1st October 2004

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Thursday, 16th of September
Malika Pal came 1st in the spelling bee for class V.
Class VI-X watched a play ‘Bade Bhai Sahib’ staged by Sahmat.

Friday, 17th of September
Ananya Sheel Khosla came 1st in the English Spelling Bee in class III, Pia Chatterjee won the Spelling Bee in class IV.
Students of classes X-XII staged a play ‘Ahilya Udhara’ for the Senior School.

Saturday, 18th of September
Interhouse Cricket Tournament, semifinal matches-
Red beat Yellow by 20 runs.
Green beat Blue by 4 wickets.

Nitya Vaishnavi Singh and Ashish Aggarwal came 1st in the Sanskar Extempore Debate at Jaipur, Nitya also won the award for best speaker.

Akshat Prasad, Abhik Ghosh and Chaitanya Murti came 1st in the Doon School Quiz.

Medha Basu and Megnaa Mehtta came 1st in the YPS Patiala Debate.
Sharan Alva and Rishabh Sarin came 3rd in the YPS Patiala Quiz

Monday, 20th September
CBSE Science Zonal Competition-
Rishma Lath of class XI came 1st in the Poster Making Competition in the senior category. Vanshika Wadhwa of class VII came 1st in the same in the junior category.
Vidur Bhargava, Chaitanya Murti and Ashutosh Kumar of class XII came 3rd in the Zonal Science Quiz.
Saranya Misra of class X came 1st in the Science Toons competition.
Sita Priya Murty and Simran Sadana of class XI came 1st in the Science Debate.
Pranav Sareen of class VIII came 1st in the slogan making competition.
Aabhas Sharma and Gautam Surya came 1st in the Science Exhibition.
Interhouse Basketball Tournament finals (senior boys)-
Green beat Yellow 47-35

Tuesday, 21st September
Mr Shyam Benegal came to school and spoke to class XI and XII about filmmaking and his film ‘Mammo’ that was screened in school later.
Yellow house won the Interhouse Maths Quiz for class IV.

Wednesday, 22nd September
Interhouse Cricket Tournament (senior boys) final- Green beat Red by 89 runs.

Thursday, 23rd September
Ramya Ahuja of class V came 2nd in the all India National Cyber Olympiad
Senior School English Spelling Bee Competition-
Class VI- Hriday Bhandari
Class VII- Sonia Bhan
Class VIII- Ragini Ahluwalia
Red House won the Interhouse Maths Quiz for class III.

Friday, 24th September
Ms. Ambika Shukla spoke to the students of class VIII and IX about adoption of stray animals and vegetarianism.

Saturday, 25th September
Interschool soccer (sub junior girls) - Vasant Valley beat Modern School 70

Sunday, 26th September
Vasant Valley won 19 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze medals at the CBSE Interschool Athletic Meet.

Tuesday, 28th September
Economics debate was held, the topic for which was “Can India overtake China”. First prize was awarded to Rohan Arora and Yaman Verma, Second prize to Simran Sadana and Mallika Sadh and the Third prize went to Ashish Agarwal.
Classes 9 to 12 watched a film “Another way of seeing things” on the famous Historian Arnold Toynbee.

Wednesday, 29th September
Mr. Binoy Bahel, the world famous photographer spoke to Class12 students
Musical Rendezvousby Senior school students for Parents and Grandparents.

Thursday, 30th September
Subhadra Sengupta’s book entitled “Kartik and the Lost gold” was released.

Friday, 1st October
On the occasion of Peace Day, Social Science I displayed banners and posters made by students of Class 9.
Biology and Biotechnology students of Classes 11 and 12 visited the R&D wing of Ranbaxy.
For the English Essay competition held 3 weeks ago the First prize went to Sangini Punia, Second prize to Ashutosh Kumar and third prize to Varini Sharma.

