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1st August 2001 - Page 3


The following poem won the first prize in the Senior School Poetry Competition. The topics were ‘Time’ and ‘Ties and Ribbons’.

Time is a concept- it is sublime,
A rainbow in the sky, a point on the line.
Time is a broken glass with splinters against the wall,
Walk the edge carefully or you might just fall.
Time moves on faster than any man,
So catch up with it, decide your fate while you can.
Time never started, never will it end,
And to no known might will it bend.
Time is a help in science- the fourth dimension,
Helps you with speed, distance and surface tension!
So, I ask you please,
Feel the breeze in your hair,.
The sand at your feet,
The mountains in the distance,
The clear water of the gurgling spring
Because you pass this way but once and,
Your time might just be up…

Dhananjaya Chak

2nd Time and tide wait for none,
Time won't stop for anyone.
It is man's greatest treasure,
Of its greatness, there is no measure.
Time is priceless,
Without time everything is useless.
Time is never-ending,
On time the world has been depending.
Lost time never come back,
It isn't re-attainable.
This is one of the reasons,
That time is so valuable.
Those who use time right,
Rise in honor, wealth and might.
But if it isn't used right,
You are responsible for your own plight.
Our lifetime is limited,
But what we do in it is up to us.
We can waste our lives completely,
Or do something worthwhile in it.
One who understands time,
Understands life's greatest secrets.
And one who uses time correctly,
Rises in life instantly.

Yaman Verma


This poem was awarded the first prize in the Middle School Poetry Competition.

I believe that one day in my life,
I shall see things, not seen by anyone else,
The world will become a brand new place,
Fighting will stop between each race,
I believe that man lives only once in his life,
I believe that every person's point of view is right,
I believe that angels live somewhere up in the sky,
And that one day I'll fly with them very high,
And I'll touch every top of every castle,
Without worry and with no hassle,
I believe that each person has a heart of gold,
But unfortunately, I am told,
That it is untrue,
I believe that the sky will not remain blue,
I believe in faith,
But no, I don't believe in hate,
I believe that noise is not just pollution,

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