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20th December 2001 - Page 3



Vrinda Sharma looks back

Could my dreams be true,
I wish, thats all,
Could my prayer be granted,
I hope, thats all,
Could I get what I wanted,
when the time comes to a dead halt.

But reward,
If I do, should I get,
The pain, the labor,
The hurt, the sweat,
12 hours I walked,
Till my feet went sore,
And all this time,
Oh why... What for?


The stars were all a-glow
Like tiny lanterns in the sky
For me they are putting up a show
Not one of them seemed shy
And in the pitch darkness
They melted away
I feed the chickens and the horses are harnessed 
Before I know, it is day
Time flies fast
The sun comes up
The school bus's shadow is caste.
Going to school 365 days a year is a lot I must
But as usual, the bottom line is- Time flies away

Vaarini Sharma
It rained heavily that night as he recalled… the night he got a call from his daughter saying that his wife was dead… the night when he thought he couldn't go on because he had lost the love of his life. 
He sat there listening to his little girl tell him to hurry home, he could hardly believe his ears. So he repeatedly asked her to say what she had just told him. Finally it hit him when he heard it the third time, he dropped the phone - he sat there at this table that looked over the breath taking view of Manhattan.
On his drive home he thought about her, how he met the love of his life. He remembered what he thought when he first met her in school. He knew then that they were meant to be together. And now in on clean sweep she was suddenly taken away from him. Thinking about this suddenly made him angry. The car began to build up speed. As he turned the corner that lead up to his house, he slowed down and saw three police cars parked with the blue and red flashing. He thought back to that morning when she stood at the door waving to him as he pulled out of the drive way. A feeling of loneliness overwhelmed him.
He pulled into the drive way and slowly got out of the car. His daughter came running to him, she was sitting in one of 
the police cars.
She was still dressed in her soccer clothes. The expression on her face told him that she couldn't believe what had just happened. He hugged her tight and told her to wait for him in their car while he went to talk to the cops who stood looking in their direction. He slowly walked towards them afraid of what he was going to hear. As they started talking to him an ambulance drove up, two people went into the house and came out with her body. It was then when he broke down. The cops stepped aside to give him a little privacy. 
Her body was covered. He just stood there afraid to remove the sheet. Then slowly he moved his hand and pulled of the sheet. He froze. She was bleeding heavily due severe head injury. He ran his hand across her lips and closed his eyes. Tears ran down his face. And suddenly he turned to the cops. He said, "You have to put the person who did this to her behind bars. And do whatever it takes.”
The cops told him that they thought it was the work of the serial killer. He enters in through the back door, and puts his victims through hell before killing them. He had killed 5 other women before this. They had a suspect and would take action 

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