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21st February 2003 - Page 1


The Chess Ladder began on the 10th of Feb for classes 1 to 9.
On Tuesday, the 11th, the students of class 9 visited the National Museum.

The students of class 8 went to the Lodhi Gardens as a part of their Social Studies curriculum

A workshop was held in preparation of the Jal Utsav week to begin on the 17th of March. Students of class 7 to 12 learnt how to create and design costumes made of paper focussing on “Water” as the theme.

A drama workshop is being held for the same, involving classes 9 and 10 to enact a play on “water conservation.” 

A performance by Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt on the Mohan Veena, sponsored by SPIC MACAY, was held on Friday the 14th of February.

The first Business Studies Symposium was held on the 19th of February for class XII. It was a great success with Anjali Malik and Nikhil Mulchandani winning, followed by Rahul Arora and Monis Delhvi.

Our Junior School soccer team rampaged to victory in the Brother Mahoney Tournament defeating the host school Mount Saint Mary’s 3-0. Avi Kakkar was the player of the league and this is the 3rd consecutive year that Vasant Valley has won.

...and in the Milo Cup we have won the championship for the 2 consecutive years that it has been held. this year we beat DPS RK Puram 4-0 in the finals .
Cheers to the Junior School Soccer Team!


As the clouds ,evening fog and streetlights of the town blurred the vision in the sky, we kept wondering whether all the effort to arrive in school for “Star Gazing” on that chilly evening of Saturday, the 8th of November was worth it.
While the stars continued to hide, the moon turned out to be a friendly neighbour.
The images of the moon through the blurred sky with all its craters was distinctly visible. The vertical bands running through the center of Jupiter were also a spectacuar sight. The reason why prominent constellations could not be seen was because the stars subtend almost a zero degree angle on telescope, and therefore cannot be magnified.
On the whole it was an exciting evening.

Saakshita Prabhakar
10 B


Some time back, a few students made a trip to the Ashoka Hotel to see “Tiranga,” a tribute to the Indian flag. The programme was inaugurated by President Abdul Kalam, and included a composition by Javed Akhtar, Zakir Hussain, and Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and Pandit Janji. Each maestro composed a piece on either one of the colours or the chakra of the flag and in the end we had a ‘Jugal Bandi’. All this was interspersed by poems written by Javed Akhtar.
All of us enjoyed this trip a lot as the music was magical. We also spent a few energetic moments scurrying around, getting autographs! All in all, it was a delightful evening.

Akanksha Srivastav

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