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24th January 2003 - Page 2

Letter to the Editor

This is in response to Yaman’s letter in the last newsletter.
Religion is like a thin, delicate string which has bound man together tightly over centuries. In this large community of mankind, there are some people who willingly are tightly bound by this string never willing to let go, some people who loosen the string but still have a hold on it - these are the people who don't blindly follow it, but who respect it - and finally there are the people who have made a small cut in this string breaking it completely and stand a mile away pointing fingers at the people who are bound by this string, such as the very own writer of this editorial column we had last week.
It is agreed… everything needs its own justification. But just like everything else existent on the face of our beautiful planet today, religion has its flaws. It has its ups and downs. And when you actually come to think about it, it's every individual's choice - to respect religion, or to treat it like trash and throw it outside. Whether there is a god or not, whether there were three wise men in Bethlehem or not, we don't know. But that's all the outside picture of religion, the view of religion that we get as outsiders. There comes a point in every persons life, when he needs help, needs guidance, needs someone whose views have been accepted by generations in the past, and will continue to be respected in the future - religion, and this is precisely the reason we respect it; place it above other things. Not because it has the best scientific or logical beliefs which must be believed over all else. In truth religion is nothing but a system of beliefs, an aggregate of people's views on ethics. And it is this religion that forms the basis on which man today thrives. It is not something that man wants to make the foundation for his entire life - it's more like a guide - use it when you need it, keep it stacked away without disrespecting it, when the need for guidance is lost.

Respecting religion is something we do for it to be an eye-opener, a springboard to successful lives by giving us a wider perspective to this world; rather than letting it blindfold us and take us into a different world of its own...

Ashwin Garg, X C


What would life be like,
Had it always been so dark?
Loneliness would overcome me
And haunt me like a lark.

But I try to convince myself 
That life isn't so gloomy,
Yet words do not satisfy my soul
Hardly have an effect on me.

One side says "No!"
It isn't true,
Life is just Satan,
Enrobed in sinewy dew."

"It's a devil with a smiling cheek
An apple rotten at the core.
Do not succumb to what it throws,
All that glitters is not gold."

"Oh come on, don't listen to him,"
The other side laughs and says,
"It's the ratty old hag talking
Just look at the wonderful days."

I'm in a state of confusion now,
And feeling rather weak
I wonder whose side I should take
Whose help I should seek…

So I take the good guy's side and admit
That life isn't so bad a game.
But suddenly I'm sucked into a howling vacuum
And I start to wonder all over again.

Varini Sharma, 9 B


Do you think that the change in the academic session is a good decision?

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