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21st December 2000 - Page 4


The Blonde Princess

Early this morning,
When I woke up in bed.
My door was not there,
My dad was instead.

"Happy Birthday!" he yelled,
Jumping up and down.
In came my mother,
With my present in a gown.

"What is it?" I cried,
Filled with surprise.
"Your present, you sissy,"
"Don't you have eyes?"

That was my brother,
A real pain in the neck.
But why did he smile?
Oh what the heck!

I opened the present,
With their eyes on me.
It was my very own camera!
The best present that could be.

Thank you Mom and Dad,
And you too dear brother.
Oh! What a surprise!
How nice of them to bother!

By Saranya Misra

The following short story was written by a team of four, comprising of Partha S. Mudgil, Ankit Bahri, Simran Sethi and Pratik Sharda for the 'Synergy' competition held in the Naval Public School, which was part of the 'Anchor Festival'. In this on-the spot event, they were awarded the first prize.

She was born a blonde beauty in a world of aristocrats and countless wealth….

She had everything an individual could demand except common sense. And to be frank, this was hardly something that people demanded of her. Her spacious head was often the object of laughter. It was a joke among local princes that, "What would a fly be called if it entered the blonde's head?? - A space invader!" Then, the good times finally dawned upon the blonde beauty when a prince walked in from never-never land - a blonde prince! They incidentally met while answering the loud calls of nature in a jungle. It was a classic case of LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, though some time was taken to reconcile from the embarrassment of the first ugly sight. They formed a perfect couple, as this was the first time they laughed heartily, not on themselves, but on jokes! It seemed like the affair would be everlasting but their relative lack of common sense stood like a wall between the two. For example, when the prince expressed his feeling by saying the simple yet beautiful phrase, "I love you" the blonde princess replied innocently by saying, "What a coincidence, I love me too." Remarks like these only strengthened their unbeatable patience for each other. But beautiful moments were bound to end, however. This came to an abrupt end when lightening struck the blonde princess while she was coming out of the toilet. She immediately fell into deep sleep. When the prince bent down to kiss her she whacked him and said " Let me sleep", and went back to sleep.
....And that is how the fairy tale ended. 

Editorial Board: Aatish Bhatia, Partha S. Mudgil, Ankit Bahri, Shivan Marya, Pallavi Raghavan, Shruti Sharma, Priya Malik, Digvijay Singh, Deivyani Dheer, Amaan Raj Khanna.

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