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25th July 2003 - Page 1


- Class 7 visited the Qutub Minar, on the 15th of July.

- An Impromptu Debate (Classes 10 and 11), held on 17th July, was won by Ashutosh Kumar and Zain Khan

- The Math Prize Test took place on Friday the 17th

- Class 5 visited the National Science Center on 18th July.

- Congratulations to the Hindi Recitation award winners- Manavi Bhardwaj, Vrithima Wadhwa, Udit Aggarwal.

- The commencement of school after the hot summer holidays has also led to the commencement of three interhouse tournaments:
1. Table Tennis
2. Tennis
3. Badminton

-Accounts students attended a workshop on chartered accountancy by experts at the Chamber of Commerce on 24th July.

- In the coming month the senior boy’s football team is going to start the Nivea Football tournament. Preparations are underway.

- The Inter House Science Quiz was held recently, and was won by Green house team consisting of Ravi Raj Singh, Aditi Malik, Vidhur Bhargav and Karan Kumar.

- An Economics Debate was held on 16th July and was won by Hemganini Dadhwal and Yaman Verma. 

- The Economics-Business studies Ad Act competition was won by a team consisting of Arjun Talwar, NIpun Sharma, Jai Kewalramani and Saurabh Chopra.

Summer Placements for Class 11

The class 11 students worked for 4 weeks in an organization of their choice. The program was a great success and the school received a positive feedback from both the students and the organizations they worked at. . Here are a few comments from the students themselves. Incidently the favourite employer was Maurya Sheraton(I wonder why???). 

"It was a great experience of corporate life. We saw how hard people were working," says Simit Batra, who did a research on AC and Microwave markets at Electrolux Kelvinator. 

"It was a learning experience, says Daksh Varma, who developed a computer interface for teaching electricity to class 9 students at NIIT 

"We saw cutting edge technology and machinery. We learnt procedures and observed work. It was an interesting experience," says Ashutosh Kumar, who participated in a genetics program at JNU 

"I made a website in JAVA script, learnt HTML coding and making a basic website. I also got familiar to XHTML and other Extended Markup Languages. It gave me an insight into what I might want to pursue as a career," says Vidur Bhargava, who did software programming during his stint of summer training

Yaman Verma, XI-C

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