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21st February 2003 - Page 5


My ship floated out to sea,
My magic carpet flew into the sun.
Poison ran through my veins,
While the hourglass commenced to run.

I ran from the anger,
Iran from the hate.
I ran from the hand,
Dealt out by fate.

Into the river of life, 
Pure, soft and wide,
I threw my ego,
My selfhood, my pride.

The lion wanders alone.
Destined to be,
The sole heir of Godís throne.

I became my own champion,
I beat all the odds,
The others were mortal,
I drank wine with the Gods.

My ship had been wrecked,
My carpet run aground,
I had seen it all before,
My future unwound.

I had decided what I wanted,
I decided my fate,
No reason to return,
No reason to wait.

So I picked up my soul,
And entered my tomb,
It was warm and alive,
I had come back to the womb...

Dhananjaya Chak
12 A


My grandmother
Her heart is tender.
The stories she tells me,
Are full of splendour.
Like princes and princesses,
Sweet little Alice,
The kingís palace!
My grandmother dislikes pop,
She prefers jazz and rock.
My grandmother,
Is very dynamic,
she used to to be an academic.
So this is my grandmother,
You know about her.
If you go to Slovakia,
You may see her.

Sara Chatterjee,6 B

My vacations are always fun,
When Iím visiting my grandmum,
With her rosy cheeks and her eyes of green,
You can make out that sheís never mean.

She looks beautifl in her saris of silk,
Her complexion is like cream and milk.
Sheís slowly beginning to get gray hair,
But I for one, donít really care!

When she buys me a toy,
She fills me up with joy.
Itís always nice to take a nap,
Snuggling into her cozy lap.

While she tells me stories of every kind
Of kings and queens and Frankenstein!
Itís always nice to come into 
Her house, which she keeps so spic and span for me and you.
She takes pride in keeping her kitchen really nice, 
In which she lets in no mice. 
Twice a week, she cooks me delicious meat,
Which to me is an awesome treat.

So, this was my grandmum,
Always willing to have some fun!
Meghna Mann, 6 B

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