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21st December 2000 - Page 3

Ambitions Should have their own place in life

A friend once told me something very beautiful - and it's something that I will never forget. She said, "Don't reach for the stars - be one." On pondering over this thought for a very long time I have realized that this is one that depicts the reality of life to the best extent. Each one of us has many ambitions in life. But very few of us realize that there is no elevator to our goals, only a staircase, that has to be overcome step-by-step.
What does a star depict? A star depicts the very apex of those in our lives. A position that many dream of, but very few achieve. It is very easy to get attracted to this position of importance and relevance, but many a time when we try to leap for those stars all we gain are a few fractured bones or symbolically, our downfall. This has become such a common feature nowadays that it is impossible to deny it for long. 
We should never let our dreams get the better of us, or we'll sleep for too long. It would take us into a fantasyland, and make us forget that in the real world one's got to work towards his or her dreams. Life itself is a dream full of stars and beautiful things. But it is only up to us to snap out of it occasionally, and remind ourselves that if the stars were easy to obtain, the world would be a perfect place and not one we see today. 
We also have to realize that sometimes in the long run, we may have to leave our wild dreams behind, and give a thought to more attainable ones. Hence, we should never make our goals the basis of our lives. I'm not saying that we should stop dreaming or setting goals - that should never happen. But to keep these goals in our reach, and to walk towards them step-by-step is an art, which alone can result in a successful life. After all, "Why reach for the stars when we have equally beautiful flowers close to us."

Ankit Bahri

How much do you know about the “Big Fight”???

-Do you know that there were actually four people in contention for the U.S.Presidency. Two of them we all know are Al Gore and George W. Bush. The other two were Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan.
-This was not the first time that such a close contest was held for the U.S. Presidency. The first time was in 1876 when the election had become too close to call.
-Though George.W. Bush won the election on account of number of seats, the actually popularity vote was won by Al Gore as he won more overall votes than Bush. As a result, though Bush is in charge now, there are more people in the U.S.A. that didn’t want him to become the president than those who did.
-Al Gore’s concession speech was regarded as one of the best given by any losing candidate in American election history. Boy, had he a good chance of winning the elections if he had spoken like that in the presidential debates preceding the elections!!
-It is estimated that Indians living in the United States contributed about 15 million dollars in funds to the campaigns for the elections. 


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