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It was five inches by eight inches in dimensions. Thin, extremely so. Two of them in fact, joint by a metallic object. Almost everyone upon seeing it perspired. And the fact that it lasted for almost three hours and recurs sent a chill down our spines. Quietly it creeps up your brains testing the extremities of brain functions. Mostly white but black pieces of carbon sticking on it. Only a handful understood it.

That day when I was in that room with it, oh yes, I remember it distinctly. It was using one of us to annihilate a whole species. One human himself was spreading it. He was quite close now. Ambling inch by inch I had a piece of plastic ready just in case It was closer, even closer. Many of my friends were already infected by its powers. I could see it quite closely now. I had all my weapons ready. My paper plastic pen, I could almost read the first question.

In a time when vampires are dead due to pollution and most beasts are on the endangered species list I feel this is as close to fear I can get.

Amitayush Bahri


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Our basketball teams are as follows-

GIRLS: Sakshi Sharda (C), Pritha Sahai, Nayantara Rai, Priya Gupta, Prairna Gupta, Divya Singhal, Bhavya Singhal, Pratibha Sareen, Richa Sarin and Meghna Sethi.

BOYS: Karan P.Nanda (C), Arun Patnaik, Jasmeet Singh Kochhar, Supriyank Walia, Rahul Sharma, Puneet Mehrotra, Adhish Duggal, Sarabjeet Gadhiok, Amitabh Kumar, Shiva Anand, Surya Udai Bedi and Pankaj Bajaj.

Editorial Board: Aatish Bhatia, Sharad Bajaj, Saionton Basu, Priya Malik, Pallavi Raghavan. Shruti Sharma, Deivyani Dheer, Maalini Kochhar, Aman Raj Khanna, Shonan Trehan, Shivan Marya and Prayaag Akbar (Editor)


Vasant Valley girls basketball team has been on a winning streak under the captaincy of Sakshi Sharda. In the first round of the Zonals they got a walkover against Ryan International, which took them straight to the quarterfinals. In this round the girls had total control over the match with D.P.S. Vasant Kunj with a score line of 20-3. The leading scorers were Pritha Sahai(10), Sakshi Sharda and Divya Singhal with 4 points each, and a commendable effort by Priya Gupta.

The next destination, the semifinals. In the semis they outplayed Chinmaya Vidhyalaya. In this game, Divya Singhal came up with a smashing performance leading the scorers with 8 points, followed by Pratibha Sareen(4) and Sakshi Sharda(3). Sakshi played brilliantly in this game and lead her team to victory.

The boys team too, have been on fire under captain Karan P. Nanda. The boys got through the first round with a walkover against Deep Public School which got them though to the quarterfinals. The boys also met with the D.P.S. Vasant Kunj team in this round. The boys won 27-15, the leading scorers being Supriyank Walia(8) ,Arun Patnaik(6) and Puneet Mehrotra(5). This victory took the boys straight into the semifinals where they would meet the highly rated Chinmaya Vidyalaya team.

This game was totally one-sided as the boys totally demolished their opponents. The Vasant Valley team triumphed 57-37 with top scores by Shiva Anand(16) Puneet Mehrotra(12),Supriyank Walia(12) and Karan Nanda(10).

Both the girls and the boys team will face M.S.V.V. in the finals on the 22nd of September. We wish our teams the best of luck and are very confident that they will bring back victories by winning the Delhi South-Zonals 21.

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