Director's Cut

On the 21st of September, renowned film maker Shyam Benegal visited our school and talked to the students of class 11 and 12. After the talk, a movie directed by Mr. Benegal was also screened in the school itself and was watched by the students. The movie, titled Mammo, was throughly enjoyed by all.
Q-What prompted you to shift from advertising to making films?
A-I took up advertising simply because I needed a job to earn me a decent living but my vocation and passion had always been films. At the time however one could either enter the film industry through contacts, which I didn’t have or apprenticeship, the idea of which I didn’t like as it was too restrictive and had too definite a style. Finally, my first film, Ankur was made 14 years after I wrote the script when I was still in college.
Q-Most of your films deal with serious issues. Why is that so and what are your views on commercial cinema?
A-My films are commercial too because at the end of the day I have to at least cover my cost and make profit. As far as making serious films is concerned, Entertainment is wrongly classified as song and dance or mindless fun. I feel that my films are just as entertaining.
Q-Films made earlier were better than the films made now. Comment?
A-Every generation has a different way of looking at films and film making. There was a new generation in the 1970’s there is a new generation now. However the difference now is that there are less landmark films and film making has become a quick process. But I am sure this generation to will soon have more landmark films.

A Rendezvous With The Writer

On Thursday, author Subhadra Sen Gupta came to school to formally release her new book ‘Kartik and the Lost Gold’. The book was written by Ms Sen Gupta while interacting with students from school. It was possibly the first time in India that a school hosted a writer in residence.
Students were talking about their experiences while interacting with the author, after which she told us a bit about herself and the book, she then read an excerpt from it. Bhavik Singh spoke about the “Kaun Banega Book Millionaire" project, which was followed by Ms Sen Gupta giving prizes to the students who read the maximum number of Hindi books in celebration of 'Hindi Saptah'. The program was concluded with an interactive question and answer session. Parthiv Ravindran of class 8 who found himself a place in the book, is now quite famous!!! To sum it all, the book launch was a great success.

Ms. Sengupta with the Library Council

Tara Brara XI C

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The Magic Box

The rusted box was taken from the attic and placed in the centre of the table. Grandfather was asleep. Rohan’s next task was to open the box. Try as he would he could not discover a keyhole. Suddenly his searching fingers ran over something bumpy. “ What’s this? ” thought Rohan. It was a keyhole. “But where’s the key?” whispered Rohan to himself. “Maybe it’s in the attic.” But as he searched, a guilty felling was aroused in the bottom of his heart. Grandfather had warned him not to open the box at whatever cost. Still, he kept on searching. But he could not find a key He slumped back in his seat to examine the box. He noticed something he didn’t see before. A wad of paper was stuck inside the box. “What’s this?” he said again. He took it out. It was crumpled and dirty. “ Maybe this piece of paper will tell me where the key is!” thought Rohan excitedly. There was a hungry look in his eye. He opened it up. The words inside were smudged. But Rohan could read it.
“Open stranger, but take heed,
Of what lies in the Box of Deeds.
If you’ve a good nature, you’re in luck.
Evil one’s, beware, you’re absolutely stuck”
Rohan read this over and over again. As he read, the box rattled and then lay still. Now Rohan thought he was a good boy, so he could open the box. But really, he was a bad boy. He bullied people in his school. He disobeyed his parents and now he disobeyed Grandfather by trying to open the box. When he opened it, and peered eagerly into the box, he regretted it immediately. His body turned grey. He became cold and hard. He couldn’t move. He was stuck like the poem said, he was a statue now ……. forever.

Abhilasha Sinha 5B

A Showdown With The Grandmaster

On the 16th of September, Vasant Valley School was visited by none other than Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand himself. In an interaction session with the students he talked of his game of interest, hobbies and his role in Indian chess. He also played chess simultaneously with 21 students!
Following is a Q&A session with Mr. Anand.

Q-In today’s world of cricket, would you say that chess is a dying art?
V. Anand: Not really. Although sports are becoming more popular, and the crowd takes easily to such a game, we do have an upcoming generation of keen chess players. I have started an academy which trains those children who are keen to play, so hopefully the game will not die out!
Q- Who encouraged you to take up chess and at what age did you turn pro?
V. Anand: Actually it was my mother who taught me the game and I started playing at the age of six. I turned pro at 21 years of age after doing my B.Com.
Q- How do you feel about the Russian domination of chess, considering chess originated from India?
V Anand: Indians definitely invented the original variation of the game which was called Shatranj. The queen and bishop moved differently. But in the early fifties, the Russians brought about some new rules and ever since then, whoever has turned pro has chosen to follow those rules.

