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21st March 2003 - Page 4
Worms for Dinner

Since it was a holiday, mother told her two chicks, Chu- Chu and Chuza, to switch off the T.V. and go dig up some worms for dinner. Your father has invited old Mr. Rooster for dinner.
The chicks were very upset, since it was a lovely February morning. They soon started to enjoy their work. They collected a lot of worms~~~ some curly, some squishy, one smug, the other a bug, one long, one strong, one light, while some were straight. They packed them tightly in a box. Suddenly, Chuza spotted a thick, long, juicy worm.
Though they had collected many worms, this one would certainly make their mother happy and she might reward them with an extra helping of grain. So, Chuza ran and pecked at the worm, but couldn't pull it out, so he called Chu-chu and both of them pulled hard. While they were pulling hard, the worm pulled away with a sudden jerk and both of them fell over backwards. From behind the fence, out popped Mr. Field Mouse with a sore tail! He scolded the two chicks, who took hold of their worm- box and fled home! 

Jaiveer Jakhar IV-C 

All Creatures Great and Small

One day my horse hurt his knee. When I discovered that he was hurt, I went and called a vet. The vet treated the knee and advised that the horse should not be saddled for a month. During that month even though I could not ride him I visited him every morning. Gently, I talked to him and fed him apples and sugar. His knee healed beautifully and we were all very happy. 
Arjun Badal IV-A

I have a goldfish, fat and round,
He lives in a bowl happily swimming around.
His colour is a mix of orange and gold,
He arrived on my birthday and now is 2years old.
He is the finest birthday gift I ever got,
He is cute as a button and I love him a lot.

Kartik Bhasin IV-A

I love my fishes in the bowl,
Orange and black, they're nine in all.
Their names are Devil, Star, Tom and Pleasure,
Harry, Jerry, Jenny, Joy and Treasure.
I love the way they swim and follow,
And open their little mouths to swallow.
If you ever feed them food,
They suddenly become very rude.
The big ones dash and fetch it first,
And leave the small ones to eat the worst.
And when the tire from their travel,
At night they come to rest on the gravel. 

Tejasvita Singh IV-A 

Green Creatures in the Dark

It was our first adventure camp from school. After a long day at Dumduma, we were about to sleep in our cottages. Suddenly, I noticed tiny spots of green light outside my window. I was so curious, I tiptoed outside, to explore. I could not believe what I saw in front of my eyes! Two creatures, about four feet tall, fluorescent green in colour were moving about in the grass. They had the face of a rat and the body of a wasp. Before I could recover from my shock, I heard voices.
Creature1- "Heyzz Clog, guezz whatzz I foundzz, a wierdzz orangezz fruitzz." Said Clog. "Sozz whatzz, I gotzz a muchzz betterzz thingzz thanzz thatzz, I gotzz somezz soilzz." Said Tweeno. "Letzz uszz seezz whozz bosszz likeszz betterzz." Said Clog. They got back into their UFO and blasted off. I always told my juniors to look out for them when went there.
Karanpreet Kochar IV-B 

A Strange Meeting

I followed the strange creature silently almost on tiptoes. It moved around my neighbour hood doing strange things. I was astounded to see the creature walking, at times flying like a bird by flapping its hands to stay up in the air and at times crawling under bushes like an infant. Instead of fingers it had feathers and its palms were padded. This creature had an antenna, coming out of its forehead. It seemed as if the antenna was showing him the direction to take. While I followed this creature I noticed, he seemed to be interested in the flora and fauna of our neighbour hood. It was busy collecting samples of plants.
I went up to the strange creature and asked him where he had come from. He replied, "I am a Martian from the planet Mars." It was incredible, but he could speak! He could even understand English!
We talked while we walked, Martian and I. I told him some names of plants and flowers. I told him about trees and creepers.
As the sun turned red and was ready to set, he bid me good-bye and vanished into thin air. Vanished to where? I do not know. 

Shabnam Kapoor IV-A 

My dog,

Is named fog.
His vision is so foggy,
That he is forever looking groggy.
He loves to play and have fun with me,
And we like to sing together Do Re Me!
He used to run 
As fast as a bullet,
Till he met with an accident.
After surgery,
His one leg remained forever bent.
That poor little dog,
Now always sleeps like a log.
The pest,
However, is actually the best.

Kalyani Day IV-A

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