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20th April 2001 - Page 3

CNG Crisis

On the first of April this year, the headline of a leading newspaper read - “April 1st, A Cruel Joke on Commuters.” A joke indeed the court's decision has made of Delhiites. The outburst was inevitable. When the pressure builds up inside, the lava is bound to erupt with an intangible wildness and the ramifications are dire. A crisis emerges when the “public is made a pawn in a political game with no strategic game-plan. India suffers from a history of political volatility and Delhi in particular has developed an affinity towards crisis and general mayhem.”
The CNG crisis is an example of the governing bodies’ capacity to inconvenience the 'common man.' The conversion of vehicles from diesel to CNG may be a marvelous decision, but the haste with which the Supreme Court order has been implemented makes us painfully aware of the lackadaisical approach of government agencies towards matters of great importance to people for whom it exists.
The 'tehelka' will be seen again, come September when the new deadline will expire. The transporters have again relaxed, awaiting the new deadline to get over; and let the 'common man' speak on their behalf when he is again put through the ordeal of a bus-less system.
From what began as an "intelligent bureaucratic venture for a 'Green Delhi,' turned out to be a 'howler' instead, as the logistics used to revolutionize the public transport system were not meticulously planned.

Sadhvi Khanna


What should we do to save the earth?
Clean up all this grime and dirt.
Try cycling to save the air.
Or use public transport to get you there!

Protect water from contamination,
Or you'll be sick of bad dehydration.
Cutting down trees should be banned from this world,
Except the dead ones which need to be hurled.
To be made into furniture, cupboards and shelves,
Bookshelves, furniture and comfy beds.

Destroy all the mistletoe,
Cause it won't allow another plant to grow.
Don't put graffiti on a tree,
Anyone who does that has the brains of a flea!

Don't kill animals for their parts,
Or you'll break their mate's hearts!
Let an animal keep its fur,
So his mate can think he's wearing it for her!

If you look around at the road and take a peep
You see trash dumped all over in a heap.
Clean it up and plant some flowers
They will bloom in the monsoon showers!

Pranab Pant 
V - C

Jokes from the internet

Two best friends named John and Cliff were obsessed with baseball. They even
promised each other that when one of them goes to heaven, the deceased one would come back and tell the other whether there was baseball in heaven or not. One night Cliff died in his sleep. The next day Cliff returned to earth to see his friend.
"Hi, John."
"Cliff, is it really you?"
"Hey, I told you I'd be back to tell you what's up. And, you know John, there's
good news and bad news."
"Okay. What's the good news?"
"There is baseball in heaven."
"The bad news?" 
"You're pitching tomorrow night."

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