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Vasant Valley Today                                                                                             3

January 25, 2000

Dear Mr. Kapur,

I am addressing the following letter to all parents.

Every morning as I get closer to school, with my son in the backseat, my apprehension rises. I have never failed to buckle my seat belt as I ready myself for defensive maneuvers through maddeningly careering chauffeur-driven cars racing to touch base before the rest.

Unmindful of the children's safety they are teaching by example our sons and daughters lessons in machismo. I dread these potential killers who without the watchful eyes of parents of the children are driving to school and are utterly unmindful of the rules for safe driving.

I request that at least one of the parents or someone responsible accompanies the drivers to school. Even 'good drivers' left to themselves, take dangerous risks.

I have seen many near misses. I appeal to all the parents to take steps before something tragic happens.

Rashmi Kaleka


I was really surprised to see that in the previous issue of the newsletter, there was a whole article dedicated to the boys team who lost to the ‘Fathers’ while there were just two lines talking about the girls who won their match against the ‘Moms’.

The girls’ team practiced really hard and after a losing streak managed to win a match and all they got was a measly ‘Well done’. I am sure they deserved a lot more than that. To compensate for the forgotten article, I would like to write about the match.

The match started off excitingly with both teams running neck to neck to get the lead. The ‘Moms’ team even had national level players, but this did not hamper the girls’ performance and half time ended at a score of 10-5 in our favour. The second half took off with the ‘Moms’ rushing back into action and taking the lead by one point. But our team managed to fight back to the top, finally winning the match 18-12.

I hope the newsletter will be more appreciative of the girls’ team in the future.

Thanking you,

Sakshi Sharda, 11-B   




Head Boy: Raghav Lekhi

Head Girl: Bansuri Swaraj


Sports :

Captain: Pritha Sahai

Vice Captain: Yogesh Bali


Green House :

Captain: Kunal Sharma

Vice Captain: Jaya Sharma


Red House :

Captain: Sakshi Sharda

Vice Captain: Sourav Roy


Yellow House :

Captain: Pratibha Sareen

Vice Captain: Prithvi Sidhu


Blue House :

Captain: Priya Gupta

Vice Captain: Siddhanth Aney



Head Boy: Rishabir Singh

Head Girl: Aarushi Jain


Sports :

Captain: Tanvie Hans

Vice Captain: Suryajit Singh


Green House :

Captain: Arjun Bajaj


Red House :

Captain: Viveka Bhandari


Yellow House :

Captain: Amba Uttar Kak


Blue House :

Captain: Talisa Oberoi

The Typical Indian Male


Comb in back pocket,

Gale mein heart ka locket.

This is the legendary tale

Of The Typical Indian Male



Broke, jobless, nothing to do

Utterly vella has no clue

The cinema is his guiding factor

His Hero is the philmi actor

Idolizes all the Khans.

Chomping on His sumptuous paans

Spitting here and spitting there.

His urinal is everywhere.



I thought I saw Govinda.

But it was just Him.

Garishly dressed,

In his mustard “muskal” vest.

Oh might we add – a puny chest!

Strutting in his “Peppy” jeans,

Splitting at the seams.

A real swinger

In his “Tommy Hilphinger”.

A topper,

In his “Lee Copper”.  


Next – his “Sturdly” footwear

is chosen with much care.

The Nikes with the ulta swoosh

Which assure him the “Extra Cush”.

Or maybe a more formal look

With a “Wouldland” or a “Rebook”.


And how can we “phorget”

How the hair was set

Be it with gel or Bryl Crème

It helps add a little steam

But if not that,

He can still be “Cat”

Just use pani

To impress His rani.


We swoon over His “ishtylish” walk.

The red bandana, the manly jock.

The cowboy boots, the well-groomed hair

He’s so with it----

----Yet He's just not there.


-Saloni Mira Rai

 Pritha Sahai


(Inspiration: Siddhanth Aney)


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