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25th February 2002 - Page 1


Saturday 16
Senior School Inter House Cricket Tournament was held. Green House defeated Yellow House by 6 wickets.
Top score was Dhananjaya Chak with 26 not out. In the match played by Red House and Blue House, Blue scored 56 all out. In reply, Red House cruised to a 10 wicket victory yet again. Karan Vasudeva of class IX was the top scorer with 29 not out.

Friday 15
Tara Tejpal of Class VII has been selected by INTACH as a Tiger Ambassador. She will leave for Ranthambore to participate in a workshop.
Selected students from classes VII to XI watched the Hero Honda Grand Masters at the DLF Golf and Country Club. They also watched a golf trick show.

Thursday 14
A team from Vasant Valley participated in the Mansi Kansari Memorial Basketball League for students under ten years, held at Fr. Agnel School. VVS played versus Chinmaya Vidyalaya, and won 26-14.
Students from Class VIII made three presentations to the visiting team from Digital Partners, USA. This was followed by a short interactive session and an interview by The Vasant Valley Today.

Wednesday 14
Classes III, IV and V watched the final match of the Brother Mohany Soccer Tournament. VVS versus Mt. St. Mary's . VVS lost 0-1, and carried the runners-up trophy.

Tuesday 12
Histiry students of Class VII and XI attended a workshop on ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ organized by INTACH at IGNCA on Janpath.

I was in school doing my favourite hobby,
Eavesdropping in the lobby.
Listening intently to every word,
Until I suddenly heard,
...'Jack' is no more,
Said somebody quite sore.

Up the stairs, down the corridor,
I rushed an opened my class door.
Twenty pairs of eyes bore
Into me, and 19 mouths cried,
"What's happened, don't hide",
"Our principal Jackson has died!" I cried.

I was greeted by violence,
And then a whoop of joy.
And then rose a huge outcry,
"Yai! No more punishments or scolding,
Finally our joy is unfolding."

"Silence! What's this all about",
Cried our class teacher Mrs. Spout.
When I told her the news,
She jumped out of her shoes.
She gave me a hi-five,
And shouted "Oh Joy!"

"Mrs. Spout! Children! What's going on?"
Bellowed grumpy old Mr. Jackson.
"You're alive", everybody said,
And looked at my face which was red
"I'm ashamed of everyone here", he said,
"I have half a mind to have you expelled."

And that is why I tell everybody,
If you eavesdrop don't tell anybody.
For what I thought was a dead man,
Actually was something used by a tool man.

Ashish Aggarwal VIII-B


Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are on a camping holiday. Holmes says to Watson "What do you make of all those stars above us Watson?"
Watson replies, "They are Incredible Holmes...They are infinite..So many stars so many universes..worlds within worlds..surely in amongst all those incalculable worlds there must be life like ours and even perhaps criminals of the very kind we ourselves investigate.”
Holmes replies..."No you idiot Watson..somebody has stolen our tent"....

Submitted by 
Shiva Bamezai
Class XI


To be a great champion, 
you have to be the best. 
If you aren’t, pretened you are.
-Mohammad Ali


We apologize for the delay in the printing of this issue of The Vasant Valley Today. We are currently having printing problems and are working to correct them.

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