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24th January 2003 - Page 3

PRUTHA DESAI: An inspiration for all...

Surrounded by an air of self confidence, a smile always playing on her lips and her creative mind forever racing,Prutha, doesn't look like the Victim(not a word she would use) of the terrible Gujarat earthquake. She witnessed death from such close quarters, escaping its grasping fingers with courage. The loss of her right arm seemed only a small price to pay for escaping the darkness that engulfed her, trapped under the fatal debris.

Do you think that because of the incident you have grown up faster than most or lost an important part of your childhood?
Well, not really, I have become more independent though. Now I want my world. In fact, I don't know if I should be saying this, but sometimes, when I shut my eyes, I see this golden mist that comes out like a wave and engulfs me. And then everything I do becomes alright.

You enjoy Painting. Do you have a role model?
No, not really. I just paint because I enjoy it and my sir has in fact had a great hand in this. Ever since I was small I would watch his hand moving steadily across the paper and hope to also be able to do the same some day. 

Apart from painting what other interests do you have?
I love acting. Infact I can fake tears very easily! It's my forte. Infact, in this respect, Rani Mukherjee and Vivek Oberoi are my role models. I'm also very sporty. I play all sorts of sports - basketball badminton, volleyball. 

So will you become a painter when you grow up?
Painting is my passion. But I want to become a vetinary doctor. I love animals.
So do you have any pets?
No. my mom hates and them and finds dogs and cats unclean. She wants me to be a doctor but not a vet - perhaps a dentist or a neurosurgeon. 

Who has helped you most through this whole incident?
Undoubtedly, Mr. Sunil Handa.

You're Gujarati. What do you feel about the situation of Gujarat today - the communal riots and political discriminity?
I think the situation is very sad. Even though I don't read the papers I know the political situation is terrible. Everyone's become a fanatic. If muslims hold a sword, the hindus have guns. It's terrible. I think religion is to enjoy and the political leaders should sit and talk it out.

What is your message to the students of our school?
I want to tell everyone to enjoy life as much as they can. Also I feel that modernization is a must. And the golden rule is living a balanced life and incorporating studies and play at the same time. 

Interview taken by 
Nitya Vaishnavi Singh(class X) and Varini Sharma (Class IX )

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