free I always go to the library to read poems and stories! (Giggles)Sometime back, I even missed a class to go to the library.
NL: What are you hobbies and interests?
MR: Well, I like photography. I have also chosen that as my hobby. I really enjoy myself.Other than that, I am very fond of drawing at home. Watching T.V, especially POGO, is another hobby of mine.
NL: What would you like to be when u grows up?
MR: (Giggles)... I’m not sure, perhaps a singer.. I’m in the choir and I like singing.
as told to Tarunima Prabhakar and Rhea Maini


“I’ve got a gut feeling in my stomach. . .”
(Steven Gerrard, before Liverpool vs. AC Milan)
“I would not say he [David Ginola] is the best left winger in the Premiership, but there are none better.”
(Gary Neville in a TV interview)
“It’s headed away by John Clark, using his head.”
(Derek Rae, on BBC Radio)
“The game is balanced in Arsenal’s favour.”
(John Motson)
“Dumbarton player Steve McCahill has limped off with a badly cut forehead.”
(Ally McCoist)
“A contract on a piece of paper, saying you want to leave, is like a piece of paper saying you want to leave.”
(Michael Owen)
“And I honestly believe we can go all the way to Wembley...unless somebody knocks us out.”
(Emile Heskey)
“What makes this game so delightful is that when both teams get the ball they are attacking their opponents goal.”
(Phill Neville)
“...and so they have not been able to improve their 100% record.”
(Sports Roundup)
“Newcastle, of course, unbeaten in their last five wins.”
(Alan Shearer)
“I’m going to make a prediction - it could go either way.”
(Tim Howard)
“Strangely, in slow motion replay, the ball seemed to hang in the air for even longer.”
(David Acfield)
“If there weren’t such a thing as football, we’d all be frustrated footballers.”
(Owen Hargreaves)


“What’s your average velocity?”
Srishti Manchanda, thinking at unimaginable speed !!!
“What’s the date today?”
“It’s 12 o’ clock.”
Upasana Periwal ..a li’l too clueless, eh?
“She’s pierced her bali.”
Srishti Manchanda, we would have never known !
“I’ll take a knife and shoot you.”
Kevin Vaide’s true killer instinct comes through!
"Arey...chill yaar.. holi comes once a week."
Madhav R. Narang's colourful goof up!
“I had a bath with wet water.”
Mringanka Singh..have to try that sometime..
“The whole school is swimming like a smelling pool.”
Avanti Gupta’s amazing sense of smell...
“Don’t talk with your mouth open.”
Our beloved editor Mallika Sadh- you say it best when you say
nothing at all…
“Experience cheez ki bhi naam hoti hai”
Adhirath Singhji hain Hindi ke shehnshah!

Under The Scanner
Review of the movie ‘Million Dollar Baby’

Starring: Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman
This movie swept the Oscars this year with awards for Best Actress (Hilary Swank), Best Movie, Best Director (Clint Eastwood) and EVEN Best Supporting Actor (Morgan Freeman). With a list of accomplishments like that, it’s hard NOT to watch a movie like this. It all started when Maggie Fitzgerald (Swank) stepped into the office of Frank, ace trainer. A girl boxing was unheard of, and he refused her offer to train her. But the courage and determination that shone through, in Maggie’s eyes, made him rethink his decision and he decided to train Maggie to be the best woman boxer in America and conquer the world. Freeman portrays Billy (the janitor) who was of great moral support to Maggie, and encouraged her from the sidelines. In this movie, Swank portrays Fitzgerald to the hilt, with complete accuracy. Eastwood has done a fantastic job and made one of the best ever movies that Hollywood has seen in a long time and Morgan Freeman has proved himself (yet again) as an actor of great calibre…This movie is very touching (it makes you reach for your hankies) and hits you in the face at the same time . It’s a movie which makes you rethink your priorities and realize what really is important… Million Dollar Baby is a MUST watch for everyone, because this movie is a work of art come to life…
Ria Sen,10-B

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Arjun Srihari, Nakul Dev, Varini Sharma, Jagriti Seth, Saranya Mishra, Svati Goyal, Rhea Maini, Simrat, Dugal, Udit Vira, Nitya Vaishanavi Singh.

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