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Trees are the best things God has made. They only give and never take.
Devika Agrawal & Malika Sikand 5-C
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The Little Tree
In the heart of a forest
Inside deep and deep
A dear little tree
Lay fast asleep
Wake said the sunshine
And creep to the light
Wake said the voice 
Of the raindrops bright
The little tree heard
And rose to see
What the wonderful
Outside world might be.

Vandita Khanna III-B

Mango Tango
My favourite tree is the mango
Its juicy fruit makes me tango
Its branches are big and shady
Under them I sit with my Didi
Scratching our names on its trunk
Watching the ants all drunk.
Till the farmer throws us out
With a bark and a shout. 

Nirbhay Bakshi III-B 

Save forests, save trees.
And let all the plants live free,
Forests are best for our lives
Then why do we cut them with sharp knives.
Altogether let's get together and say
Save plants save trees
Save forests save trees

Shiksha Kamra IV-B

I'm your friend not your foe
I give you many things you know
Like rubber, wood and cotton
How could you have forgotten?
You cut me off
And leave me sore
Man is my friend no more.

Ada Garewal IV-B











Mayhem Mouse Tuby

It was not a normal day in school. It was Science Day and Raghav had brought his pet mice to school. He had every intention to stand guard over them. One of his mice, however, had other ideas. It escaped under the teacher's table. 'How good it felt to be free again,' thought Tuby the mouse. Now he could go and scare all the teachers and students! It would be so much fun after all these years in imprisonment. Not as though Raghav did not treat him well. No, he treated them very well and got the best cheese for them. But they were still in a cage, they wanted to be free. So off went he, to do a little scaring! 
The counter next to Raghav's was manned by a group of girls doing experiments. "Ah!" thought Tuby, 'here are my first victims!' so he climbed up the table and sat right on the top of it. For a moment, nothing happened, then 'Arghhh' yelled the girls, a mouse, yuck, help us." Ah the bliss of the effect of a mouse. For a mouse it's great! That was good. 'but now I must get out of here' thought he, because the shouting had caused great mayhem and he didn't want to be caught!
Next stop, staff room thought Tuby. He climbed the stairs and went up to the staff room. All the teachers there were having tea and cakes. 'Wow! That was like heaven for a mouse. Only now did he realize how hungry he was. So taking care that every one saw him, he climbed up the table and sat in the middle of a plate of sandwiches, and started gobbling it up. The effect was amazing! The teachers were screaming like harpies! They were jumping up and down on the chairs. It was a sight to see!
By now he was feeling tired and wanted to sleep, so he went down and curled up in his cage. Raghav had not noticed that he had been missing. No one could find out where he had been except for a little bread on his whiskers.

Ayesha Malik 5A

Doubling Up At Dublin

Mira Chandra from Vasant Valley School participated in the Special Olympics held in Dublin accompanied by Kamna Prem and Mrs. Shalini Dave, They took a lot of photographs and trained very hard every day. They were trained to be young journalists and have come back with many stories of courage about athletics. They worked hard trying to make every one understand people with special needs and their feelings. 

Devika Aggrawal V-C

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