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21st March 2003 - Page 6


The sub junior girls softball tournament saw the yellow house winning an easy victory.

The Dads of Vasant Valley students won against the School Cricket team on Saturday, the 8th of March. The Dads won the match by 25 runs and the next match is scheduled on the 22nd March, 2003 where the students will play against the teachers. 
Hope you can be there to cheer the teams.

The Junior School Boys Soccer Tournament has started and is scheduled to finish sometime next week.

In the Sub Junior Boys Basketball tournament, Red house emerged triumphant, beating Yellow House in the finals.


"Hey, I don't have a backside!!"
Sonal Marwah complaining about not having the flipside of her G.K Quiz printed.

"When was World War III"
Sakshi Chopra

"Pick up the throws and stone them"
Vikram Jeet Dalal trying to convey exactly the opposite.

"Come to "cookies""
Karan Anand inviting some girls to "Qwikeys". 


SHE WAS.....                                                                                                                           by Ramaniyata Jairath
She was all alone when a man came and whistled. She started running. She turned to see if he was behind her, but to her dismay saw many men following her. She did not give up. One man nearly caught her. She had a poor chance.
She saw me and maybe thought well of me and so started running towards me. A man came between us and caught her but she freed herself from his grasp and ran again. Now there was no one between us. I opened my arms to welcome her and behold she was in my arms.
She was a football and I the goalkeeper.

All those interested in giving their opinions on the current situation between U.S. and Iraq can log on to the following sites and post their views which will be directly sent to the Whitehouse. 

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