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Class 8 had the opportunity to watch a film on ‘Disarmament’ on the 5th of August, Tuesday

Selected students of class 8-11 participated in a Quiz and a Group Discussion organized by the Chinmaya Mission. Ashutosh Kumar of class 11 won 3rd prize in the group discussion.

Some selected students of class 9 presented a multimedia presentation on radioactivity.The first prize was won by Svati Goyal followed by Varini Sharma who came second. The third prize was shared by Smiti Malik and Sanya Mahajan.

On the 5th of August, class 8 visited the Corporation Bank as an activity in maths.

Some students of class 11 participated in the Shri Ram School Debate held on august 6th 2003. Ashutosh Kumar and Zain Khan were awarded the 2nd best speaker’s award respectively in two debates.

Class 9 exhibited Posters and Banners on the theme 'Hiroshima day'. These were judged and the 1st prize was won by Svati Goyal and Sakshi Mahajan.

A debate on the topic 'Ayodhya- Have the hardliners won?' was held for the students of class 9. Udit Mahajan stood first and Nivedita and Ritunjay shared second spot.

The Vasant Valley Inter- School Multimedia Contest 2003 will be held on the 9th of September. Approximately 15 schools will be participating and this year’s theme will be”Gender Issues.”

The Indian Music Competition was held on the 1st of August and won by Red House followed by Green House and then Blue. 

The Vasant Valley School Band went to Bishop Cotton School, Shimla this weekend for a music festival. They had a superb time and further details will be given in the next issue with pictures. 

BOOK WEEK- a celebration of knowledge

The Book Week was held from the 4th to the 8th of August in an effort to increase each student's thirst to read while in the process making students of all classes aware of the expansion of one's knowledge through reading. 

On Monday, Class 6 - 11 excluding class 10, had a 'Book Chat' where they were divided into groups. These groups discussed certain books. They were made aware that each book, and each story in fact, makes different impressions on different people. Perceptions of each story by each group were shared, adopted or acknowledged through these discussions. 
On Tuesday, Class 6 to 8 had a 'Poet- Tree' session where poems on Nature were written on leaf shaped paper which were attached to an equally innovative tree. This tree is now standing outside the library for all to see. Meanwhile, Class 9 and 11 were given an insight into 'Book Processing' where they had the privilege of interacting with Manju Kapur(author of "Difficult Daughters"), Atanu Roy(Illustrator) and Sugeeta Roy Chawdhury(Editor)- truly a rare experience. 
On Wednesday, Class 6 to 8 had the chance to interact with Subhadra Sen Gupta, who discussed the final manuscript which was written while she was our 'Writer- in-Residence'. They also had the privilege
of meeting Tapas Guha, an illustrator. 
On Thursday, they had a 'Spin a Yarn' session where one student had to begin a story while the others had to continue it till the last person in class ended it. Weaving knows no limits!
On Friday, a 'Book Quiz' organized by the Library Council(who did a great job and deserve a special mention) was attended to by classes 6 to 12, giving the students a chance to flaunt their literary knowledge as well as learn about new books and, in the process, give points to their house. Green House emerged victorious proving its mettle…go Green!The 8th period for each class was dedicated to 'DEAR time' (Drop Everything And Read), where the students were expected to read any book of their choice. 

The Book Week motivated some, educated others but was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The Editorial Board

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