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21st January 2003 - Page 4

Small Talk

Muse and Amuse

I met Trothy the cow,
Who always said, "Moooooo,"
Her color often turned blue
And she tried to write with her shoe.

Shiksha Kamra IV-B

I asked my mother fifty pence
To see Ellie the elephant jump over
the fence
He jumped so high that he touched 
the sky
And never came back till the 4th of 

Abhilasha Sinha IV- B

If I Had A Magic Wand…

Actually I would like to change numerous things which I rather not talk about but most of all I would like to change my speed, not mentally but physically as I have mentioned earlier I have no clue what to do during the P.E. standard tests. All of them the beam, the rope and ten meters… … they all give me the jitters! I fail in almost everyone of them (especially the running ones) it drives me crazy! I hope the magic wand could help me. Vikram Kaleka V- C 

Like every other human being I would like a magic wand. I have many good qualities but like most people there are some aspects about me which I feel I can improve upon. A magic wand would help me achieve my desires easily. It would help me develop a photographic memory. A sharp memory would help me study for a test or exam. I would learn all that I had to in a minute. I would then have so much spare time to do the other things that I enjoy. Like playing my favourite games- basketball and tennis. A photographic memory would also help me in these sports. I would be able to remember the complicated moves in basketball instantly, and I wolud never forget the strengths and weaknesses of my opponents in tennis. Life would be so easy if I had a superhuman memory all thanks to my magic wand! Maanit Bharany V- C

Live and Let Live

I am a bird, I fly
I see, I look , I spy
All the dirty sites of kill
I'm happy I'm only made of feathers and a bill

I'm a tiger, I'm almost gone
Why do they kill me I do no harm
I only do what serves them right
I only kill in fear and fright

We're just animals, what are they? 
Turning worse day by day
As we complete the circle of life
They cut us up with a horrid knife

Live your life in harmony
Make it good for others to see
So let us go & let us free
let us live in a peaceful society.

Vanya Vaishnavi Singh V-C 

Mr. Tin Man

I am a Tin Man.

I live in a tin house. 

I eat tinned food.

James Jang II- B

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