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1st August 2001 - Page 4

Black and White?

One cloudy starless night,
I witnessed a sorry sight,
A young black boy,
Labouring with all his might.
Beside him was a similar lad,
In a tattered costume he was clad,
"A lot of work" argued his swollen hand.
He was all bone and skin,
exceedingly lean and thin.
His legs were bowed,
And his hands full of load.
A shiver ran down my spine,
I thanked god for my life so fine.

I went to the twosome and said,
"Why do I find you out of bed?"
The two just stared,
Speak they didn't dare!
"Go away!" they said in a tone of fright,
"You know we aren't to talk with a white!
We don't belong to the race as you,
Work is all that we can do.
Luxuries are not for us,
We just work from dawn to dusk.
We live on the open road,
That is our simple abode."

That incident left me thinking,
"Are we discriminating?"
Racism on the basis of hue?
What's the difference between black, white and blue?
What's the difference between two races?
What can we tell by people's faces?
So why are some races ill treated?
And some others well respected?
Why do some races have more rights?
What's the use of racial fights?

Udit Veera

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I believe that things always turn out right,
If everyone's happy and no one fights,
I believe in God,
Every time I ask him a question I see him nod
I pray to him every night 
And ask him what's wrong and what's right
Last but not the least
I believe in myself,
I believe that I may be wrong sometimes,
But mostly I believe in my own rights,
And God if you're listening to me
Please show the rest that they too can believe! 

Aashna Kishore
Class VIII-C


Santa and Banta worked in a software company. One day, they were moving their machines to another building. Banta was having a tough time carrying his machine. 
Santa : My machine has 500 MB disk. See how easily I am carrying it. Yours has just 250 MB. Can't you carry even that much?
Banta : But yours is empty and my disk is full !!!! 
What will Banta do if he wants another sheet of blank paper ?
He will take a photocopy. 
What will Banta do after photocopying a document ?
He will check the spelling. 
What will he do when he sees the sign DON'T WALK?
He will run. 

Editorial Board

Aatish Bhatia, Shivan Marya, Digvijay Singh, Pallavi Raghavan, Shruti Sharma, Deivyani Dheer, Amaan Raj Khanna,
Aditya Basu, Dhananjaya Chak, Umang Mittal, Kush Sagar, Varun Garg, Abhimanyu Chaudhuri, Deepika Aggarwal, Neha Chopra, Sadhvi Khanna, Kunwar Bahadur Singh, Mihika Acharya, Abhijoy Haldar

Editor- Priya Malik

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