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Vasant Valley

19th JULY, 1999 ISSUE 4   T  O   D  A   Y  














An inter House Math quiz was held for the students of Class V. Red House was declared the winner. A science quiz was also held for the students of Class VI to Class VIII. The winners in that quiz were Red House, again. Second place was taken by Blue.

Pondicherry in the winter

Sitting on the sea, facing Park Guest House balcony, one can get lost in a million thoughts. Thoughts about beauty, thoughts about love, thoughts about…… about thoughts. The sheer resplendence of the setting sun, in the Pondicherry evening is enough to want you to live from another 'Thousand Suns.'The glistening waters of the sea in the last rays of the suns rejuvenate your eyes to unprecedented levels. I have never in any seventeen years felt so refreshed by something so mundane (that is in Delhi!!)As evening falls, I venture out on my feet for my first real tete - a tete with Pondicherry. I don't have to go far, I met a couple from Austria who have been here for the last week on a month long honeymoon (that's a looong time!!!!). "It's the most spiritually enriching place I have ever seen," blushes Catherine. "Join us for dinner man," invites Polkov. I jump up at the prospect of enjoying their charming company and also a furtive sip at white wine. I gathered through a mouthful of steak, that even Catherine's mother had come to Pondicherry 30 years ago.

Pondicherry, though not firmly on the tourist destination map, will certainly remain etched on my mind for ever. I slept on my comfortable cot by the window, dreaming of a place by the sea of my own. A Pondicherry of my own. I woke up at 3 am and plonked myself on a lounging chair on the balcony. I have my camera around my neck. Sleep is of my neck and this is the first time I have ever gotten up at 3 am. Well I guess it has been a journey of many firsts…… The dawn breaks, darkness gradually recedes beyond the sea line. I have my eyes focussed on the view-finder and my mind is rolling. The clouds on the blue horizon fly like doves all around. Far away at the jetty I see a fishing boat. Everything comes to standstill - sun breaks through. My mind captures it all but not my camera… But whose complaining, I have lived through one of the most fascinating and fabulous moments of my life. I will come back to you Pondicherry. Some time, when I have grown to savour and relive this again.

Saionton Basu


chess tournie starts

chess.jpg (3619 bytes)

The chess tournament has started for the students of the Senior School. The matches will be held in the computer classes, and the rankings for the Senior School will be established according to this tournament. The number one rank from last year was held by Raviraj Singh (of Class VIII!) Lets see if he can do it again.

po8.gif (32335 bytes)

The Beach at Pondicherry

Elocutions and Poetry Writing

An English elocution was held for Class VI and VII. Kabir Bindra of VI-C captured first place while Medha Barua followed in second. For Class VII first place was got by Vidur Bhargava, and second by Vidur Kaushik. A Poetry Writing Competition with 110(!) contestants took place on Thursday.


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