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25th August 2000                                                                                                              Page 1


What is Neoscience all about

Dr. Bansal from the IARI gave a talk on transgenic plants to science students from classes XI and XII on Wednesday the 9th of August.

On Thursday the 10th of August, Class XII had an Oral Interpretation Competition. First position was shared by Akhil Wable, Sakshi Sharda and Manav Chopra. Second position went to Shambhavi Singh. Class V also had a Hindi Recitation Competition on the same day.

Saloni Mira Rai and Nilanjana Dutt represented school at the Sanskar Public Speaking Competition in Jaipur. They were accompanied by Mrs. Kanchan Tiwari. Their stay was spread over the 11th, 12th and 13th of July. They attended a workshop on the 13th.

On Monday the 14th of July, classes X and XI had an Oral Interpretation Competition. The results were as follows
Class X: 1st - Hansa Singla
2nd - Vrinda Sharma
Class XI: 1st - Pratik Sharda
2nd - Nikhilesh Chand

The Middle School Inter House English Debate was held on Monday the 14th. The motion for the debate was ‘The Osama Bin Ladens of the world have a cause.’ Shivan Marya was adjudged the Best Speaker followed by Ashutosh Kumar. Blue House came in First with Red House taking second place.

Sourav Roy, Raghav Mishra and Ajitesh Arun represented the school at an astronomy quiz on Monday the 14th. They secured fourth place.
Sanchaita GajpatiRaju and Swati Bhargava went to Mothers International for an extempore debate on Monday the 14th.

Tuesday the 15th of August was our Independence Day. It commemorated in our school by the Prabhat Pheri at 5am. The participants were served Mathi and Halva, and then flew kites in the field. At 7:45 am there was flag hoisting for the entire school followed by songs.

On Wedensday the 10th of August, 10 Swedish teachers visited the school and interacted with the students.

Classes XII and X had a 3 day workshop on mnemonics or memory enhancement conducted by Dr. Chugh.

There was a BPP debate sponsored by the government of India on Wednesday the 10th, in which Bansuri Swaraj and Meha Desai stood first at the District Level. Bansuri Swaraj went on to win the Best Speaker Prize at the Regional Level.The motion was "Strict family measures are the only way to population stabilization."

The Monthly Tests began for classes IX-XII on Wednesday the 16th.

On Thursday the 17th, the preliminary round of the Computer Quiz was held for classes IX-XII.

Students from classes 8-12 went for a Geo Map Quiz in D.P.S. Vasant Kunj.

There was a review meeting held on Saturday the 19th.

On the 12th of august 2000, the students of psychology and biology from classes 11 & 12 visited "VIMHANS" for a talk on neurosciences. Dr. Nagpal and Dr. Ajay Bakshi spoke about the human master organ- the Brain. They discussed its parts and functions. "The amazing movement of billions of brain cells in harmony without any chaos" was termed as the basis of a 'normal' brain. They briefly talked about the basic element of the brain- the neuron, which causes the various emotions, movements, behaviour, personality and it is because of these neurons that we can feel, hear, see, smell and taste.
We were given tips on how to improve our concentration. Changing the place where we study at regular intervals was an easy and effective tip. Another interesting point discussed was the variation of personality of right and left handed people. Right handed people, they said, are usually the more creative, artistic, musical and imaginative, lot and the 'lefties' are the logical mathematical, scientific ones.

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