Hence the Indian variation of chess is in a way obsolete, but not entirely extinct.
Q- Which international player have you had the best experience with?
V Anand: I was lucky to play with the king of chess Mikhail Tull himself. Sadly he passed away in 1992, but I got a chance to play with him earlier on. He came across as extremely patient even with an amateur like me and I enjoyed the interest he took in our game. He was an extremely down to earth gentleman.
Q- Do you support internet chess and is ICC a good site?
V Anand: Well, internet chess does give good practice, but if you are looking for an analytical, tactful method of playing, it is better to play with an opponent. The brain has various facets which vary from person to person, while in internet chess, you are still playing with a computerized machine, so the variations of the game are not so much as in actually playing with a person. And I believe that ICC is one of the better chess sites.
Q-: Mr. Anand, the students really were curious as to how you play simultaneously and still concentrate so well.
V. Anand: What I do is, I play the first move with all the opponents, and then start picking up essential features of the various games. I pick up various parameters like position of the pawn, the bishop, etc. But what is truly exhausting is playing simultaneously, blindfolded. You are given a chit which tells you your last move in each game, and you have to pick up from there. I played once, against five opponents so what I did was, I picked up a few key facets and played on.
Q- So do you have any other hobbies that you still pursue?
V. Anand: I do a lot of reading up on a plethora of topics ranging from astronomy, which is my latest interest, to economics. If I were not a chess player, I would have pursued the field of economics.


The think tank here at Newsletter HQ has come up with a column to match the hype of the coveted excellence awards. Every week, one handpicked budding celebrity will be interviewed by our crew, and unveiled to the public. Don’t laugh at the idea just yet, you might be next…!
This week’s Celebrity is The Girl Who Wins Everything, or, as she is better known, Astha Garde.
NL: I’m sure this is on everyone’s minds: Are you from the planet Krypton (for the less knowledgeable, the place where Superman comes from)? How do you manage to d o everything? Don’t you get stressed out?
A. (laughs) No. I hardly ever study! It’s all pure good luck. Sometimes it’s a little difficult, but you learn to deal with it.
NL: What do you do for leisure?
A:I play my piano. I don’t formally learn, I just play on my own, which makes it all the more fun! I also listen to music. I like ABBA, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, and all the other music my dad has in his collection.
NL: If you could say one thing to your fan club, what would it be?
A: (laughs and looks embarrassed) I DON’T HAVE A FANCLUB!!
(Give her a big hand folks, famous AND modest!)
I’d just like to tell everyone in my class that I’m not Italian! Having lived in Italy, and loving Italian food does not make anyone Italian!
NL: Lastly, a word of advice?
A: Practice!

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The Last Battle - A Green Parable

Two great warriors of renown,
Bled in many battles,
Burnt a thousand towns,
Breached countless castles,
Avenged their native crowns.

They fought fires,
They fought flames,
Mighty beasts they did tame,
They fought winds,
They fought storms,
They fought the air in all its forms,
They slayed the night,
Destroyed the day,
Each and every sunlit ray.
They consumed the forests,
All the trees,
Shattered the rain and stilled the breeze.

For years and years they fought on,
Till the sun refused to dawn,
Till the birds refused to sing,
Till they had slaughtered every living thing.

Finally the day did come,
When all was silent,
All was numb.

No man woke,
For no men were there to wake,
No birds filled the sky,
For there were no birds to fly,
No leaf did fall,
For there was no leaf at all.

The two great warriors,
Face to face,
The undefeated soldiers,
Swords in place,
Blinded by the will to win,
Oblivious to all wrong and sin,
They fought for another year,
No sign of guilt or slightest fear.

Then one of the two,
Doesn’t matter who,
Lost the will and the want,
To cry out another battle chant,
He dropped his sword,
Took the name of the lord,
And died.

The other living gladiator,
Now the proud and glorious victor,
Had finally won it all,
So onto his knees he did fall,
He looked up to the sky and said,
“What, O Lord, do I now get?”

God of course did not respond,
He had given up on man,
And was forlorn.

Instead a voice from within,
The same one which had made him sin,
Boomed out to the warrior,
“What now, do you expect to get?
There is nothing but sorrow and regret,
You may have won and defeated all,
But now you too must fall,
You have ended all that you fought for,
There are no winners in war,
You think you have won,
Yet you have lost.

The winner never takes it all,
For some day he too will fall,
That is when losers rise,
Only to finally demise.

