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On 2nd July, a few students from classes 5-11 attended a stargazing program organized by Ms. Bhagirathy, Mr.Amitab and Mr Pankaj from the S.P.A.S.E organization conducted the event, it was both a pleasure and a success.

We first took a “journey on a light beam” across the universe which was very interesting and also gave us a perspective on the distances and the time taken to travel around the universe. Through the medium of a slide with breath taking pictures, we visited the moon, progressed onto mars, zoomed through the asteroid belt, stopped at Jupiter and its moon Ganymede to collect water for the journey, went past the planets and out of the solar system till we reached the nearest star Alpha centauri .From here we tried to call our parents, and this exercise made us realize that mind-boggling distances of our universe.

Finally, after moving through the Milky Way and crisscrossing in and out of several galaxies, made it to the last known point of the universe after four million light years, where Hubble’s telescope had captured a picture. 

On the terrace we saw the moon and Jupiter through the telescope, getting an incredibly clear view of the moon, a hazy Jupiter due to a polluted sky, and even enjoyed some unexpected fireworks, undoubtly causing pollution. Tired and exhilarated after the experience, truly happy and satisfied after such an exiting stargazing session.

Nitya V Singh 10- C

Have you ever wondered when you survey your expensive gold jewellery, or that gold plated watch, that so much depends on this yellow rock? Why do people today pay so much importance too gold? Is it just because of its rarity, or is it something else? 

Now because of this shiny element we are near a big calamity. What is the predicament? Just that people have simply delved into their minds and consciences. People have slowly realized the futile value of gold. They have finally understood its minimal value. 

What is the result of this? Nothing short of a world-wide economic collapse. Currency today is nothing more than paper and metal worth certain denominations in g o l d. If tomorrow alchemy takes a huge leap and we are able to convert base metals into gold, we will have to face a third World War ! 

Current super powers being at a disadvantage to other countries that still possess wealth of natural resources will fight for them. It would take decades for the building of a new economic system for the world. 

One thing is certain though; our future does not depend on gold. The time has come for us to set forward a fairer and more stable economic system. Because, let us face it. A world like ours cannot exist without money.

By Svati Goyal IX - C

Public Opinion

The Second Bus To Pakistan Will It Last Now?
YES- 24% 
NO- 56% 
Can’t Say- 20%

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