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20th December 2001 - Page 2

Make It An Equal World!

Vasant Valley School is one of the most well known schools in Delhi. This is primarily because of the varied opportunities and numerous options it offers to the students. The exciting world of Art, Science and Sports has a lot to offer to all. A lot of people in today's world, both men and women have acquired fame and popularity by excelling in these fields. Men and women both have equal rights and thus both should be able to achieve high fame. This is possible only if institutions like the school gives them equal opportunity and support. "NO SEX DISCRIMINATION, EQUALITY, NO RACISM" these are a few things that we hear from our teachers in Vasant Valley School, part of their belief which becomes part of our education. Thus the question of inequality should not even arise. Yet there is so much of sex discrimination in our school itself. The school attitude towards girls taking soccer is really appalling. SOCCER is the most popular game in the world. The largest number of countries participate in the Soccer World Cup. There is a Women's Soccer World Cup in which India regularly participates. India has a National Women's Soccer Championship in which teams from various states take part every year. Even a traditionally non-soccer playing nation like the United States of America has introduced soccer in the school curriculum for both boys and girls. When you consider all this, you find the school approach to women's soccer as simply shocking. There is no attempt on the part of the school to hold an inter-house tournament for girl's soccer. On the other hand the inter-house tournaments for boys soccer is held with a lot of fanfare every year. This encouragement to boy's soccer through the years has helped them to build a strong school team, which has won recognition in the inter-school championships. We are sure that given the same opportunity, support and encouragement,  girl's soccer can also reach similar heights in due course of time. Before that can happen, the school needs to change its attitude towards women's soccer. There has to be more interaction with the students especially the girls to know their aspiration. The prefects should be empowered to act as true representatives of the students. They should be instrumental in bridging the gap when it comes to the aspirations of the students. 

Equality is very important; we have been learning from a very young age and have grown to know that all men and women are treated equally. Its is time for Vasant Valley School to practice what it preaches.

The suffering half


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