Nakul Dev, X

Angel Of Heaven

Last night I met an angel,
An angel in my dreams,
She took me over the snow-capped mountains
and over the ever flowing beautiful streams,
Into a new world did I enter,
Where everything was unique,
Totally different from our world was it,
And the atmosphere was filled with peace.
The people there were gentle,
The people there were kind,
No where else in this wide world,
Would you find people of this kind?
There was no sight of unhappiness,
Nor was there any of anger,
Everyone had a smile on their faces,
And were happy and content with one another.
On everyone’s face I saw a sense of satisfaction,
And.. a sign of bliss,
There was no jealousy around,
Nor any arguments,
In my world this is just what I missed!
I went up to the petite angel,
And inquisitively asked her,
How come this world was so much different?
Than the one from where we were?
With a twinkle in her eyes, and a ravishing smile of hers,
She politely answered with these few words…
“My Child! Each one of you will find that out when you come here,
which will be sooner or later…
as this is Heaven my child…
than any world it is greater!

Rhea Maini 11 C


Archimedes told his daughter,
You should put gold in water
To find the density of matter.
More density if the object is fatter.

Liquids are light
Solids are mostly easy to sight
Through the gases in the air,
A bird can fly.
But on land a fish will die.

Most people cannot fathom
That the smallest particle of matter is an atom.
Others have no clue
That several atoms bond to
Form a molecule.

However, thought Archimedes’s daughter
Liquid, Solid or Gas, how does it matter?

Sania Dinodia, Class - VI

The Demons Of Paranoia

...and the knocking grew louder and louder
but it was all in the head..
the demons of paranoia
knocking on the door of my mind
it was another day in my life
the voices have returned
to haunt my existence
yet again
is there any escape from this pain?
is there any reason to live on?
demise of sanity seems to echo in the knocking
calling me to give into the insane notion of melancholy
i am afflicted to the core
but depression holds me back
those memories
those days
can it ever be the same?
spectres of the past loom over my head
mocking me ,taunting me
scolding my every move with sadistic pleasure
but the knocking grows on
its time to open the door
its time to be free
now is the time for change
so begone oh memories of the destitute past
i'll do things my way
i open the door of my mind to new ideas
and... be reborn

Neha Sinha, 11-C

The Cheat

Try as hard as I can, I cannot succeed
To remember all the formulae that I need-
My test draws close, its nearly time,
So I contemplate my subversive crime.
The formulae on the palm of my hand I write,
The teacher looks sleepy, the risk is but slight.

The questions are in front of me, I’m greatly dismayed,
I dare not aspire beyond a lowly ‘D’ grade.
Oh! Would that my past evening were better used
In study, not that damn video game, I mused.
But then I remembered that I could trust in my palm,
And all of a sudden, my thumping heart grew calm.

Now, the test was so simple, I felt no more fear,
While the time to hand in my paper drew near.
In a flash of brilliance, I left the last answer blank,
Lest my teacher die of shock, were I to secure 1st rank.
I ended with a flourish, in triumph looked about my place
To catch by my side, the headmaster’s bulging red face.

For him to be watching me, I thought dreadfully unfair,
Without even breathing, of his presence I was unaware.
He dragged me to his study – thrashed me to within an inch of my life,
And in the evening I got the same from my father and his wife,
Until aching that night, I lay awake in bed
And thought, “Next time I’ll just ask someone instead!”

Abhik Ghosh, XII - B


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The Neemrana Music Foundation had organized a two-week opera (singing) workshop for the musically inclined of Delhi. The workshop had a really great turnout - over 90 participants both adult and children who were all trained by Maestro Marco Balderi from Florence, Italy. The renown Italian Maestro is associated with names like Pavarotti and Zubin Mehta and was no doubt an excellent teacher. The children’s choir had 24 participants, 22 of which were from Vasant Valley. It was really an amazing experience. We had 2-hour practice sessions everyday after school at the Alliance Francaise auditorium at Lodi Estate. The practices were great and our voices reached newer higher levels - literally! Apart from hitting unimaginable notes through absurd training exercises, we had a lot of fun. The practices were highly animated and seemed to bring out the best in us. The Maestro knew little English and we communicated mainly in Italian while singing in French (which turned out to be quite educative for us). So after two weeks of singing, marching (yes...MARCHING) and dancing around stage, we finally performed at the “Grand Concerto” on the 13th of September at the Sai International Center. It was an evening of opera arias and choruses performing the heavenly compositions of the likes of Mozart, Bizet, Rossini, Verdi and name a few. We (the children’s choir) marched down the aisles as a chorus of street boys singing an excerpt from Bizet’s Carmen welcoming the soldiers of war. We swayed to the tunes of a blues version of a nursery rhyme - Mary had a little Blues and finally put the audience to sleep as we sang the Manx Lullaby. The adult’s choir, who were miles ahead of us, created a utopian effect as they did excellent justice to the pieces they performed. It was truly a heart stopping experience. At the end of the evening as we sang with the adult choir, I could sense a bit of sorrow within us all. These two weeks had really been an awesome experience for us all and as I left the auditorium after the concert, I couldn’t help but feel sad that this wonderful journey had ended. Apart from the education we received, we had a lot of fun and got to know each other quite well. I really miss the workshop and hope that I have the opportunity to take part in it next year as well.
Tara Bedi


