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T O T A L L Y    F I L M I 

The Matrix-Reloaded 



Starring- Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne, Carrie Anne Moss.

Directed by Wachowski Brothers 

Strap on your seatbelt and hold on tight. This movie is more than enough to get your heart racing. This movie is worth all the big hype behind it and it really is the true successor to the first Matrix and sets the bar for special effects in the 21st century. The story line warps ahead as Neo and company are all set to protect Zion from a multitude digging probes in its darkest hour. Also to add fuel to fire Neo must fight with an army of agents who are faster, smarter and fight better. To add more to his existent misery the agents have acquired a means of instant multiplication by tampering with the working of the Matrix. Neo must now use all his powers to fight them and the plethora of villains of a mind boggling variety in the Matrix. To put it in a nut shell this is movie not to miss for the world and deserves the all praise it can possibly get.

Sound-4/5       Picture-5/5        Story-4/5        Direction-5/5         Total-4.5/5 

Quiz Time-Harry Potter

The newest Harry Potter on the block is the Order of the Phoenix.Take this simple quiz to test your knowledge of Potter Land-

1. Voldemort takes his real name from his father, what is his real name?
2. The Order of the Phoenix is a group of what? (Aurors/Clowns/Dogs/Dark
Wizards/AntiVoldemort Wizards) 
3. What is Dumbledore's pet phoenix's name?
4. Who is possessed by Voldemort in the second book of the series?
5. Harry Potter has a rare gift of speaking a language. Name it. What 
can let him communicate to?
6. Who is the minister for magic?
7. How many of the Weasley children have studied in Hogwarts?

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