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20th April 2001 - Page 1


The Hockey Tournament started on the 5th of April. In the matches which were played last week in the Senior Boys category, Green House beat Red House 2-0. Yellow then beat Blue 1-0. The final match will be held between Red House and Green House on the 24th of April

In the Senior Girls Category, Blue House managed a victory over Red House, winning 1-0. Yellow House then beat Blue House 2-0 in a match which was a preview to the final and decided by penalty shoot-outs. The final match will be held between Blue and Yellow on the 24th of April. 

In the Junior Girls Category, Yellow House was successful in beating Red House 1-0. In the Junior Boys category however, Red House beat Yellow 2-1.

Class 6 visited the Crafts Museum on Wednesday, the 11th of April. 

Our School debate team consisting of Ankit Bahri, Partha Mudgil and Nikhilesh Chand visited Welham Girls’ for an extempore debate. Our team was adjudged 2nd in its pool while Nikhilesh was adjudged the best speaker.

A riot of colours

She was like a kaleidoscope,
Colourful and beautiful.
The slightest movement
Changed the design,
Only to form another
Equally beautiful one.
Her luscious lips,
Were neatly and carefully
Outlined with a cherry colour.
A pair of dazzling eyes,
Were prominently well defined,
With a thick black kohl layer.
Her chubby cheeks,
Blushed with shades of pink and rose.
She flashed her silver and gold ornaments.
The heavy and priceless,
Earrings covered every inch,
Of her soft pink earlobe.
The diamond-studded necklace,
Encircled her long neck.
She looked sensually poised,
As the absolutely eye-catching sari,
Clung to her voluptuous body,
Each pleat neatly tucked away.
Shades of green and blue,
And a flashing bandhni pallu,
That covered her
Silky black hair
Concealed with pure white.
Freshly smelling jasmine flowers.
The golden zari border
Looked splendid
With orange and cream
Dancing peacocks.

She looked
More vivacious than vivacity itself.
Delightful as the first showers.
Possessing beauty to die for,
And kill for.
Presenting to the world…the riot of colours.

Deivyani Dheer

Week’ s Quote:
"If you want to be respected by others, the great thing is to respect yourself."

--Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Opinion Poll:

This opinion poll covered 100 Vasant Valley students and teachers.
Question: Has the CNG crisis affected you personally in any way?
Yes 48 
No 46 
Can’t Say 6

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