25th July 2003 - Page 8
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Q.1. Which former world player of the year and European player of the year has been recently recruited to play for a football club in Qatar?

Q.2. Which player did Real Madrid FC eject along with their coach Vicente Del Bosque shortly after their Spanish league win?

Q.3. Which Italian team signed up Libyan president Muhammed Ghadafi's son as their striker?

Q.4. What new number did David Beckham acquire at Real Madrid as his previous no.7 was already occupied by Raul?

Q.5. Which Chelsea player, also voted as it is greatest ever, recently left it to pay for a club in his native Sardinia?

Q.6. Which team won the 'Copa Libertadores' tournament in South America by beating Brazilian rivals American Cali?

Q.7. Cameroon player Marc Vivien Foe recently succumbed while on the pitch during a game, which English club did he play for?

Q.8. How many times have the Dutch football team or "Oranjes" won the world cup?

Q.9. This player was born in France to Algerian immigrant parents. He is often considered the world's best player, has a world cup to his credit and currently plays for one of the world's best clubs. Name him.

Q.10. Ruud Van Nistelrooy has had two extremely successful years at Manchester United, which Dutch club did he play for previously, before being picked up by Manchester United?


“You sound like a dead duck”
Rachit Khanna commenting on a whining Karan Goenka.
“We’re going to study the freedom of struggle again”.
Soham Sinha complaning about having to study the freedom struggle. 
“Stop hitting on me”!
Akul Mehra trying to stop someone from hitting him.
“I’m watching pope [V] cok stars right now.
Sonal Marwah entertaining herself. 
“The bed will breaken if you jump on it too much”.
Roohi Kapoor trying to explain why beds break so easily. 
“My pinks are so cheek”.
Sameera Joshua looking at her pink cheeks in the mirror. 


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