"My younger brother is younger than me”
Akshay Kapoor, stating the not so obvious.
“ I busted myself!...I said ‘my headache is paining!’”
Rhea Maini, in a split!
“He goes to the gym four times a week everyday.”
Adhiraj Singh exercising his thoughts too much.
“Write this on a piece of letter”
Akshay Sud, deserves a letter of appreciation!
“ minute at time!”
Rishab Sareen, time stopping antics!
Teacher: Where do you get food from?
Udit Mahajan: EXCRETION.
Evidently weak in Biology!
“You can buy new second hand things on’

Shiv Saini, marketing skills?

Editorial Board

Yaman Verma, Rhea Maini, Saranya Misra, Jaagriti Seth, Varini Sharma, Svati Goyal, Nakul Dev, Arjun Srihari, Akanksha Chawla, Shiv Nath Katariya, Saira Dayal, Nitya V Singh, Rishab Sareen, Arnav Sharma, Ashish Aggarwal

Sports Desk

Rohan Arora

Ashotosh Kumar

Trip to Bausch and Lomb Factory

On Monday, September 13th 2004, the science students of class eleven visited the Bausch and Lomb Factory in Alwar. We left school at 8.30 and reached there after a 2 ½ hour journey!!!
Our first stop was at the lab making the contact lenses. Before we entered we were made to wear plastic shoe covers, a cap, a lab coat and wash our hands with soap. In fact any type of makeup was also prohibited!!!!
We saw the contact lenses getting made through the various steps like setting of solution, softening it (lens) with a diamond cutter (buffing), removing stains, checking power, packaging etc.
After removing our lab attire we moved to the lab in which the solution was prepared and had to gown up all over again before entering!!! This time the lab contained an autoclave and a network of pipes at the far side and thus was really hot. We walked to the autoclave and saw the solution being mixed as well.
Next we saw the imported surgical instruments used in cataract patients. In fact every single person gets cataract as they age and so their product will always have a demand!
Then we were taken to the quality assurance lab and told about the processes followed to ensure absolute cleanliness, as well as the kind to genuine and sometimes non-genuine complaints that are received.
We were then shown the water treatment plant where the water used in the factory is purified by reverse osmosis.
After this tour we were given a great lunch and soon after a photograph session we left for school. We reached just before school ended, tired and exhausted but extremely animated with our experience at the Bausch and Lomb factory. It was an amazing learning opportunity and we’re looking forward to many more such trips in the near future!!!

Nitya Vaishnavi Singh

Five Things I Like About
Vasant Valley School

1. The School Building: The impressive building helps in maintaining the decorum. The size of the school also helps us to skip a class.

2. Students: Well, one thing is definitely clear, that we know all our concepts, even though the credit for this should not go to the teachers, but rather to the students; as ultimately it is up to them to see if they understand or not.

3. Activities: With each and every concept that we’re taught, we perform an experiment or an activity. These activities help us in understanding the concepts.

4. The Field: Our school field is used for multiple sports like soccer, hockey, cricket, softball etc. Hence, this is a great place to chill out and let out all your extra energy.

5. Principal’s Office/ Computer Laboratory: After a tedious break, a hectic day or a tiring period of P.E. under the scorching sun, these are the ideal destinations to relax; with an air conditioner running on full throttle.

-By Rishiraj Kessar
(Rishiraj is the winner of the Newsletter Quiz, congratulations Rishi!)