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Vasant Valley Today             3



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Yesterday I went to the jungle
I saw some incredible animals
I could hear the sky begin to thunder
It was really looking like the 8th wonder
I could hear the chirping of the birds
And wild elephants running crazily in herds
I saw a zebra with striped pyjamas
And also saw some young llamas.
I could hear the roaring of the tiger
Being mightier than ever
I saw many wild cats
And monkeys who were acrobats
The trees were tall and thin
The grass thick and high
And the tiger would quickly tell his mowers
To cut the grass short
And run to the court
The cheetah being the judge
Ordered his servants to get him a blue fudge
The meeting was so nice
But there were many mice in the hall
Then the tiger did the jungle call
And running came the army and took
Care of the naughty mice
This day in the jungle had been very nice.

Raghav Sarin

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Nilanjana Dutt


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Blood and death is all I see,
And flying weapons plenty,
As I now race against cruel time,
Which has robbed me of many.
Friends and people whom I loved,
Are now just heaps of flesh.
Arrows, spears and swords galore,
Have splintered through their mesh.
The battlefield is filled with humans
Pleading for their lives.
Bleeding for their country,
Dying for their rights,
And in this place,
I see the things that unite us all.
The fact that we are human
Does top them all.

The fact that we have feelings,
And the blood in us is red.
Is all that should matter now,
Before it too is shed.
As I look out onto the fields,
And strain to hear the silence.
I hear the sound of anguished voices,
Melt into the distance.
The bugle trills as I walk away,
A silhouette in the light.
It is just another day I fear,
And yet another fight.

Mihika Acharya
8 – C

Living in the System

The question often asked by a mind subjected to the system is "Am I ever going to use what I'm learning?" The information provided may not be remembered but the act of memorizing text for a short period of time, heightens your brain activity. As long as the act of memorization is occurring the brain cells accessed increases. And later these built up cells will be used for the act of thinking.

Just the act of questioning the system is part of the learning experience that helps evolve as well rounded human beings. The fact that we are able to stand back and look at the system objectively is an example of the system encouraging us to be thinkers.The information itself maybe irrelevant but, it is not meaningless. By providing this information it gives the student the chance to judge information.If a subject is boring, label it as boring. This is part of the process of learning. Those who reject the system have had the opportunity to learn more. If you do not agree with this system, chances are the more you will try to figure out on your own. The system gives you a platform to apply your mind and discretion, which is more than a lot of other systems provide. You may have to learn the information provided, but it does not mean you have to accept it.

Shonan Trehan

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